Thank you, Australia! A heartfelt testimony from American immigrants!

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American Aubrey Perry is a well-known writer who immigrated to Australia from the United States. After the American gun case, she felt heartbroken by the tragedy. At the same time, she wrote a thank you to Australia, which detonated Australian netizens to reprint wildly.

"Thank you, Australia, and thank you for making me feel safe when I go out.

Thank you, Australia, for letting me know that when I line up at the post office to send packages to my hometown in the United States, there will not be a bunch of lunatics shooting the post office with guns.

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Thank you, Australia, for not letting my daughter go through a terrible massacre at school, or letting my husband be shot for no reason while having a working lunch in a restaurant, or that my gay friend was shot with a machine gun while clubbing. Fire frantically.

Thank you, Australia, for protecting and respecting the interests of society in general, not personal desires.

Thank you, Australia, and thank this country for clearly realizing that guns are not toys, guns should not be used for entertainment, and holding a gun does not represent rights or respect.


Thank you, Australia, for not letting people live in a false world, letting people think they are super heroic cowboys, and God gave them the right to use guns and the right to kill. (Obviously satirizing the speeches of several American presidents)

Thank you, Australia, and thank you for knowing how to change the law, when this law is not protecting the Australian people. (The President of the United States has to revise it many times, but it fails)

Thank you, Australia, for putting the protection of your people above all dogmas.

Thank you, Australia, do not accept any excuses for owning a gun.

Thank you, Australia, for understanding that playing at the shooting range on weekends is a selfish indulgence, not an inalienable right.

Thank you, Australia, for caring for our countrymen far more than caring for guns.


Thank you, Australia, for being smart enough and knowing that more guns will only put more people in an unsafe environment.

Thank you, Australia, for not selling A$3620 billion in weapons to other countries to arm your enemies and plunge your citizens into fear. (The United States is the world's largest exporter of weapons)

Thank you, Australia, and thank you for doing what my country did not do: keeping the people safe!

I know that gun violence occasionally occurs in Australia, but it is definitely not as widespread as it is in the United States. When we first came to Australia, my husband and I lived in an unsafe area in Australia. Some friends were worried about us, but we all laughed at it. The chaotic area here is safer than the safest city in the United States. Much.

In gun culture, there is no real peace. People have to maintain a high level of vigilance at all times, especially in densely populated places, such as shopping centers, cinemas, campuses, and sports venues. In these places, the fear of gun violence is always lingering.

It wasn't until I left this society where I didn't know when I would be shot, that I felt that I had been living under horror for a long time all the time. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, I finally don’t have to be afraid, don’t feel that the people around me are suspicious, because when everyone has a gun, anyone can shoot you!

The US gun laws have seriously affected people's physical and mental health. The mentality of "I shoot you first, or you shoot me first" is definitely not conducive to unity and friendship.

When fed by fear, people will have the illusion that guns represent rights and control. From that perspective, guns have caused the greatest harm to social harmony. People's fear of each other even exceeds the fear of the next terrorist attack that happens suddenly.

Therefore, when people are afraid, they think of buying weapons and buying guns for self-defense. Unfortunately, in the 30 serious shootings in the United States in the past 62 years, none of the assailants were subdued by armed civilians.

And I, now in the safest country, looking at the terrible events in my hometown, the United States, from a safe distance, I feel lucky, and I feel ashamed of my fluke. I am proud of many things in my hometown, the United States, but I am extremely ashamed of the behavior that can prevent violent attacks but ignores them.

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When the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary Elementary School occurred, I was in my sunny living room, watching my almost 1-year-old daughter crawling around the Christmas tree and playing. Christmas in Australia is in the summer, everything is in its best condition. The sun shone on the backyard swimming pool, shining brightly.

However, on the TV screen, I felt the chilling fear. So many children die innocently, so many unopened gift packages under the Christmas tree, and you can never wait for a pair of small hands to open them. From then on, too many small beds will be left unused coldly, too many birthday parties will never come, graduation ceremonies, weddings will never come.

Too many families will always be missing one piece, never the same as before. When I imagined that these families were my family, I was so sad that my whole body ached.

I can’t imagine such a terrible thing would happen to my child. The cold bullet passed through her tiny body, tearing her apart, taking her from my future life, and taking my love from my life. Take away. I was sitting there, as if I saw the heartbroken screams of those parents who had suffered tragedy. I saw tears. I felt heartache and anger for such tragedy!

And when I held up my daughter's fat little face, squeezed her and kissed her on the cheek, I was very grateful, and I was grateful for the life that Australia gave us.

I am grateful that I live in a country that says no to guns. I am grateful to you, Australia. "

News compiled from "Times"


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