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On a street in the Elsternwick district of southeast Melbourne, there is a white building. For others, this is a very ordinary house, but for some people, this is their paradise:It is Melbourne's most famous brothel-Daily Planet!

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Daily Planet was first opened in 1975. It was named after a newspaper in the comic "Superman" of Detective Comic. The receptionist here is even the same as Superman's wife, also called Lois Lane.

This "top luxury" brothel has 18 luxurious rooms. Some rooms are equipped with spa baths, some rooms are equipped with mirrors on the entire wall, and there are billiards rooms and various entertainment facilities in the brothel. Everything is to satisfy the guests' "deepest and most ardent desires".


This brothel is one of the largest in Australia, and a police raid on this place in 2009 found that there was a secret door leading to the building next door, where there were more prostitutes.


The owner of this brothel is John Trimble, the son (or nephew) of the late Italian Calabrian mafia boss Robert Trimbole.

There are rumors that the mafia boss Trimbole is related to the 1977 case of Australia’s anti-marijuana campaign advocate Donald Mackay disappearing in Griffith, NSW. According to reports, a source within the Mafia confirmed that he had hired a killer from Melbourne for $1 to kill Donald Mackay in the parking lot of the Griffith Hotel.


Trimbole is also the prototype of the protagonist in the Australian TV series "Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities" (Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities).

Later, John Trimble changed his surname from Trimbole to Trimble.



The website also says that guests can get a "real experience of sexual happiness" here.


This is Australia’s most powerful brothel, with a profit of over one million Australian dollars per year. In 2003, it was also the world’s first listed porn industry and was sought after by the capital community. After the opening that year, its stock price soared from 0.5 Australian dollars to 1.1 Australian dollars. The stock price doubled that day. By the end of 2003, the stock price even rose to 2.8 Australian dollars. It also won the Australian Adult Industry Award from 2004 to 2008. .


But at present, this brothel has declared bankruptcy and will be sold through auction in the future.

An unnamed sex worker in this brothel revealed to people what it was like to engage in sexual services in this brothel.


She said that on weekdays, she would basically receive 3 guests every day, and on weekends, she would receive up to 10 guests a night.

She also said that only half of the guests came here for "sexual blessing", and the others came here to find emotional comfort. Some guests will come here on their 18th birthday.

Moreover, unlike many people imagine, most of the men who come here do not regard them as "misses", but as their "girlfriends."


"They will hug and kiss you all kinds of ways, just like being with their girlfriends."

"So, I also try to treat each guest as my friend or lover. For most guests, spiritual satisfaction is more important than physical enjoyment. They come here to have a pleasant experience, and they are all It costs a lot of money, so every time I will try my best to do my best. You have to treat your guests as men, not as gold masters."


For her, the "worst" part of this job is that sometimes she encounters some customers who are so drunk or take drugs to forget about them. They don't know what they are doing or what happened.

"Under normal circumstances, we will drive them out directly."

"Sometimes there are some very rude customers. They are usually nervous and don't know what to say or do. Some are very annoying, but I have never met such a customer myself."

Of course, some guests are very nice. She said that she likes to receive some very good regulars, and some will give her very expensive gifts, such as famous brand shoes.


Although the girl has two bachelor's degrees and tried other jobs, she eventually chose to engage in pornographic services because she said she liked this kind of work very much.

"It’s easy to work and earn a lot of money. I think it’s good. Of course, like other jobs, there are some upsets in this industry, but the best thing about this job is that if you do well If you do, your income is considerable, so if one day you feel that I don’t want to go to work and I want to rest, you can stay at home and not go to work.”


Of course, working at Daily Planet is more than just entertainment and accompanying guests. The girls here have to take an exam every three months to obtain a certificate for doing this work.

"Moreover, someone will teach us how to receive different guests, provide different services, etc."


A few days ago, The Australian Institute of Criminology and Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) conducted a survey of 594 sex workers across Australia. Among them, 412 were immigrants, most were women, and only 18 were men. Eight others are transgender.

Most of these immigrants come from Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand and other places. One-fifth of them are married and one-third have children. Only a few people have low literacy levels, and most of the others have received higher education. Approximately one third of people do not have good English.


The survey was released at the 2016 AIDS Global Conference in Durban. According to this survey, these sex workers basically work three or four days a week and receive 10 to 30 guests. Although these immigrant sex workers will sign contracts with the workplace, they do not have a fixed salary. But every customer pays, they can basically get more than half-this is similar to the local prostitutes in Australia.

The largest survey of sex workers in Australia also showed that although most sex workers who immigrated to Australia are satisfied with their work status and income and plan to live here for a long time, some people feel very lonely. , Very helpless.

A girl from South Korea said, "I really hate this job."

Others said, "I feel lonely here and want to go home."

Another person said that she was forced to engage in pornographic services.


In the investigation, three sex workers said that they were not allowed to refuse clients where they worked, and some people said that in their work place, if they asked for leave, they would be deducted money.

Therefore, the investigation report states, “We must provide sex workers with channels for seeking protection, legal advice, occupational health and safety standards, and mutual support. In addition, we must also strengthen the relationship between sex workers from different cultural backgrounds. Support each other and provide them with some translation resources."


The survey also found that only half of immigrant sex workers can get free condoms, compared with 70% of local sex workers in Australia. Among them, 17 respondents said that they did not use condoms every time. Seven of them said it was because their boss did not allow them to use condoms, and six said that they could charge more for doing so.

In terms of visas, the survey shows that 43% of people are on student visas, 17% are on tourist visas, and a quarter of people said that they came to Australia to find someone to marry and stay here.


As for why they are engaged in this kind of work, most interviewees said that they are earning money to support their families. Many people even send money to relatives in their hometowns, and 30% of them are to pay for tuition. Another 7% said that most of the money they earned was used to repay the debts they borrowed to come to Australia, and 8% spent the money on gambling, but no one spent the money on buying In terms of drugs, on the contrary, 16% of local sex workers spend money on drugs.

Scarlet Alliance CEO Jules Kim said that this survey also showed that the previous view that sex workers were forced to do this work because their passports were detained by others is not objective.


Pictured is Jules Kim, CEO of Scarlet Alliance

She also said that the Immigration Bureau and the police had investigated the labor contracts of some sex workers, which resulted in them being sent back to the country with some debts that could not be repaid by working in their country. Such actions will cause pornographic services to go underground, thereby preventing these people from getting some health services and protection.

"Therefore, what they need is not rescue, but the rights they deserve. The police's approach will only backfire and will not really help them."

It is reported that there are currently about 2 sex workers in various states in Australia. A previous survey found that 15% of Australian men have visited a brothel at least once.

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