100 things you must experience when you come to Australia, how many have you done?

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This is an Australian travel recommendation letter from Tony Wheeler, founder of Australian Traveller and Lonely Planet:


100 things to do in Australia's 100 must-see experiences Before You Die

According to Australia Traveller, a popular travel magazine in Australia, it has publicly selected the activities that must be done in Australia on the theme of the Australian public, and has been provided by Australia including Tony Wheeler, the founder of the self-guided travel bible "Lonely Planet". People, from the 950 suggested activities on the Internet, selected the 100 most worthwhile activities and private attractions for tourists to explore in depth. Among them, there are 18 different attractions just swimming with dolphins. It can be seen that the vast coastline of Australia , There are various ways to play. If you want to be an Australian traveler and travel all over Australia, pick up your pen and check it out. How many activities and events have you participated in and experienced?


Top 1-10

1. Let your senses and perceptions be full-in Australia's largest Kakadu National Park (Overload your senses, NT)

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2. Enjoy the underwater atmosphere of the Great Barrier Reef (Dive into the Great Barrier Reef, QLD)

640-413 640-414 640-415

3. Drive around Australia (Find freedom on the Big Lap)

640-416 640-417 640-418

4. Visit the remarkable pebble (NT)

640-419 640-420 640-421

5. Courage to challenge to climb the Sydney Bridge (Climb the coathanger, NSW)...

640-422 640-423 640-424

6. Cruise the Kimberleys (Cruise the Kimberleys, WA)... Passing by Kimberleys.. But it is not open during the Dan season

640-425 640-426 640-427

7. Swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Road (Visit Ningaloo Reef, WA)

640-428 640-429 640-430

8. Explore Sydney Harbour (NSW)

640-431 640-432 640-433

9. Faith Island Beach (Drive along a 75-mile beach, QLD) admired by Master Kenichi Ohmae

640-434 640-435 640-436

10. Drive the spectacular Great Ocean Road (Drive Great Ocean Road, VIC)

640-437 640-438 640-439

Top 11-100

11.The oldest outdoor nature classroom in Australia: Australia Oldest living Museum (QLD)


12. Take the sail to the Whitsundays (Sail the Whitsundays, QLD)

13. Isolated tropical North Queensland (Time's nearly up at the top, QLD)

14. Go walk about (NT+SA)

15. Listen to a moving opera at the Sydney Opera House (Take in Opera at the , NSW)


16.Visit the home of Aussie Rules (VIC)

17. Hiking deep into the inland jungle (Go Bush for a week)

18.Spy a platypus in the wild

19.Challenge Gibb River Road to Bungle Bungle (Conquer the Gibb River Road-Bungle Bungle, WA)

20.Peak at Cradle Mountain (TAS)


21. Experience Australian Cowboy in Snowy River Mountain (Be the Man From Snowy River, VIC)

22. Stay at great Aussie pub...no accommodation but a drink

23. Swim wuth Dolphins

24. The most romantic Indian Ocean sunset (See an Indian Ocean Sunset)

25.Have a whale of a time


26. Murray River Cruise (Paddle the mighty Murray, SA VIC, NSW)

27. Meaner the Katherine Gorge (NT)...you go in

28. See the oldest art in the world

29. Explore the Flinders Ranges (SA)

30. Rediscover the remains of the ancient Mungo National Park (Rediscover Mungo Man, NSW)


31. Crossing the straightest highway connecting Western Australia and South Australia (Fellow the Nullarbor, WA+SA)

32. Do some time at Port Arthur (TAS)

33. Venture into Arnham Land (NT)

34. Shed an ANZAC tear at dawn (ACT)

35. Greet the first light of the morning at Barron Bay, the easternmost point of Australian territory (Catch the sun's first rays, NSW)


36. World Heritage-Lord Howe Island (Take a rest on Lord Howe Island, NSW)

37. Watch the penguin swing back to the nest at night (Parade with the penguins, VIC)

38. Noodle for opals (SA)

39. Betting at the Melbourne Jockey Club (Have a flutter at Flemington, VIC)

40.Explore the nation's capital (ACT)


41. Take a Cable Beach camel ride, WA)...Woo~~~ There were no camels when I went.

42. Experience a waterless regatta (NT)

43. Join the Gay Carnival Parade (Line the streets for Mardi Gras, NSW)

44. Bound over to Kanga Island (SA)

45. Play with the Devils Marbles (NT)

46. ​​The original and magnificent Macquarie Harbour (Magnificent Macquarie Harbour, TAS)

47. Betting at Birdsville (QLD)

48. Board our Great Train Journey (Board our Great Train Journey)

49. Experience the pasture style and drive sheep (Get a raw hide)

50. Come to a one-day surfing experience course (Visit the Green Room)


51. Immerse yourself in the purest Tasmanian Bay (Visit Australia's Bay of Fires, TAS)

52.Walk the line at Kings Canyon (NT)

53. Ride the world's steepest railway (NSW) in the Blue Mountains

54. Challenge the hiking trails in Tasmania (Walk out greatest Bushwalk, TAS)

55. Join the refueling lineup of the Australian Open (Grab a seat at the Slam, VIC)

56. See the sculptures at sunset (NSW)

57. March with 100 million crabs, Christmas Island

58.Wipe out or win through (VIC)

59. Feel the most popular BBQ BBQ (Cook a Barbie on the beach)

60. Retrace our tragic Great Race (QLD)


61. An important hiking trail in the Australian Red Clay Centre (Trek the Larapinta, NT)

62. Go on an Aussie safari (NSW)

63. Taste delicious oysters grown up drinking Antarctic water (Dine on Gourmet Island, TAS)

64. Sip from the big Wineglass (TAS)

65. Taste the best Barossa wine (Immerse yourself in winery, SA)

66. Catch a Barra at Lake Awoonga (QLD+NT)

67. The birthplace of Australian democracy_Stand at Eureka Stockade, VIC

68. Fire up with Sugar Cane (QLD)

69. Participate in a country concert (Get country in Tamworth, NSW)

70. Swim in a tropical water cave (See Florence spell, NT)


71. Share beach sunbathing with seals (Sun yourself with seals)

72. The place where Captain Cook first landed (Perouse Botany Bay, NSW)

73. Cycling around the island-Rottenest Island (Ride round Rotto, WA)

74. Enjoy the Northern Territory's Gulf style (Soar into Seven Spirit Bay, NT)

75. Test of Courage-Feel Like fish bait (NSW)

76. Taste Savour Margaret's wine (WA)

77. Feed the croc (Have lunch with a croc, NT+QLD)

78. Hunt for the Australian Robin Hood Kelly Ruins (Retrace old tin head, VIC)

79. Watch native surfing (Watch native surfing, NSW)

80. Chipin Tropical Green Forest (Wind through the Tablelands, QLD)


81. Guided cricket holy land (Pad up with Bradman, NSW)

82. The history of Australian explorers (Take a long reach Back, QLD)

83. Australia's northernmost independent Thursday Island (Eat Crayfish on Thursday Island)

84. Dance with the Devil (TAS)

85. Put on the latest bikini and sunbathe on Bondi Beach (See the on Bondi, NSW)

The 86.4WD vehicle crosses the central desert zone of the red earth (Follow the French Line, SA+QLD+NT)

87. Navigate the Yarra Valley (VIC)

88. Fighting with aboriginals on TIWI Island, Australia (Bathurst Island Footy Final)

89. Go deep into Udala Volcano National Park (Oozw along a lava tube, QLD)

90. Play captain on the Hawkesbury, NSW


91. Relive Sydney's Olympic history (NSW)

92. Courage to challenge the eerie Melbourne old prison (Hang out at Old Goal,VIC)

93. Driving through the northern tropical route connecting Cairns and Broome (Drive the Savannah Way, QLD+NT)

94. Fresh oysters are caught and eaten in Port Hobart (Oysters at Constitution Dock, TAS)

95. Explore Aussie Maritime history (WA)

96. Pinch yourself at the Pinnacles (WA)

97. A corner of Australia in the Antarctic (Shelter at Mawson's Huts)

98. Go underground at Mount Isa (QLD)

99. Be Manly on the Beach (NSW)

100. Fashion City Melbourne (Shop till your drop in Melbourne, VIC)


Where do you wanna go?

Currently in Australia...how much have you experienced!


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