Short English abbreviations commonly used by foreigners, no more worries about sending messages to foreign friends in the future!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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When studying abroad, you often deal with foreigners but don’t know how to use the correct terms? Today's article is here to save you who are facing such problems. Don’t be too moved~ Take a small notebook to write it down, it’s better to just write it in your head~

English vocabulary is very long. You have to type a long time every time you chat with a foreigner with a message? It must take a long time for them to initiate text messages with English speakers! In fact, the editor thought so at the beginning, but later I learned that people have their own abbreviations for English words. For example, use initials for phrases, like the familiar ASAP (as soon as possible) and WTF (no explanation, you know). Another example is to replace words with numbers, 4=for. There is also abbreviation with consonants in words, such as tmr=tomorrow. This article brought to you today sorts out some commonly used English abbreviations. From now on, it’s not a problem!

OIC—Oh I see (I see)


BRB—Be right back


B4N—Bye for now


LOL—Laughing out loud (Laughing out loud)


ASAP—As soon as possible


JK—Just kidding (just a joke)


BTW—By the way (by the way)


WRU—Where are you? (Where are you?)


NP—No problem (no problem)


RUOK—Are you ok? (Are you okay?)


Next is the AZ Universe Invincible Edition


ABT =About

ASL = Age/Sex/Location

AFAIC = As Far As I'm Concerned

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AISI = As I See It

AKA = Also Known As

AMBW = All My Best Wishes

AOTS = All Of The Sudden

ASAP = As Soon As Possible

AR = Action Required

AX = Across

ATST = At ​​The Same Time

AYCE = All You Can Eat

AYSOS = Are You Stupid Or Something


B4 = Before

B/C = Because

B4N = Bye For Now

BAMF = Bad Ass Mother F***er

BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit

BBIAF = Be Back In A Few

BBL = Be Back Later

BBN = Bye Bye Now

BF = Boyfriend

BFN = Bye For Now

Biz = Business

BM = Byte Me

BMOTA = Byte Me On The Ass

BNF = Big Name Fan BR = Bathroom

BRB = Be Right Back BRT = Be Right There at

BTSOOM = Beats The Sh Out Of Me

BTW = By The Way

BTWBO = Be There With Bells On

BWDIK = But What Do I Know?

BWO = Black, White or Other


Cam = Camera

CIAO = Goodbye (in Italian)

CID = Consider It Done

CIO = Check It Out

CSL = Can't Stop Laughing

CTC = Choaking The Chicken

CU = See You

CUL/CYL/CUL8R = See You Later

CWYL = Chat With You Later

CYA = Cover Your Ass


DBEYR = Don't Believe Everything You Read

DETI = Don't Even Think It DGT = Don't Go There

DHYB = Don't Hold Your Breath

DIIK = Damned If I Known

DKDC = Don't Know Don't Care

DL = Download

DLTM = Don't Lie To Me


EG = Evil Grin

EOM = End Of Message


F2F/FTF = Face To Face

FAQ = Frequently Asked Question

FE = For Example/Fatal Error

FOAF = Friend Of A Friend

FTL = Faster Than Light

FTTB = For The Time Being

FUD = (Spreading) Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation

FWIW = For What It's Worth

FYA = For Your Amusement

FYI = For Your Information

FYM = For Your Misinformation


G2G = Got To Go

G8T/GR8 = Great

GAL = Get A Life GF = Girlfriend

GG = Good Game/Gotta Go

GL = Good Luck

GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike

GRRRR = "Growling"

GSOAS = Go Sit On A Snake

GTG = Got To Go

GTGB = Got To Go, Bye

GTGP = Got To Go Pee

GTH = Go To Hell

GTSY = Glad To See Ya


HAGO = Have A Good One

HAK = Hugs And Kisses

HD = Hold HMU = Hit Me Up

HHOK = Ha Ha, Only Kidding

HIOOC = Help! I'm Out Of Coffee

Howz = How is HTH = Hope This (That) Helps



IAC = In Any Case

IAE = In Any Event

IBTD = I Beg To Differ

IC = I See/In Character

IDGAF = I Don't Give A Fxxk

IDGI = I Don't Get It

IDK = I Don't Know

IDTS = I Don't Think So

IFAB = I Found A Bug

IGGP = I Gotta Go Pee

IIIO = Intel Inside, Idiot Outside

IIMAD = If It Makes An(y) Difference

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

IIWM = If It Were Me

IMO = In My Opinion

INMP = It's Not My Problem

INPO = In No Particular Order

IOW = In Other Words

ISS = I Said So

IYSS = If You Say So


J/C = Just Checking

J/K = Just Kidding!

J/W = Just Wondering



KFY = Kiss For You

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid

KIT = Keep In Touch

KMA = Kiss My Ass

KX = kiss


L8R = Later

LD = Long Distance

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

LMK = Let Me Know

LOL = Laughing Out Loud/Lots Of Luck(Love)

LTIC = Laughing'Til I Cry

LTNS = Long Time No See

LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister


M8T = Mate

MHOTY = My Hat's Off To You

MM = Market Maker

MorF = Male or Female?

MYOB = Mind Your Own Business


N = And/Know/Now

NAZ = Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)

NBD = No Big Deal NM = Never Mind

NMP = Not My Problem

NOYB = None Of Your Business

NP = No Problem

NRG = Energy

NRN = No Reply Necessary


OBTW = Oh, By The Way

OIC = Oh, I See

OICU = Oh, I See You

OMDB = Over My Dead Body

OMG = Oh My God/Oh My Gosh

OOTB = Out Of The Box/Out Of The Blue

OOT = Out of Stock

OT = Off Topic

OTRH = On The Other Hand

OTW = Otherwise

OZ = stands for ""


Pic = Picture

PA = Parent Alert

PIF = Paid In Full

PIMP = Peeing In My Pants

PITA = Pain In The Ass

PM = Personal Message

PLS/PLZ = Please

PO = Piss Off

POV = Point Of View

PPL = People

Pro = Professional

PS = By The Way/Photoshop

PW = Password


QT = Cutie/Quiet



ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

RU Da = Are you there?

R&D = Research & Development

RC = Remote Control rgds = Regards

RN = Right Now

RT = Rewteet/Real Talk

RUS = Are You Serious?

RX = Regards


S2U = Same To You

SB = Stand By

SC = Stay Cool

Sec = Second

SIT = Stay In Touch

Sm1 = Someone

Soz/sry = Sorry

STR8 = Straight

Sup = What's up?

SYS = See You Soon


T2go = Time To Go

TBC = To Be Continued

TBD = To Be Determined

TAH = Take A Hike

TDTM = Talk Dirty To Me

TFN = Thanks For Nothin'

THX/TX/THKS = Thanks

TIA = Thanks In Advance

TM = Trust Me

TMI = Too Much Information

TTUL/TTYL = Talk To You Later

TWHAB = This Won't Hurt A Bit

TY = Thank You

TXT = Text

TYVM = Thank You Very Much


U = You

UR = Your

UR = You are

U8 = You Ate?


VC = Venture Capital

VIP = Very Important Person

VM = Voice Mail

VFM = Values ​​For Money

VG = Very Good

VGN = Vegan/Vegetarian



WAI = What An Idiot

WB = Welcome Back

WCA = Who Cares Anyway

WDYS = What Did You Say?

WDYT = What Do You Think?

WE = Whatever

Wot/Wut = What

WRT = With Respect To/With Regard To

WRU = Where Are You

Wrm = Warm

WTF = What The F

WTG = Way To Go!

WYW = Wish You Well

WUZ = Was WU = What's Up

WX = Weather

W8 = Wait

W/ = With

W/O = Without

W/E = Weekend

Wan2 = Want to


X = It means times

XU = Kiss You

XOXO = Hugs and Kisses

XQZT = Exquisite



Y = Why

Ya = You

YA = Yet Another

YDKM = You Don't Know Me

Yep/Yup = Yes YF = Wife

YGBK = You Gotta Be Kiddin'

YNK = You Never Know

YOLO = You Only Live Once

YOYO = You're On Your Own

YR = Yeah, Right

YTB ​​= You're The Best

YW = You are Welcome

Symbols and numbers

! = I have a comment

*$ = Starbucks

**// = Wink wink, nudge nudge

10Q = Thank You

1174 = Nude Club

121 = One to one

143 = I love you

1432 = I love you too

182 = I hate you

1dfaul = Wonderful

2B or not 2B = To Be or Not To Be

20 = Location

2d4 = To Die For

2day = Today

2nite = Tonight

2QT = Too Cute

2U2 = To you too

24/7 = 24 hours, as in all time

303 = Mom

411 = Information

420 = Marijuana

4e = Forever

459 = I Love You

4Q = Fuck You

4NR = Foreigner

511 = Too Much Information

53X = Sex

8 = it means ate, also refer to oral sex

8t = it<3 = Heart

::poof:: = I am gone

?^ = Hook up


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