Some truths about Australia: Here, shoes are not a necessity, beer is!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

I believe that friends who have a certain amount of life experience in Australia will have such an experience: always can't understand what these Australians are doing, and can't understand what they say...

Here is a summary of the truth about life in Australia, don’t laugh out loud.

1. As an Australian, I can go out with or without shoes, depending on my mood. You can take off your shoes anytime outside, just be happy.


2. The level of coffee in Australia is among the best in the world, which is why the American coffee brand Star*K is not favored in Australia, and Australians will not patronize for good coffee.


3. Did you find it? McDonald's is still delicious at home


4. If you have been young in Australia, you should be familiar with these two pictures


5. Every time you park your car, it's like being robbed openly.


(Parking fee of 1 yuan per hour)

6. People in Australia are like this during the general election:


(Because election is the obligation of every citizen, failure to complete is to be punished)

7. Because of this, some citizens who don't care about politics may be a little distracted when filling in ballots.


8. In Australia, the temperature in winter is similar to that in London in summer


9. There is a magical place called Kmart, which is definitely a place to realize your dreams. You can find cheap versions of all kinds of items that you usually find very hard and expensive.


10. Magpies are the most terrifying bird in Australia, none of them


11. Bondi Beach, the most tourist attraction in Sydney, is actually a bit's just a normal beach...snakes...


12. The French fries here must be sprinkled with salt to taste!


13. Of course, there is also an essential drink for Australians...Beer


Welcome to ????



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