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recent,Tulip FestivalBecome the most popular event in Melbourne...

11September in early spring, colorfultulipAttracted many tourists to come to watch9543067195_0ea9ebbfec_kThe flower scene, the carriage and the windmill are all integrated, which makes people feel relaxed and happy...1430198441_tesselaar-festival-hero-3 towns_45436 14384743057_43638e7e10_k

Set off by various ethnic festivals, letTulip FestivalMore exotic...

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You will definitely say, wow, I really want to go to such an event, but the staff at the Tulip Festival will sell tickets and say...


but,Westward Journey Australia, A travel company with a conscience to send benefits,This time actually included the original price of $26Tulip Festival Ticket,Simultaneously,Private tour guide and gold medal guide are also provided, Let you avoid the trouble of taking public transportation, is it domineering and considerate!

Just visit the hot Tulip Festival, do you think it's over? No, we will take everyone to the nearby Dandenong Mountain Park to breathe in the fresh forest air and feed the parrots. Experience the comfort that is different from the Tulip Festival...

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+640Activity time:August 2016, 9 (Sat)

+640地点:Tessler Tulip Festival + Dandenong Mountain Park

+640registration time:即日起-2016年9月15日(四)早上10:00

+640Number of people:8

+640Free for the whole journey:Including Tulip Festival tickets, tourist bus and tour guide (the itinerary will be announced later)


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