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If you don’t like Airbnb, try boutique hotels instead of chain hotels.

Melbourne has some first-class boutique hotels.

The Art Series is very stylish.

The location is also great.



It really doesn’t work. You can also find a rooftop tent in the CBD for the night. St Jerome's–The Hotel is hidden on the roof.

Here you can enjoy luxurious tents, comfortable beds,

Free breakfast, entertainment in the tent,

Of course, there are also bars.

If you don’t live in a tent,

You can also stay one night in Notel’s RV,

Enjoy the view of Melbourne’s rooftops.


You can also eat burgers in the train on the roof, not necessarily in the restaurant. Easey's is Melbourne's first roof train burger.

Frankly speaking, it is really too Melbourne.


The only thing you need to know about food is that the best food in Melbourne must come from food trucks.

Melbourne loves food trucks.

From burgers to burritos to premium hot dogs and frozen yogurt,

There are so many dazzling choices.

Go to Fitzroy to see the wonderful street art

The laneways of Melbourne’s CBD are famous for street art.

It’s great to start from the streets of Fitzroy,

Here you can avoid the crowds of tourists.

So buy a cup of coffee and spend an afternoon relaxing.



The final day is the best day for shopping.

Victorians are crazy about football,

I like to watch the finals together.

If you don’t care about two teams running around a ball,

The Saturday of AFL Finals Day is especially good for shopping.

There is nothing like quiet,

Nobody’s shopping is better.


You don't have to go to Phillip Island to see penguins.

All year round,

You can see a group of fairy penguins in St Kilda!

The best time to meet these elves is at sunset.



Breakfast and lunch in Melbourne are usually worth waiting in line.


Industry Beans

Tall Timber

Auction rooms

Higher Ground


Melbourne's cafes are really endless



You should not be obsessed with eating good food.

Melbourne’s chefs treat their diners equally.

If you really want

Spend 5 yuan, 50 yuan or 500 yuan

You can eat great things.



Choose which side of the river to live.

Melburnians are those who strictly guard the "Chu River and Han Realm",

If you have limited time,

It’s best to study carefully which side you want to live on according to the food you want to try.


It's really easy to walk around on foot.

Unlike Sydney,

Melbourne’s urban layout is relatively simple,

So it’s easy to walk around.


Pick two

The tram is also great, but it costs money. Melbourne's tram network is one of the best in the world.

However, if you take the tram,

You have to buy a Myki card from the train station or 7-11.



Kokoda Memorial Walk, also known as 1000 Steps, is especially suitable for outdoor exercise.

If you want to pursue something fresher than fresh air,

Go to Dandenongs to climb 1000 Steps.

I have an appetite after exercise,

You can go to the lovely town of Olinda nearby for lunch.


Pick up

Bring an umbrella, sunscreen and a jacket when you go out.

Melbourne is famous for experiencing the four seasons in one day.

Just like the locals,

Wear enough layers of clothing to be prepared for all kinds of weather.


Pick up

A lake is really pink.

Westgate Park has three salt lakes,

In summer, it turned bright pink.


Pick up land

There is also cyanobacteria latte.

If you go to Melbourne,

The elf latte made with blue seaweed is a must try.


Pick seven

Take some time to the Molinton Peninsula

(Mornington Peninsula)

After going to Melbourne,

Don’t go to the Molinton Peninsula for a while,

Drink a glass or two of wine,

Such a journey is incomplete

Pick up
Take the time to find hidden bars, they are usually the best.

The most beautiful things in life are usually the hardest to find.

This may be why Melbourne has many of the best bars hidden on the roof,

Seemingly hidden lanes, behind doors, and behind bookshelves, etc.



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