Australia Post just made a very bold decision!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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There are too many questions about Australia Post! The following can only be regarded as normal:

"How did a Sydney parcel go through the mountains and rivers to reach Melbourne? 》

An ordinary parcel, for a full 2 ​​weeks, kept going back and forth between NSW and Melbourne, a while in Victoria, and a while back in NSW.


A netizen said: "The package is traveling around Australia. The postage is very worthwhile!"

It seems that Australia Post is aware of this problem, so it now...

The price is going up!



This is really a pretty bold decision!

After raising the charge for surface mail to $1 at the beginning of this year, recently, Post announced the price increase again, and this time, it is a full price increase!

Starting from October 10, all services ranging from parcel and international mail delivery to mail forwarding and mail storage will be increased, ranging from 3c to $10.


details as follows:

The delivery of ordinary parcels in Australia will increase by up to 50c depending on the size, and the delivery of some express parcels will increase by up to 85c;

The return postage will be increased by up to 70c for packages that have been paid, and up to $1.05 for packages sent between towns and villages;

International letters containing small items will cost an average of 19c more, while international letters containing large items will cost an average of 75c more;

The service fee for commercial mail delivery will rise to $84.45 per month, an increase of $6.25 over the previous period, and the mail delivery fee for non-commercial users will increase by up to $2 per month;

The detention fee for mails with step-based pricing will also increase. If the detention does not exceed one week, an additional $1 to $1.70 will be charged on the basis of the previous price, and if it exceeds one week, an additional 35c to 60c will be charged on the previous basis;

The service fee for business users will increase by $5.50 per month.

The only constant is the discount standard for Christmas cards.


However, if we can understand the previous price increase-after all, Australia Post lost 2.22 million Australian dollars last year-the price increase this time is a bit outrageous. You must know that with the package delivery business It is getting more and more prosperous. Last month, Australia Post just announced that it has turned losses into profits, and its after-tax profit reached 3600 million.


So do you increase the price if you lose, or increase the price if you earn? !


In response, Australia Post spokesperson Michele Skehan said:"We know that price increases will make users feel uncomfortable, but most of the service fees have been raised for the first time in more than 18 months. We have made this decision as a result of repeated consideration. We must take some cost recovery measures. ."

"Moreover, this price adjustment will also help us provide better services for everyone, such as launching night parcel delivery services."


However, consumers did not buy into such an explanation. Netizens said one after another:

"Please, before the price increase again, can you improve the service first? If you lose a good package, you will lose it. If this continues, I have to consider whether to change to a courier company."

"It took only 3 days for a mobile phone to be sent from Taiwan, but it took 7 days for a small package to be sent from Sydney to Melbourne! We will definitely not use Australia Post in the future!"

"Friends upstairs, please be content, I haven't waited until the two parcels sent from Sydney last year. Australia Post really sucks!"

"The service is poor, the delivery is slow, and the parcel is lost or damaged at every turn. Australia Post is really enough for you!"


News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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