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Today, September 9th is AFL GRAND FINAL Friday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be a three-day long holiday. Why don't you come here and leave? This time I recommend Bendigo to you. This small town has a history and a breath of artistry. The charm can be described as ever-changing, and it is worth a visit! There have been a lot of activities recently, and the editor made a summary of the Bendigo activities for everyone on vacation.

Bendigo Tulip Festival | 09.17-10.09


8:00am September 17 – 11:00pm October 9, 2016


Pall Mall Bendigo, Bendigo 3550

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As October approaches, the weather gradually warms up. As the saying goes, Chunjiang plumbing duck prophet, but in Melbourne, the first person to perceive spring is to count the flowers blooming all over the mountains! Bendigo Tulip Festival has a long history. This year's Tulip Festival will last from September 9th to October 17th. Tulips perceive the call of spring, and they vie to bloom, forming a sea of ​​flowers, full of fragrance and colorful, won't you go and see?


The Bendigo Tulip Festival is free and open to the public, but if you want to learn more and want to participate in a local tour, you can go to the official website to buy tickets directly:http://www.bendigotourism.com/tours/bendigo/bendigo-tulip-curator-talks

The current available time is:
Saturday 24 September – 10am
Wednesday 28 September – 1pm

Ticket Price-Adult $10, Concession $6, Children free

BENDIGO Art Gallery | Maticevski Dark Wonderland


Activity time:

10:00am August 13 – 5:00pm November 20, 2016


Bendigo Art Gallery
42 View Street, Bendigo Victoria

Official Website:



+03 5434

Established in 1887, the Bendigo Art Gallery is one of Australia’s oldest and largest regional art galleries. The art gallery has a large collection of modern Australian art. The splendid temporary exhibitions and diversified public projects and activities complement the rich collections here. .


And recently, the fashion show "Dark Wonderland" by Toni Maticevski, a master designer in the fashion circle, is on display here. He perfectly combines traditional popular elements with light and shadow, and matches his understanding of clothes materials and fibers, making his works famous global. His understanding and expression of fashion has subverted the category of fashion that ordinary people can understand, and has made the world shine. Now, this ingenious master comes to Bendigo Art Gallery with his classic works and latest designs. From August 8th to November 13th, you will be fortunate to see a real master's reinterpretation of fashion here. Those who are interested in design, modern art and fashion must not miss this exhibition.

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Bendigo Heritage Uncorked |Bendigo Cultural Tour


11:00am-5:00pm October 8


51-67 Pall Mall, Bendigo VIC 3550

Booking website:



"Bendigo Heritage Uncorked" (Bendigo Heritage Uncorked) is a very famous wine festival in Bendigo. It is called a cultural tour because this wine tasting event is completely mobile. The eight oldest local buildings shuttle back and forth between them. While tasting fine wine and food, you can fully experience the local history and culture.


This event provides a one-stop ticket, all the project costs along the way are included, absolutely value for money, so don't worry about other things, come to Bendigo to enjoy the collision of wine and culture on October 10.


8 event participation locations:

Ulumbarra Theatre
Bendigo Town Hall
Bendigo Art Gallery – Sculpture Gallery
Rocks on Rosalind
Bunja Thai
The Square
The Hotel Shamrock – Federation Room
The Chinese Gardens

BENDIGO Gold Mine|Central Deborah Gold Mine

Historically, Bendigo was once one of the centers of Victoria's gold rush. In the era of the gold rush, Bendigo was regarded as the hometown of Chinese and one of the two cities in the world with the honor of "Dajinshan".

The total depth of the Bendigo gold mine is 412 meters (equivalent to a 20-story building), and there are a total of 17 floors below the mine. Deborah Gold Mine has a gold mine exploration tour, a popular science experience in the dark, how to distinguish real gold from fake gold, how to mine ores and smelt gold, etc.

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The most exciting thing is the afternoon trip to the gold mine. Not only did I bring a cute helmet and searchlight, but also went down to the depth of 60 meters under the mine. The temperature in the mine is low, it's especially dark and there is an inexplicable sound, which is exciting! The tour guide will demonstrate the mining process and operate the equipment. It is a journey of both knowledge and interest.

Booking URL: http://www.central-deborah.com/

AFL small holiday, take a wave of bendigo?



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