Deep in the entertainment shows that Australians are watching, let you brag with Local without barriers! The Hunger Games, Bachelors...Australian entertainment industry is very large

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

Having lived in Australia for many years, do you know what good local TV programs are available in Australia, and which ones can open your eyes?

When I was walking on the street two days ago, the editor began to struggle with what I would like to introduce to readers and friends about Tuao this week, watching the overwhelming TV program advertisements on trams, buses and train stations...


It suddenly occurred to you that you may be familiar with domestic entertainment programs, but do you know about Australian entertainment programs after coming to Australia for so many years? When chatting with local, can’t we talk together?

Don't be afraid! Today I will explain to you, take stock of the most popular entertainment shows in Australia, and never worry that I can't talk with local anymore!

The Voice-Australia's good voice

2:22 Anja Nissen- I have nothing From Australia News


I believe people who like to watch entertainment programs will not be unfamiliar with the program of Good Voice!


In fact, Australia’s good voices also have a lot of golden voices! And the judges of Australia’s Good Voice are also very famous.Jessie J is also the judge of 2016!

640-78 640-79

I believe everyone knows the rules of Good Voice's competition very well! The rules of entry in Australia are similar, you can participate as long as you want!


When Australia’s good voice is broadcast every year, basically Australia is as optimistic about the voice as we do-crazy!

The topics discussed every day are the golden voice discovered by the new issue of Good Voice!


Survivor- Survivor

This is familiar to everyone"Survivor", I think this survival TV show was all over the country back then!


Later, Australia introduced it, and the Australian version of Survivor in the fourth quarter of last month was officially released on the 21st! Live-action sports shows like Survivor have always been loved by the audience!

16-20 players, divided into two different tribes!

Compete against each other for exemptions and bonus contests!


During the show, they cannot rely on any modern equipment and can only use the tools and materials available around them! (Isolated from the world!)

I have to drill wood to make fire, cut trees, catch fish...

And there is no outside help!


Such a group of people has worked so hard, and it is not for fun to run into the deep mountains and forests.

They all have a common goal, which isA grand prize of 50 Australian dollars!

According to the survivor’s game system, when there are only 8-10 players left, there is no longer a grouping.


Everyone competes with each other, and the one who stays and laughs last can become the winner of the 50 prize!

There is a universal rule for watching this kind of survival show:"Watch the competition in the early stage, and watch the fight in the later stage!"


The Bachelor- Bachelor

Finish readingstruggle! Oh no, after watching such a friendly field competition game,

It is better for us to turn our eyes back to modern society!


(The third season actor Rachie)

It just ended successfully on Monday"The Bachelor"It is definitely the first choice for bright eyes!

Friends who have never watched it, welcome to watch it. This program can give your Sanguan a chance to restart!


The setting of the program looks like this:A golden bachelor, 25 beautiful and beautiful women!


(This is not a big collection yet!)

The bachelor dates everyone and chooses the one he likes best!

When I saw this single guy basically cuddling with every girl who participated in the show!


I didn't have much reaction to the editor, so I tore dozens of sheets of paper and scolded the bitch in my heart hundreds of times!

This is a concubine selection show!


(The actor in the first season)

I have to say that the actor's appearance is still very handsome, and the girls who participated are all with long legs and beautiful waists!

The point is that the protagonist’s method of soaking girls is really superb!

0-7 0-8 0-9

I have no opinion on this, I just want to say, I want to watch the new issue of "The Bachelorette"

Let a girl choose from 16 boys!!!


Master Chet-Master of Cooking

Having said that, the editor is also hungry

Take a look"Master Chef"You will be hungrier!


It is well known that the characteristic of Master Chef is that the people who participate in these programs are not professional chefs.

They come from all over the country and different industries!

They all love food, and they cook a variety of delicious foods, and you will have a great appetite!

0-10 0-11

Every time I watch this program, I take a close-up shot of food, and the moment I eat it, I can't help but swallow my mouth! I feel hungry and there is no taste in my mouth!

Of course, the champion of this show will also get a lot of money-25 Australian dollars in cash!!!


After watching this show, the editor wants to show off his cooking skills, and then go to this show! In the end I was driven out of the kitchen by my roommate, so as not to burn the whole house!


Better Homes and Gardens-Better Homes and Gardens


Let me introduce you to a very, very practical TV program. This TV program tells you how to DIY your garden and plant different things!

"Better Homes and Gardens"


This show will show you many tips on how to grow vegetables in the back garden!

How to turn the waste grass picked up into fertilizer and turn waste into treasure!

The most important thing is...

This program can tell you how to grow vegetables and how to plan an area to grow vegetables at home! (Of course you can plant flowers if you want!)

It also explained in detail how to protect the seedlings in different seasons!


This show is a boon for those who grow vegetables at home!!!


Also introduce how to decorate your own garden economically!

640-96 640-97 640-98

Do it yourself to make a heart-warming toy room for the kids at home!

Readers with strong hands-on skills, you can really try this!

640-99 640-100

And how to decorate the home by yourself, all the things can be bought in the store!

640-101 640-102 640-103

This is simply a must-have show at home!

This show provides a lot of innovative ideas and shows you how to decorate your home by yourself!

640-104 640-105 640-106

Millionaire Hot Seat-Millionaire Chair

I wonder if you have seen a movie called "Slumdog Millionaire"?

Today we are not talking about him, but the TV show in this movie that made the male protagonist a millionaire!

Australia also has the same style~


"Millionaire Hot Seat"

The contestants participating in this show will be asked various unpopular questions by the host!

The audience can see all kinds of sluggish expressions!


There are four different contestants in a game, and each has an opportunity to ask for help outside the field and pass the question to the next contestant!

These topics are often very tricky and unpopular!

Anyway, I can't answer one of them!

The final winner can also get a million prize (this one million prize is not so easy to win!)


Having said that, have readers and friends come up with ideas that want to watch these programs?

If not, you can only don't like watching TV! (Definitely not because of poorly written T_T)


"Chinatown" Fb shares selected Australian news daily, allowing you to know the latest Australian fun, immigration, and life information anytime and anywhere:

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