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9 月 17 日 -27 日,atMelbourne Showgrounds! ! ! The person who missed the early bird price of 29 yuan last time is fine, because! Australia West Journey.com sincerely launched a crazy group purchase price of $27, allowing you to experience Melbourne's style!

Funny lambs, riding horses, tasting food, watching performances, do whatever you want, it's so cool! ! (Please see the end of the article for the purchase method 👇🏻)

The Royal Show began in 1848 and was used to showcase Australia’s native products. All rural and rural farmers would gather in the city to celebrate the harvest and hold some competitions, including alpaca competition, beef cattle competition, angora goat competition, Horse sports, poultry sports and sheep shearing competitions. But don't get me wrong, the Royal Melbourne Show is not just an agricultural fair, but the largest event combining carnival and animal fairs in Victoria, attracting more than 50 visitors every year.

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The biggest feature of the Melbourne Show is that you can have close contact with many animals! In addition, friends who are too stressed can play the mobile games here. Bumper cars, pirate ships, free bouncing falling bodies, roller coasters... cool! If the heart is not strong enough, sitting on the large lawn and listening to the band’s live performance is also pleasant. In addition, there are bees hall, wine exhibition, cake exhibition, jam exhibition and so on.

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Close contact with small animals

Touch the little lambs, pat the grass and mud horses, and you can milk the big cows yourself. It’s definitely a different farm experience~~~~~
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Gourmet temptation
The chefs bring you a clean and delicious gluttonous feast, how can you miss it~~~
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live performance
From acrobatic performances to music evenings, visual to auditory multi-directional impact, I can get high every day, and I never know what boredom is.
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After reading this, have you been unable to restrain your excitement? If yes, please come to Australia West Journey to sign up for group purchase and join with friends!

*At present, 10 people have signed up! inBefore January 9, If there are 20 people who sign up like you, you can enjoyLowest market price$27; If you do not reach the group purchase number, you canChoose a full refundOrEnjoy a discounted price of $31!


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