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The few moments when I feel that the wine is good, I probably talked with friends.

I am accustomed to drinking domestic beer that tastes slightly lighter, and I have always been curious about the "super dry" taste of Tuao beer~

Australia's most common beer brand


The first is CORONA EXTRA from Mexico. The transparent bottle design, combined with the combination of lime and cold beer, can’t be more refreshing~


Victoria Bitter

The second is Victoria Bitter, which is very popular among Australians.

It has a strong malt aroma, rich foam, slightly bitter taste, and very refreshing. It is a wine that Australian workers love very much. Come for a glass after hard work.

It is also a leader in beer sales in recent years.

Little Creatures

The third is the relatively sweet Little Creatures

It is a niche restaurant that brews its own beer. It focuses on the freshness of the taste, and the taste is slightly sweet. It is loved by curious young people.

Its winery has become a local tourist destination, and beer lovers say it is a big beer among niche brands.

The fourth type: Carlsberg, you must be familiar with it. It most often sponsors football matches and is the fifth largest beer brand in the world.

This beer has a mellow taste and slightly bitter taste, which many Asians are not used to.

And Australians only like to drink Carlsberg from Denmark, they say it "lose that taste" from Australia.

Although drinking can’t solve any problems, and sometimes I don’t like its slightly bitter taste, but beer is really a good thing~


After watching the beer, the fried chicken is here! Recently selected fried chicken restaurants in Melbourne are ranked. In order to prevent everyone from eating more calories in vain, we tried 10 fried chicken restaurants and provided ratings for everyone!

1. Miss Katie's Crab Shack

Rating: 9.5/10


Katie Marron's fried chicken recipe was originally created by the family, and it takes three days of preparation and cooking before it can be served. The chicken is very particular about the selection of materials, not only free-range, but also not exposed to a little chemical substance. After the marinating is completed, it is fried at low temperature with high-quality oil.

Katie's Fried Chicken, $24.

Address: Rochester Hotel, 202 Johnston St, Fitzroy

2. Nene Fried Chicken

Rating: 9/10


This fried chicken brand with thousands of branches in South Korea opened three branches within just a few months of entering Melbourne. The various flavors include lemon garlic, green onion and Korean barbecue, but the original flavor is not to be missed. Do it now and wait for 10 minutes so you won't regret it.

Regular (four pc): $10.95 (flavours, $12.45 four pc).

Address: Highpoint, Maribyrnong (and Box Hill Central, Melbourne Central)

3. Magic Mountain Saloon

Rating: 9/10


Karen Batson said that the best dishes on her menu were stolen from the staff meals provided by the chef, as did the fried chicken ribs at Magic Mountain Saloon.

The chicken ribs with the classic Thai spicy flavor are first marinated in shrimp paste and lemon juice, then deep-fried until crispy, then stir-fried with a bunch of chili, and finally served on a plate with fresh coriander.

Crunchy fried chicken ribs $15.50 sml ($28 large).

Address: 62 Lt Collins St, City

4. Gu-E

Rating: 7.5/10


This store’s bibimbap, Korean-style fried beef or barbecue may be more famous, but the three-color fried chicken is also a specialty that cannot be ignored. The three flavors are sweet and spicy, garlic soy sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds, and the original flavor. Every piece is equally crispy.

Three colour chicken, $18.51

Address: Sydney Rd, Brunswick (and 315 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick)

5. Belle's Hot Chicken

Rating: 7.5/10


Nashville-style fried chicken from the United States, served with cold beer, a supper that increases happiness. The spiciness comes from the blend of two kinds of peppers, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. Gentle and spicy until abnormal spicy, you will surely find a taste that suits you!

Hot chicken $16, includes a side.

Address: 150 Gertrude St, Fitzroy (107 Swan St, Richmond will open at the end of the year)

6. Frying Colours

Rating: 7.5/10


This is also a Korean fried chicken restaurant that has just opened. The lightly marinated chicken is tender and juicy, with spicy sauce or Korean honey soy sauce, telling you that life can be so beautiful.

Original Fried Chicken, $21 half/$37 whole.

Address: 520 Macaulay Rd, Kensington

7. Brass Coq

Rating: 7/10


This newly opened Vietnamese restaurant in the CBD is doing its best to turn VFC into a famous brand in the fried chicken world. Six pieces of steaming deboned chicken, slightly browned, with just the right salty and crispy texture, sprinkled with sesame fresh chili and chopped green onion, and topped with nuoc nam fish sauce.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant.

VFC, $14.

Address: 470 Lt Lonsdale St, city

8. Juanita Peaches

Rating: 8.5/10


This fried chicken shop is located in a donut shop. Their fried chicken can be regarded as a tribute to Colonel’s secret recipe. It actually tastes a bit like KFC made, with fries and salad, and it doesn’t need to be dessert. Worried.


Two pce box with slaw, fries, sauce, $16.

Address: 12 Edward St, Brunswick (after 5pm from Thursday to Saturday)

9. Hot Star Fried Chicken

Rating: 5/10


The Hao Da Chicken Chop from Taiwan, each one is beaten with a quarter of the chicken breast to a length of 30 cm. It has been famous in Shilin Night Market since 1992. The chicken steak is huge, but the meat inside is still tender and juicy. Salt or pepper can be added according to personal preference. The same is fried right now, but while waiting, you can order a drink with a cup of tribute tea next door~

Large fried chicken, $8.50. 231

Address: Swanston St, city (and 429 Elizabeth St)

10. Hanaichi

Rating: 4/10


Japanese-style fried chicken nuggets marinated in soy sauce and ginger are brown in color, not tasty enough, and very oily.

Not recommended.

Chicken karaage, $7.

Address: Hanaichi Southland (and Westfield Doncaster and QV Square, city)

What? Have you chosen your favorite beer and fried chicken? Then share it with your friends, and let’s taste it together!


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