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[Review] Marysville small town fascinated ~

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This time Australia Westward Journey will take everyone to:

Portsea & Sorrento, a coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula

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Speaking of "Mornington Peninsula", everyone's impression may be...this...


This one……


Or this...


These are all very conventional attractions, and where to go for free this time, Australia Westward Journey will be more sincere and less conventional, taking everyone to the small seaside towns of Sorrento and Portsea at the end of the peninsula. Portsea) Go around...

The first place we came to was Sorrento, a small town with a Sicilian style name. It has crystal clear waters, snow-white beaches and secluded small town life. It is truly heavenly.

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Walking from the town to the beach, you will see an old ferry terminal, from here you can see the white ferry returning from Geelong, waving to it will bring good luck...

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After playing for so long, everyone must be cold and hungry on the beach... Next, we can go to the popular Just Fine Food in Sorrento to taste delicious Italian desserts... The editor especially recommends Vanilla Slice , It is simply overwhelming the existence of sentient beings... The crispy pie crust, with a thick layer of custard full of rich milk flavor, will not taste too sweet, even the editor who does not like sweets will still miss it now~

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After eating dessert, we wandered to Portsea, one of the richest seaside towns in Australia...According to the statistics of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, the median house price of Portsea is 117.5 million, those built on the cliff The top mansion is worth millions at every turn, even an ordinary small board house will not be less than 20 yuan...So, everyone can enjoy the sea view room here, and give you a boost in your work or study... …

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After admiring the sea view of the moat, our sports journey began again. This time we chose to hike on the Bay Beach Walk in Victoria’s famous Napin Point National Park... This park is one of the early settlers of Victorian immigrants. The beautiful coastline allows everyone to view the narrow end of the Mornington Peninsula. In addition, the park retains the fortifications of the Second World War, such as Nantong Fort, Pierce Fort, Naping Cemetery, Eagle Nest, etc. Not telling the long history and war stories...

Point-Nepean-Nat-Park P1030880 victoria-point-nepean-mornington-peninsula-coast-c1 7994_Point-Nepean-16-03-13-436

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+640Activity time:August 2016, 9 (Sat)

+640地点:Portsea & Sorrento, a coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula

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+640Number of people: 5People

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