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In this wonderful city of Melbourne, there are always many mysteries waiting for people to discover, maybe street performers with special skills,He can always bring us many unexpected surprises.What the editor likes more is the city center of Melbourne, which claims to have only'Nine Streets', with many shops and crowds on the main road. The prosperity of the world conceals the difference behind the smell of fireworks. Behind the nine streets are countless mysterious and elegant alleys. Today I will explore with everyone, Melbourne’s "Alley culture, Eat and drink~

Degrave StreetLiterary Street

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Suitable for the crowd: small fresh, cute girls, literary and artistic fans. Here are the best coffee in Melbourne, as well as the most curious and literary shop in Melbourne. After just eating in the afternoon, holding a cup of coffee, walking slowly, you will always find you Unique.

Café Andiamo

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Address: 36-38 Degraves Street, CBD, Melbourne
This is an Italian coffee shop ☕️, even the waiters bring the amorous feelings from that romantic country. When they look at you with a smile, their eyes are full of stars and galaxies. What their family is best at is to make ordinary small things different. For example, they make hot chocolate into a milkshake, and the garland on the surface is exquisite and smooth like marble. Or all kinds of desserts with peculiar shapes.

But they walked at the price of civilians, and they had nothing to wander until this point, order a cup of coffee, and the crowd walking by in a hurry, stealing half a day of leisure.

The quarter

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Address: 27-31 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Are Italians all born artists?The chef of this shop also turned out simple ingredients, such as charcoal grilled meat steak with poached egg, meatballs with foie gras. The best is the pork belly with mashed potatoes. The pork belly cooked over high heat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. If you slide it down gently, you can see the golden-yellow oily surface of the pig skin, matched with soft and delicate handwork. The whole dish is made of mashed potatoes, sweet but not greasy, very gratifying.

Crossley Street Oiran Fenghua

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Suitable for the crowd: You who have a heart and a story, can you imagine that such a quiet street was once a red light district? ! The hustle and bustle of the old days and the drunken gold fans, surrounded by the dust of history, everything becomes soothing and calm, more like a moment of enlightenment after a long period of wind, and peace and tranquility like Zen enlightenment.

Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar

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Address: 17 Liverpool St, Melbourne VIC 3000
All the food in this shop is actually handmade, from soba noodles to Japanese desserts, what you want is the authentic'izakaya 🏮'taste. The most amazing thing is that they actually have a'sake pudding' in their home, which tastes sweet and refreshing, melts in the mouth, and has a light wine aroma lingering on the tip of the nose. Wine is not intoxicating, and people are drunk.

Gallery Funaki

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Address: 4 Crossley St, Melbourne VIC 3000
This is art, you don't understand!When the editor first entered this art gallery, I really could only hypnotize myself so much. This is art, it is art, and it is not something we mortals can understand.

After some understanding, I realized that this art museum contains the handwork of various jewelry masters, and the theme is "Cheap Jewellery". You don’t have to buy it, it’s good to see a different world.

Center Place Trend stronghold

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Suitable for the crowd: teenagers who love to play and love to eat & Internet celebrities have a saying in Melbourne, if everyone takes a photo of Centre Place and you can get $1, then you have already become a millionaire .

Many coffee delicacies on ins were shot from here. Walking down an alley, the aroma of coffee beans is everywhere. If you want to taste authentic Melbourne coffee, you really have to go here for a while.

Eliana Lulu

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Address: 7-9 Centre Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
This Italian restaurant has made it a must,I don’t know if it’s the raw material, or the chef’s craftsmanship. The tomato sauce is sweet and sour, thick and suitable, sprinkled with a few emerald green peas and fat beef slices, and finally eaten with bread! When the soft bread meets the thick sauce, two completely different delicacies suddenly merge together, rolling on the tip of the tongue, sweetness in the sourness, and freshness in the sweetness, which makes people want to stop.

The Soup Place

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Address: 258-260 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Only here, you can drink the most authentic'soup'.This is Melbourne’s time-honored brand. There are more than ten cans, large and small, each containing fresh soup made today, bacon and potato soup, beef soup, cheese and cheese soup, chicken soup, and even vegetarian food. Vegetable soup prepared by activists. Pick a small bowl of fresh soup at noon, and add a few slices of white bread to soak it. When the white bread is slightly soft, it is the perfect time to enter. Enjoy an authentic Australian life!

Meyers Place Fireworks

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Suitable for the crowd: you who were tired all day & you who slept all day are the "Coffee Street", this alley represents Melbourne's "bar culture", every time night falls, all the tiredness fades here The outerwear, feasting, crowded with voice, a prosperous scene.

San Telmo

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Address: 14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
This Basque tavern hidden in the alleyBecause it is Spanish cuisine, I am very good at using olive oil, tomatoes, fish, garlic and other condiments, which seems to have a strong Mediterranean flavor. During the scorching heat, nothing can cool off the heat better than this chilled gazpacho. This gazpacho comes from Andalucia in the southernmost part of Spain. It usually contains ingredients such as cucumbers, garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes, and is accompanied by spices such as olive oil, salt, water and wine vinegar.

Bennetts Lane Jinyi Night Walk

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Suitable for the crowd: Warriors who appear in the dark Melbourne has a'coffee street' and a'bar street', and here is more like a'Club street'.

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

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Address: 25 Bennetts Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Jazz dance was originally an extension of African dance. It was brought to the United States by black groups who were trafficked as slaves, so it was more unrestrained and free, and even hid a powerful force against fate. When jazz music sounds in your ears, your body will involuntarily sway along with it.

This nightclub with the same name as the alley is the famous jazz club.Abandon the mundane observance, let us be a free world dancer 💃.

Hardware Lane Prosperous

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Suitable for the crowd: The uneven red brick floor, which is suitable for all ages, is slightly old Victorian architecture, and this alley is covered with mystery.

In the daytime, the morning light is faint, and there are white doves and seagulls walking by your feet, and from time to time they make the sound of "coococo".

In the evening, the candlelight and melodious music sounded, quite a bit of the charm of the magic castle of Harry Potter.

French Saloon

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Address: First Floor 380-384 Little Bourke Street (Via, Hardware Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
This French restaurant 🍴 takes a small fresh mid-range route,There is also an open-air balcony in blue, white and red in the backyard, which looks to be matched in accordance with the tones of the French flag 🇫🇷. All kinds of French cuisine are exquisite and healthy, especially the oysters, all of them are big and plump, and they taste delicious! What I like most is the French-style platting, which has a breathtaking and indifferent beauty!

La Belle Miette

640-287 640-288 640-289
Address: 30 Hardware Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
There are many varieties of macaron in the store, and the colors and flavors are more colorful than other stores. From the popular flavors of chocolate, rose, hazelnut, lemon, cherry, and pistachio, to the special flavors of cucumber mint, olive oil vanilla, grapefruit and blueberry, the colorful display is dizzying. Later, I learned that Maylynn and Hugh, who opened this shop, were originally from the art department and had a deep research on French biscuits. I suddenly understood why its macaron not only tastes good, but also pays attention to packaging. It turns out that the title of "Master of Fine Arts" can also make people stand out in the food industry.

Manchester Lane Soul heart

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Suitable for the crowd: If you are curious, you accidentally take a corner and walk into this deepest alley. You would not expect that there are delicious brunches hot on ins, and every door seems ordinary. In fact, push him away and you will see the most wonderful world. This is the favorite game of Melburnians.

Roule Galette

640-292 640-293 640-294
Address: 241 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
This French-style bakery is not big, but it is very popular.They offer crepe in various flavors such as salty and sweet. Diners can choose according to their own taste. There are fruity crepe with nutella and vegetable meat crepe with sauce. At the same time, they even have two different choices of crispy and soft leather, all possibilities are waiting for you to discover!


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