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Victorian students will soon be able to gain opportunities to strengthen Mandarin learning and carry out internships in China.

Small business, Innovation and Trade Minister Philip Dalidakis today met with Mr. Zong Wa, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association for International Exchange and Education, and signed the letter of intent for the Victorian Learning and Internship China Project (VSICP).

The internship program will provide XNUMX internship positions for students receiving higher education in Victoria within four years.

This agreement will create better employment opportunities for students and improve the cultural and economic links between Victoria and Chinese provinces. The interns will also become Victorian ambassadors, studying in Chinese institutions and prestigious organizations around the world.

The Andrew Labor government has a proud history of establishing close ties with China and promoting the construction of sister cities.

The Hanmer Chinese Scholarship Program is a major achievement of the sister province-state relationship. Since the program began, XNUMX Victorian professionals and students have come to Jiangsu Province for a six-month intensive language course.

The state government has also established the Victorian Youth Leader China Program, which gives Victorian students the opportunity to travel to China for six weeks of immersive cultural courses.

China is one of Victoria's most important relationships and largest trading partner. The total value of two-way trade between Victoria and China in 2014-15 exceeded 204 billion yuan.

Thanks to the government's efforts, Victorian companies will continue to benefit from better relationships with Chinese companies. The government’s initiatives include the issuance of the Victorian New China Strategy: Work together to seek common prosperity and set a clear vision to make Victoria a gateway for Chinese trade and investment in Australia.

Minister of Small Business, Innovation and TradePhilip Dalidakisdisplay

"The state government is people-oriented and allows students to learn language and cultural courses to help them become more global before graduation."

"By connecting Victorians and Victorians with the world, the government will continue to enhance Victoria's reputation as a global international education center."


Zong Wa, Deputy Secretary-General of China Education International Exchange Association, Ministry of Education, and Victorian Minister of Small Business, Innovation and Trade Philip Dalidakis



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