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This is the scene you saw in your childhood dream

The most shocking dream in the southern hemisphere summer night

Every year during the Christmas season, the residents here show off their own creative lighting!


It was originally just an ordinary residential area in Melbourne, a group of ordinary independent houses, but since Christmas 1950, it has gradually become a famous lantern street in Australia. Every Christmas Eve, The Boulevard Street in Melbourne’s Ivanhoe district is a paradise for imagination and creativity. Residents voluntarily arrange the exterior walls and gardens of their houses, lighting up their homes with colorful lights and decorations. , Gradually lit up the whole street, more and more people came here, it became one of Melbourne's most romantic attractions every Christmas.


Lighting time for 2016 Christmas season:


Ivanhoe District is located about 12 kilometers northeast of Melbourne’s city centre. It is a quiet, lush and charming hilly district with convenient and beautiful communities. The spacious townhouses in the block become a joyful show every Christmas season.


Address: The Boulevard, Ivanhoe, Victoria 3079 Australia

Transportation: Take the train towards Hurstbridge, get off at Ivanhoe station and walk for about 10 minutes. You can walk on Marshall Street and turn left on Lower Heidelberg Road, and you will see the The Boulevard sign.


Every December, when you may have just started decorating your own Christmas tree, others may have started preparations one to two months ago, and the equipment is quite professional!

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Every family contends

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This tenant is fierce...


Who has more onlookers in front of the game

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There are exquisite small scenes in the magnificent big scenery, very hard

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Does someone else’s Christmas lights make an appointment?

May this article be your guide to the beauty



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