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Today I want to tell a touching true story.

An Australian grandmother has helped adopt hundreds of disabled Chinese orphans for more than ten years.

She organized a donation of millions of Australian dollars to provide them with treatment, education and welfare, which completely changed their lives and destiny!

She was chosen as the "Good Chinese", and the children affectionately called her "Grandma Angel" (Grandma Angel)


She is Linda Shum, Cen Linda

(Ms. Linda Cen)

Cen Linda was originally a teacher. After she retired, she devoted her time to volunteer work.

In 1998, Linda Cen accompanied the group to a welfare home in a city in central China for the first time. At that time, she was a volunteer of a social love group in Australia.

Cen Linda, who grew up in Australia, saw a scene that shocked her and broke her heart here.

A six-year-old girl adopted by an orphanage, Xia Li (Xia Li) was naked and covered in stains. There was a baseball-sized tumor on her head, and her hands were deformed due to cerebral palsy. When Cen Linda saw her, she was curling up in the corner and throwing up.

"A policeman brought her, and he threw her up the steps and left," the staff of the orphanage told Linda Cen.

Cen Linda's heart was touched.

From that day on, she decided to do something for the children.

(Cen Linda plays with the children)

She spends a lot of time on volunteer work. She helps the children dress, eat and play with them.

Of course, she has been thinking about Xia Li. Before leaving, Cen Linda bought a small toy for Xia Li, and as long as it was pinched, it would squeak. Xia Li was happy and kept playing around.

But when Linda Cen visited the orphanage again, the toys were gone.

A carer put away the toy because she was afraid that Xia Li would damage the toy.

And Xia Li is not the only child who has suffered such an experience. At that time, many children in the orphanage couldn't even live long. Even if they survived, they would always be chained to their chairs.


"This kind of thing is too common," Cen Linda recalled the incident with a sad expression on her face. "At that time, I realized that we should take the children out of such an orphanage."

So Cen Linda started her own efforts. After countless soft grinding and hard work, Cen Linda set up many "special families".

Perhaps, it is hoped that the children who walked out from here can face the wind and rain as strong as an eagle in the future. Linda Cen calls them the "Eagle House" family-style nursing center.

Although most of the children adopted by "Eagle House" were abandoned by their biological parents because of physical disabilities, the caregivers hired by Linda gave them the same care and care as real parents and elders.

(In the eyes of the children, Linda Cen is the dearest angel grandma)

In the "Eagle House", those abandoned children can lead a normal family life. In the "Eagle House", those abandoned children can go to school, and even often go hiking and outings.

In the "Eagle House", the children get true love.

They affectionately called Cen Linda "Grandma Angel"

In order to maintain the operation of "Eagle House", Linda Cen set up the Eagle Wings China organization and initiated international fundraising many times. Over the years, nearly 200 million Australian dollars (equivalent to more than 1000 million yuan) have been directly used for the support, education, rehabilitation, physical therapy and staff training of orphans and disabled children and abandoned babies, which has changed the destiny of hundreds of children.

Linda Cen also organized more than 300 experts in education, physiotherapy, childcare and medical care from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries as international volunteers to help orphans and disabled children here. And her efforts have also been widely recognized by Chinese society. In 2012, she was selected as a "Chinese Good Man".

Today, Ms. Linda Cen lives in Gympie, Queensland.

In 2010, her husband passed away due to illness, and her father is getting older and older. She particularly needs Linda Cen to stay with her to take care of her. However, there are more than 60 children in the "Eagle House" Family Nursing Center who need their "Cen Linda". grandmother".

(Cen Linda with the children)

In order to take good care of the children, Linda Cen invited a good friend to manage the "Eagle House" family-style nursing center in China on his behalf. On the other hand, I focus on helping the orphanage to raise funds for the children in the "Eagle House" family-style nursing center in Australia to assist the orphanage to improve the children's rehabilitation and special education work.

In order to broaden the children’s horizons and enhance their self-confidence, Linda Cen used the summer vacation time in 2011 to arrange a number of children in the hospital to take vacations at home in Australia at her own expense. At the same time, she also arranged for volunteers to carry out rehabilitation training for the children and take the children for walks outside the hospital after dinner. , Go shopping at the supermarket or play in the park on weekends.

(Cen Linda with the children)

In addition, Linda Cen also actively helps the children contact foreign families who are willing to adopt them. Overseas, these children can get better education and treatment.

As Linda Cen said, she hopes that every child can have a real home. Although she cannot accompany the children in person at the moment, she has to work hard and contact more caring people to care for the children and make the children grow healthy.

Although the editor has never met Ms. Linda Cen, I especially want to say "thank you" to this lovely old Australian grandma. Thank you for bringing happiness and love to so many orphans. Thank you for changing their lives. .

Fate is always different, but love knows no borders.


News compiled from "7 News"


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