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Although December is the month when Australia enters the summer, the weather is still very cold for 12 days so far. Many people are still shivering in the street wearing thick feather coats, and the summer clothes bought earlier are only You can put dust in your home, but don't be afraid, because everyone is looking forward to the grandfather sun will show off next Tuesday, let you have a hot Tuesday!


According to the forecast on the Weatherzone website, next Tuesday, the temperatures in the four major Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra will be as high as 33 degrees-37 degrees! Interestingly, the phenomenon of high temperatures exceeding 4 degrees in these four major cities was 33 years ago.

As for why the high temperature will only occur next Tuesday, according to Weatherzone meteorologist Guy Dixon, there will be a trough of low pressure extending from Western Australia to the south and east of Australia next Tuesday, and this trough will also cause the four major cities A high temperature of 4 degrees also occurred on Tuesday.


Picture taken from: No. 9 News Network

Although 33 degrees sounds very hot, after a hot day, next Wednesday the weather in Melbourne will turn cooler or even drop by 10 degrees. This will also temporarily relieve people who like cool weather.

The editor checked the Australian Meteorological Bureau and found that next Monday and Tuesday will be a hot day, and it will not get cooler until Wednesday. The cool weather may last until Christmas. In other words, everyone's summer clothes will have to wait more than half a month before they can be worn!

News compiled from "9 News"


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