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Hearing the sound of the years, it will show you the blue of Victoria Bay!

1.>>>Victoria·The Only Treasure<<


Otway Fly Treetop Walk The most pristine tropical rain forest

Address: 360 Phillips Track, Beech Forest VIC 3250

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The 1.9-kilometer-long circular plank road hovering on the top of the tree is the longest and highest steel structure plank road in the world. Walking on the top of the extremely tall rainforest is quite "God's perspective." The park accepts tickets, 19.9 Australian dollars per person, and absolutely no fireworks. The plants in the rainforest have not changed since 180 million years ago. It is one of the oldest rainforests on earth.

Princess Margaret Rose Cave The most magnificent cave wonder

Address: Princess Margaret Rose Caves Rd, Mumbannar VIC
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Here is the most magnificent underground cave. Under the shining of the warm light, it is dreamily like heaven. Every piece of Buchan Cave seems to be shining with bright light. Moreover, there are few tourists here, so you can enjoy the tranquil scenery alone.

Abbotsford Convent The most charming historical site

Only 4 kilometers from CBD
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Time stays here, and the fallen red leaves swirl in the corner. If you want to see the old Victorian buildings, you must come to this area-a small area with more than a dozen historical buildings and English gardens, as if you can still hear the sound of lace skirts sweeping across the lake.

Lake Terrell Sky mirror 

4 hours drive from Melbourne
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It is more than 150km long and about 48km wide, surrounded by hills. This lake is often dry, and the white salt is like snow, but there is no softness of the snow when you go up, but like walking on broken glass. When there is water, the lake surface becomes a natural mirror, and the scenery is beautiful.

2.>>>Victoria·Spa Town<<

Daylesford Town

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa Australia's best spa hotels TOP10

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa is the only hot spring hotel in Victoria that has been selected as the “Top 10 Best Spa Hotels in Australia”.This hot spring started in 1895, and Australia’s oldest bath is also here.In addition, it is the place with the most hot springs in Australia.
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It is petty bourgeoisie. It is the most New Age resort around Melbourne. It is a weekend hot spot for white-collar workers, DINKs, mature women, couples, gays, and literary youth in the city.The streets here are very old. Galleries, bookstores, cafes, SPAs, tarot fortune-telling, incense and beauty shops are open in the old houses of the 19th century. The bazaar sells Organic fruits and vegetables. The B&B is even more luxurious and individual.
Attractions nearby

Hot Air Balloon Flight Hot Air Balloon Flight

Humans always dream of flying, they can take the clouds in their arms, and they can take off the stars. A dreamy hot air balloon trip will place you on the top of a mountain, with picturesque rivers and mountains and thousands of miles of rivers. Address: 98 Vincent Street, Daylesford, VIC 3460 Reservation website:


Mornington Peninsula

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Peninsula Hot Springs Top 10 hot springs in the world

Mornington Peninsula is about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. This peninsula is picturesque and rugged, and is often referred to as Melbourne’s "playground".
Peninsula Hot Spring is a famous natural mineral hot spring in Victoria. Here you can not only enjoy a variety of bathing experiences, but also supporting star-rated accommodation and catering services. As well as a variety of baths and bathing methods for visitors to choose from, such as cave pools, massage pools, saunas, cold pools and Turkish baths.
There are also full body massage, facial beauty, foot massage, salt bath and mud bath in the spa area. After soaking in the hot spring, come to a full body spa, and you will be completely relaxed.
Attractions nearby

Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens Lavender & Rose 🌹 Maze

Lavender blooms in the mountains and plains, and there is a circular maze full of roses next to it. There are more than 1200 kinds of roses in this maze. I spent half a day immersed in it, feeling the gentle breeze and the refreshing fragrance of flowers, beautifully indispensable.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Sip a unique and intoxicating series of award-winning fruit wines and liqueurs in the tasting room of the Strawberry Park. Enjoy the farm’s homemade delicious fruit ice cream, mouth-watering berry desserts and refreshments, while relaxing in the Strawberry Café or savoring wine and delicacies, high-quality gifts, local crafts and beauty products.
Box Stallion Winery, Cellar Door & Restaurant

酿酒 厂

The wine cellar restaurant is located in an area of ​​25 hectares of wine, with a panoramic view of the lake and garden. The restaurant has a variety of award-winning wines with mellow taste and unique taste.

3.>>>Victoria·The flowers and the grass<<


National Rhododendron Garden The grandest garden view

There are so many flowers, I can't write enough.

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It mainly grows more than 800 kinds of azaleas, camellias, cherry blossoms and magnolias. The various flowering seasons throughout the year are different, and you can enjoy different beautiful scenery. In the non-flowering season, you can also stroll among the quiet green trees, small bridges and lakes. Address: The Georgian Rd, Olinda

MARYSVILLE town Isolated Taoyuan scenery

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God's back garden

MARYSVILLE is 100 kilometers northeast of Melbourne and has always been famous for its streetscapes and beautiful gardens shaded by trees. Hidden in a beautiful valley, this small town is called "God's own garden".

State Rose Garden

Bright rose

Address: K Rd, Melbourne VIC 3030

The Rose Garden covers an area of ​​2.5 hectares, planting more than 5000 roses. The Victoria Rose Garden is one of the tourist treasures of Victoria. In 2003, the Victorian Rose Garden was awarded the International Excellent Garden by the World Federation Rose Association. There are many varieties of roses in the garden, and the colors are gorgeous. They are planted in various corners, or clusters of flowers, or climbing frames by vines. From time to time, there are butterflies and birds flying in mid-air. Now there are not many tourists. You can use it as your own back garden.

4.>>>Victoria·Animal Paradise<<

Phillip Island Penguin Island

One of the most popular wildlife homes

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Here you can watch the night penguin parade. Since penguins come to the shore every night, under the leadership of rangers, visitors are divided into groups to watch. At the same time, you can also join an expedition and swim in Port Phillip Bay with playful dolphins or seals.

Melba Gully Firefly Forest

You ask me how true I love you, and the moon represents my heart. If you love her, pick the stars and the moon for her.

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There is a circular walking plank road in the rainforest of the park. It takes about 30 minutes to walk down in a circle. After going down the wooden stairs from the parking lot, enter the plank road along the left hand side and tour clockwise. After walking about 5 minutes, the bushes around the plank road There will be a few fireflies in the cluster. At this time, you must turn off the flashlight to find appreciation.


After a 10-minute walk, a large number of fireflies appeared on the rock wall next to the plank road.Walk for 15 minutes and come to Anne's Cascade. This is a colony of fireflies and the best place to watch fireflies. There are wooden benches next to them, so you can sit down and enjoy them slowly.

Queenscliff 🐬 Dolphin Town


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Queenscliff perfectly preserves the ancient buildings of the Victorian period, and everything in the town is romantic and elegant.

Two good places are highly recommended, one is Fort Queenscliff, which was built in 1880. It was originally a garrison fortress, but now it has become a museum. All the furnishings inside are telling the ancient heroic legends of those years.

The second one is Sea All Dolphin Swims. Take a boat out to swim with dolphins and seals and gently touch their silky soft skin. This experience will definitely make you unforgettable!


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