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Christmas is coming! When I think of holidays, buying discounted goods, and traveling outside, my little heart jumps to the sky!

But what I want to tell you is that during Christmas week, the temperature in Australia will reach 30 degrees!


According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, during the Christmas holidays, temperatures in at least five major cities across Australia will reach 5 degrees or even above 30 degrees. Of course it includes Melbourne!

Although today's temperature has dropped to 20-22 degrees, it will return to 30 degrees on the weekend.


7 days in a row! If you work harder on the 30th, it will exceed 10 degrees for 30 consecutive days!


7 days in a row, what concept? On the first day, you feel warm, on the second day you feel warm, on the third and fourth days, you insist, on the fifth day you are dead, on the sixth day and the seventh day, you think the house is like a big steamer!

There is a friend with a swimming pool next to him, so be nice to them this week!


Mel finally wants to Burn, which is forcing everyone to go shopping (cool air-conditioning) at Christmas. The editor has already posted the business hours of major shopping malls in Melbourne. Thanks!

If you are out for Christmas, here are the specific weather conditions of major cities in Australia as follows:


In these days, the temperature was around 23 degrees and rose to 27 degrees on Christmas Eve. After Christmas, it rises to around 28-31 degrees.



The temperature in Brisbane today rose to 32 degrees, but it may drop back to more than 20 degrees and rain during the weekend.



The temperature reached 40 degrees today and dropped to around 35 degrees on weekends.



The temperature today is 24 degrees, but the temperature will rise to 37 degrees over the weekend.



The temperature will rise from 28 degrees today to 32 degrees on Christmas Day. It may rain on Christmas Day.



The temperature will be higher than 30 degrees throughout the week with downpour.



The temperature remains roughly around 25 degrees.


Faced with such a heat wave, are you still going to go out for Christmas?

When asked the question "How to spend this Christmas", the Victorian girl's reply was absolutely absolute! Let's see how a naughty little Victorian girl answered👇


"Another article centered on Melbourne!

I have read the weather forecast, and I plan to stay at home to protect my vegetable garden!

Victoria as a whole is much larger than Melbourne, but why does it always report only Melbourne news?

This Christmas will be very hot, super hot, so my garden needs me, and I will not go elsewhere.

The holiday and Christmas craziness can wait, but the garden cannot.

After all, Christmas is just a day of the year. "

This Victorian country girl's answer is really cute, but it's a point! In such a hot few days, you must be careful to escape the heat when you go out to play!

Come and feel the Australian Christmas again! Find the area of ​​the reindeer's psychological shadow...


News compiled from "The Age"


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