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Are you so rich outside, do your parents know?

Text: I walk with

Yesterday, while shopping, I saw a girl wearing rv flat shoes, gvc gypsophila t-shirt, carrying Hermes Birkin bag, standing on the street and arguing against an old woman who looked like her in her fifties. call. My friend and I stood by smoking cigarettes. After listening for a long time, I probably understood what was going on.

The old woman who looks ordinary or even a little shabby is the girl's mother. The girl has not been home for many days. My mother went out to buy vegetables and met her, and wanted to tell her to go home for dinner. She didn't go back, so she quarreled. And the one thing that worries me the most is that her mother said that last week your dad just paid you a salary of XNUMX yuan. Didn’t you say that you lost it? I’ll take the money for being a babysitter right away. When the time comes, I will call you over again. Boy, go home and have a meal.

The girl looked impatient, shook off her mother's hand and rushed into the taxi parked on the side of the road. The car drove away without turning back, leaving her mother alone on the side of the road watching her daughter leave.

I have seen many such people.

I spend tens of thousands of yuan to open a card to invite friends to drink, take a girl to stay in a five-star hotel, and they are all luxury goods. He thinks he is very chic and generous in the eyes of others, and thinks that he is a rich second generation like Wang Sicong, able to call the wind and rain, and there is endless money in the bank card.

Once drinking with a friend, a boy came in midway. After drinking a few glasses, he began to say that he had just bought a certain big-name show jacket. He said that he had spent more than XNUMX card openings at a nightclub yesterday. Stayed in a suite in a five-star hotel for one month. Some people at the wine table thought he was a rich second-generation and flattered him, while others smiled faintly and bowed their heads playing with their mobile phones.

The most dramatic scene was that when our group walked out of the hotel, suddenly a plainly dressed man with a vicissitudes of life rushed over and took his hand and asked, Did you take away the bankbooks of your mother and I? That's money for your grandma's treatment!

I suddenly felt that money is good or bad.

It allows us to live the life we ​​want, and it can ruin our life.

It can make a person more motivated to achieve their goals, and it can also make a person addicted to enjoyment and unable to extricate themselves.

Love money is right, and vanity is not a sin.

But why do you want your parents to pay for your chic and vanity?


I like the phrase "Parents are still struggling, but you are showing off poetry and the distance."

My mother hadn't bought a new dress for a year, and she was reluctant to buy one for herself when she saw a discounted dress. And you bought a pair of shoes for several thousand yuan with the "remedial class registration fee".

Dad wants to replace the TV that has been used for ten years at home, so that your mom can watch TV shows more comfortably. He went to the mall to check the price, and picked out and bought a special sample machine. And you hugged a girl to open a room at Hilton and bought her 99 roses.

Mom and Dad are at home calculating how much money the friends and children have spent on getting married and going to school this month. After the calculation, your dad sighed and told your mom that he remembered to give the child more living expenses. And you asked a group of friends to pay for dinner, singing, and drinking at school.

I really want to ask this kind of person, if you are so rich outside, do your parents know?

You tell your mother to review the exam in the dormitory tonight, and then you send a message to the new girl and ask her if she wants to have supper together.

You hang up your dad's phone, send a text message saying that you are rushing to essay, and then continue to play dice with your friends and call five ones.

It's been a long time since you went home to see your grandparents, and you said you were too busy with your studies, but the report card was all red.

Does the vain flattery of your parents' hard-earned money really make you happy?

It's late at night that parents are sitting in the living room waiting for you to come home, while you spend a lot of time outside, are you really at ease?


Tofuler said that poverty is not a shame, but it is a shame to be ashamed of poverty.

Now I think he would say that being ordinary is not a shame, but it is a shame to put yourself prosperous and splendid.

You don’t have friends if you have money, and love is not entirely based on money. In many cases, a person’s consumption amount does not represent his economic level, but reflects his values. So even if you have a lot of money, there will still be people who don't like you. What's more, your money is not earned by your own hands.

I like to make friends with such people. They don't necessarily have a lot of money, but they are very good to parents. Friends who drink together at night will call home in advance to let parents rest assured to go to bed early. Don't pretend to be forced, don't show off your wealth, and your consumption level is in line with your own economic strength. When I am with this kind of person, I always feel very at ease.

How much money is there to be happy?

I remember reading a passage before. Later, someone will give you XNUMX roses, XNUMX lipsticks, XNUMX coats, and XNUMX watches. But your love starts with a cup of milk tea for three yuan.

Money is a good thing, but don't become a slave to money.

Don't forget that your parents are the ones you should spend most.

Actually, they don't ask you how much money you can make, what big house you will live in, and what good car you will drive. They just want to hear your voice every day and have your news.


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