do you know? There are so many weird festivals in Australia, the stranger the more fun!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

I have always felt that Australians are very good at life, like coffee, desserts, and brunch. But you never expected that this elegant country has a lot of weird festivals. In fact, the nature of Australians is funny. It can be entertaining, retreat can be calm, moving like a rabbit, quiet like a virgin.

You might as well try these five weird festivals next!

Beer Can Regatta

The Darwinians in the northern desert not only love to drink beer, but also make good use of the stored empty cans. On the warm winter day in July every year, beer tanks with different shapes on the Mindil River are ready to go, carrying the unique enthusiasm of Australians, kicking off the prelude to the Battle Of Mindil, doing their best to protect the environment. .

There is no special standard for the design of the hull. The contestants try various unique "shipbuilding techniques", and strive to conform to the hydrodynamics and not die too quickly in opponents' water gun offensives and flour bombs. Yes, in fact, beer can racing boats have no speed at all. They rely on "standing standing" in a melee, and the first to find the target on the vast water wins, such as a radio beacon and six rows of beer. Or a large wooden box. The so-called sharpening of knives and not cutting wood by mistake, before entering the white-hot finals, the players will suspend the game to repair the horrible rowing boat.


Todd River Foot Boat Race(Henley on Todd Regatta)

The desire of the inland for the sea can simply turn people into lunatics and create a nonsensical traditional event!

Every year on the third Saturday in August, a dry river bed in the inland town of Alice Springs is dusty, with hundreds of rivers vying for the flow, ah no, it's crazy. To participate in the Todd River Rowing Race, you do not need any water rowing experience. This is a land rowing and a race in disguise. People imitated the hull with light weight materials such as cardboard and polyvinyl chloride pipes. They carried the bottomless boat with their feet as the oars and used water cannonballs as the cover. They either fought alone, or were fighting against the enemy, and rushed to the sky. in.

Anyway, this is a very offline game...

This game aroused all the wild nature of the inland people. Some people used sand shovel to paddle a canoe, some dragged the bottomless bathtub to run wildly, some were sitting on a surfboard being pulled forward by teammates, and lifeguards drowned "Sand" people dragged out of the sand. Please don’t laugh at their ridiculousness. This is a group of true positive energy defenders. The previous competitions have raised more than one million Australian dollars for local, national and international humanitarian projects. The only suspension is because of encounters. A rainstorm of a lifetime.

Camping bonfire festival(Australian Camp Oven Festival)

This is an event with the most cultural heritage. Millmerran is an aboriginal tribal settlement in southeastern Queensland. It is located on a high ground. Millmerran is derived from the meaning of the aboriginal language lookout. The biennial Camp Oven Festival is Queensland’s most iconic event. The government encourages white people to enter the Aboriginal culture. Many families will drive to camp here in their RVs and cook jungle delicacies according to the recipes of the Aboriginals (Camp Oven Cooking). Competition), recite Bush Poetry.

Men, women and children will participate in the Damper Throwing. This huge-looking Danbo bread was the most common food for the Australian rural people in the XNUMXth century. In the wild, especially in the inaccessible inland areas, people used flour, water, salt and round cakes together with Billy tea. Cook on the campfire. This piece of crusty bread baked from the ashes is really touchy to throw.

The editor feels that this is a festival that has been preserved for the protection of cultural heritage and is of special significance.

Wife Carrying Competition(Wife-carrying Championship)

Wife-carrying cross-country race, as the name suggests, involves male runners carrying female teammates across sand, wading ponds, and fences to finish the 253.5-meter track. According to the rules of the competition, female players must be over 17 years old and weigh at least 49 kilograms. The participating combination does not necessarily have to be a couple. If there is no partner, "borrowing a wife" is also allowed. Speaking of it, is it very similar to the barbarians in the Stone Age? There is really a saying that this competition originated from the custom of "stealing wives" in ancient Finnish tribes. There is also a saying that thieves were rampant in Finland in the 19th century. They often went to the surrounding villages to snatch property and women. When the locals saw the robbers coming, they would immediately carry their wives and property and flee.

It is such a competitive sport full of primitive beauty that has attracted more than a dozen countries including Australia, Japan and the United States to participate in it. After the national players decide the winner, they then represent the country to enter the Finnish International Championship. If you want to run faster without losing your wife, you need skills in addition to physical strength. Contestants from Estonia have been crowned king seven times. The "Estonian style" is also recognized as the most scientific and efficient pose. Human shaped backpack.

Alice Springs Felt Hat Festival (Beanie Festival)

Australians have unlimited energy, love to sweat like rain, and play a little refreshing is unambiguous. In central Australia, woolen hats are a necessity for people to spend the winter. This felt hat festival is nothing more than going to a fair, but the Australians just want to play to the extreme and show their feelings. It is out of a pilgrimage mentality to promote the local craftsmanship of the indigenous tribes and craftsmen. As a result, this annual felt hat festival gathers the hard work of working women and artists and becomes a literary and artistic event full of tourists. Everyone wears a "unfettered" woolen hat. The scene is childlike. It is comparable to the hat fight at the British Royal Jockey Club.

The design of the felt hat should highlight the theme of the year, such as "opposite attraction" this year, conveying the connection between people and the environment through the perspective of a craftsman. The grand opening ceremony kicked off the music drums throughout the weekend. People walked through the sea of ​​hats with a lot of fun. The works that stood out from the "Beanie Olympics" (Beanie Olympics) will be paraded and displayed for several weeks. Well, have you also experienced the childlike interest of Australians?

Australia has so many weird festivals, which one do you like best? The editor thinks the Beanie Festival is quite special. Maybe you can buy a lot of unique hats.

But having said that, dear Australia, I did not expect you to be so happy and funny on the surface of literature and art!


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