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Melbourne, A city where classic and modern are constantly colliding. Here stands the tallest skyscraper in Australia and a 360-degree viewing platform. There are also many small shops hidden in the corners. Among them, various"Vintage shop"The most representative, I always feel cute when I meet.

*Vintage Sole*

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Most vintage shops sell clothes and shoes, such as this one in downtownVintage Sole. Pop songs of the last century are played in the store, with a dazzling array of products with a sense of age, as if traveling through time.

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6/37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

*Hunter Gatherer*

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The most beautiful shopping mall in Melbourne is the Royal Arcade. This 147-year-old mall has an ancient French shopping gallery, full of surprises.

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This is calledHunter GathererThe shop is located in this beautiful shopping mall, which fits perfectly with the classic atmosphere.

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Hunter Gatherer has beautiful clothes, ties and bags,

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There are also dolls and statues,


These cute old-fashioned card machines and Polaroids are even more eye-catching.

Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne VIC 3000



Across the street from Hunter GathererShagIt is also a well-known vintage shop. The goods in the shop are all clothing, accessories, hats, etc., similar to each other.

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Shop 20, 259 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

*Mark Denver*


However, Melbourne’s vintage shop covers more second-hand items than we thought, such as this oneMark Denver In (Vintage / Industrial), there are countless unexpected and interesting things on display!


From old-fashioned experimental equipment,


To the mannequin,


From trophy showcases of various shapes,


To African traditional humanity sculptures,


And large and small wine jars.


The most interesting thing is that every item here has a small label with the shop's sign printed on the front and the story of the item on the back. For example, this 1950 scooter is the third car in this brand series, with shockproof foot pads, parking pedals and brakes. These little tags seem to give life to every little thing, everything here comes from history, with full of stories.

407 Brunswick St, Melbourne VIC 3065

*NM Quality Seconds*


And thisNM Quality SecondsMainly engaged in second-hand furniture, including table lamps, tableware, books, etc.

640-375 640-376

Even the cashier counter in this store is very cozy, do you want to have a desk like this too?

319 Smith St, Fitzroy Victoria 3065

*Vintage Garage*


The finale was an exceptionally well-known store namedVintage garage(Second-hand garage).


The cash register of the Vintage Garage is made into an antique car head, which is very cute as it contrasts with the name of the shop.


This place is always overcrowded,

640-381 640-382

All kinds of goods are complete, and the prices are quite close to the people.

640-383 640-384

318 Smith St, Melbourne VIC 3066

The Vintage Shop in Melbourne is full of flavor and story, and "second handThe concept of "" is far more than the pursuit of classical beauty. As a city obsessed with sustainable development, Melbourne has developed a number of second-hand stores focusing on "Recycled". These stores use the simplest "recycled" and "recycled". "Re-sale" model, which allows batches of goods to be recycled, strives to maximize resource utilization, and contributes to environmental protection. Maybe next time you walk into a second-hand store in Melbourne, you will also encounter one Your beloved little thing, don’t hesitate to take it away, because you will also incorporate its story and make a little contribution to environmental protection!:)


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