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It should be quite annoying to be patronized by thieves at home, especially on Christmas Eve. No, a family in Brisbane recently encountered such a thing.

However, unlike the previous plots, the family did not sit still, butTracking thieves all the way through the mobile APP, staged a realistic version of the Jedi pursuit.


According to reports, on the 20th of this month, Garry Moore, who lives in the Springwood district of Brisbane, and his family discovered that their home had been ransacked as soon as they arrived home!

The windows of the house were wide open, all the gifts the family prepared for Christmas were gone, computers and iPads were also stolen, and the valuable things in the house were almost emptied!

Facing the empty house, the family was dumbfounded!


At this moment, Mr. Moore's son Brendan's cell phone rang, prompting him that the "Find My Phone" App had been opened.

It turned out that this group of thieves had just stolen the iPad, and they couldn't wait to open it and play. But they didn't know that when they started the iPad, they also activated the "Find My Phone" software.


According to the software, the thief's current location is only about 20 minutes' drive from Mr. Moore's home.

Father and son two people together, decide, chase after!


So two people drove into the car and chased them all the way according to the location indicated by the software. Finally, five middle-aged people who had stolen things were found driving two cars on the road in the Capalaba district.


Later, the father and son quietly followed behind the thieves.

The group first arrived at Logan Central, then crossed Forest Lake, then returned to Shailer Park, and then headed north to Kenmore and Nundah.

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Brendan said,"We always followed them closely along the way, keeping a distance of only a few meters from them. I know their every move."


In this way, the father and son tracked the thief while reporting the location of the thief to the police at any time.

Finally, Mr. Moore and his son stopped tracking at Brisbane Airport and handed over the next task to the police.

After five hours of relay tracking, the police finally captured five thieves in a suburb of Gold Coast.


According to police investigations, the gang of thieves first stole two cars from a house in Sunnybank Hills that day, then carried out burglaries in Boronia Heights and Woodridge respectively, and then stole a lot of valuables from Mr. Moore's house.


Currently, the police have filed a lawsuit against five thieves.

Mr. Moore said that although the Christmas gifts were stolen, they would not let it ruin a family’s Christmas.


The editor thinks, from this point of view, this Apple mobile phone is still very useful at the critical moment!

News compiled from "7 News"


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