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The summer in Mocun is arrogant, it doesn't come a little bit, and it makes everyone feel very excited...but! at last! Summer is coming!


However, are you really prepared for the heat? What else to prepare besides ice cream and air conditioner?

Such a beautiful summer, such a beautiful Tuao, do not drop off your sash, put on your battle clothes, and show off yourself. Are you worthy of your beautiful youthful body?

Hmm, yes, you need a battle suit-a bikini that is indispensable on Sunny Beach. The Intimate Editor will now show all the swimwear brands from Tuao and Australia to all beauties:


was founded inSEAFOLLY in 1975It is probably the swimwear brand with the highest appearance rate in major shopping malls (why recommend it? Because there are so many styles that it is not easy to hit the shirt!). Although the brand has a long history, SEAFOLLY never falls into the trend, and every year it launches fashionable and uniquely designed swimsuits, which are widely favored by Australian beauties. At SEAFOLLY, you never have to worry about not finding your favorite choice. Perhaps the only worrying thing is the price of one or two hundred dollars, but seeing these swimsuits that are very different from the general ones outside, it’s really hard to cover your wallet. . Whether you are looking for a split bikini:640-687 640-688 640-689

Or one-piece swimsuit:

640-690 640-691 640-692

SEAFOLLY can always make you low-key sexy with just the right amount of nudity, without losing the breathtaking mystery. In addition to swimwear, SEAFOLLY's other beachwear is not to be missed. It complements the swimsuits. Who can refuse summer under such a combination?

640-693 640-694 640-695

Available on the official website:www.seafolly.com.au

2. Zimmermann

The swimsuit brand, whose name is particularly difficult to pronounce, is the most amazing and pleasant surprise for the editor. Just look at the posters of the recent summer collections of 16 years and vacation series of 17 years, and the editor can't help but think of the elegant British aristocrats of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries wearing exquisite embroidered dresses on a picnic by the lake. And when a swimsuit interprets elements such as retro prints and lace so moving, how many people have the heart to reject them?2017 Resort Collection:640-696 640-697 640-698 640-699 640-700 640-701

2016 Summer Collection:

640-702 640-703 640-704 640-705 640-706

 Available on the official website:www.zimmermannwear.com

3. Billabong

Billabong, like SEAFOLLY, is an Australian street sign. Although Billabong is known as Australia's No. XNUMX surfing brand, it has also jumped to the twentieth position of the world's top XNUMX companies, but the strength of the swimsuit design of Family B cannot be underestimated, and compared to other swimwear brands, the price of Billabong is really good. People are full of water, and you can get a sexy swimsuit that won't lose the battle at six or seventy dollars. It is a great benefit for us!640-707 640-708 640-709 640-710 640-711 640-712 640-713 640-714 640-715Among Billabong's swimsuits, the editor especially loves the following two items, the retro text logo and the old rubber color, which is like the story of the Miami Beach in the XNUMXs. There are passionate young and energetic girls in the story...

640-716 640-717

Available on the official website:au.billabong.com/womens

4. Roxy

Roxy is a popular brand under the Australian Quiksilver company.As a surfwear brand, Roxy seems to be more focused on its own business than Billabong. The swimsuits launched are more for extreme sports such as surfing. Therefore, the design is more dynamic and energetic. It is a sports expert and The best choice for surfers. It can be said that Roxy is more public and younger than the brands introduced above.640-718 640-719 640-720 640-721 640-722 640-724 640-723Roxy’s surfing suit is undoubtedly very awesome!

640-725 640-726 640-727 640-728

Available on the official website:www.roxy.com

After sharing so much, every beauty is afraid that she won't be able to keep her hands! The candidate battle suits have all been released, and one step away from winning the enemy: Dear, is the great cause of weight loss completed?

I can only help here~


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