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Melbourne officially opened the sauna mode! Summer is here, I vomit blood to organize a complete set of Melbourne ice cream food guides. There are more than 30 delicious, innovative and popular ice cream shops or restaurants for you to use as a heat relief in the hot weather!

Gelato Messina


This small Gelato shop is very popular in Melbourne. The owner has followed a century-old traditional Italian ice cream making method, which also makes this small shop full of Sicilian style. All the ice cream in the store is handmade by the store, and the ingredients used by the store are also fresh and high-quality, and do not use any spices, preservatives and colorings. The ice cream in the small shop is rich in milk, and the taste is super smooth, which is unforgettable. In addition, the most creative product of this store is the creative cake Dr. Evil's Magic Mushroom made from ice cream. The cute appearance will definitely make you reluctant to take it. As for what the fillings are, you have to wait for you to try it yourself.

Address: 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Il Dolce Freddo

DSCN0208 copy

As we all know, Melbourne’s Lygon Street is also known as the Italian Street. This is because there are many authentic Italian restaurants on this street, which also makes many people who love Italian food often come to eat on this street. . Of course, in addition to Italian cuisine, you can also find some of the best ice cream shops in Melbourne on this street. I1 Dolce Freddo is one of the most outstanding ones. The owner is a gourmet who is passionate about Gelato and also creative. In order to cater to the needs of more Asian customers, he has developed many Asian ice creams, such as lychee, pandan, durian and green tea flavors. These are very different from the traditional Italian Gelato, but full of new ideas. Many friends always have to queue for a few minutes every time they go there to buy ice cream, but even so, it is still difficult to extinguish the enthusiasm of the foodies for this store. Friends who come to Italy Street this summer after a meal, might as well come here to order a Gelato to cool off for yourself.

Address: 116 Lygon Street, Carlton

Fritz Gelato 


Fritz Gelato not only has branches all over Melbourne, but it also claims to be the best quality gelato shop in Australia. This is not a boast, because since Fritz Gelato opened its first portal store in South Melbourne Market in the 50s, the brand has won many awards over the years and its business has become better and better. There are dozens of ice cream flavors in the store, including green tea and plums, which are the most popular flavors in the store. And because the ice cream products here are organic ingredients added on the original basis, so they are delicious and healthy. The caring store also labeled the award-winning flavors to help customers make choices. In addition to ice cream, guests can also buy fresh fruit Sorbet and healthy Frozen Yogurt in the store. Did you go this summer?


334 Bridge Road, Richmond

Stall 2, South Melbourne Market, Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Stall 120, Prahran Market, South Yarra

89 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

N2 Extreme Gelato


The creator of N2 Xiaodian was once a science tycoon, but because of my love for ice cream, the owner gave up his original business. N2 has been extremely popular since it opened the store, and of course it is absolutely inseparable from the unique liquid oxygen ice cream in the store. Different from others, the biggest feature of N2 is to use Nitrogen to process ice cream, which is unique to Melbourne. Approaching a smoky storefront will give you the illusion of being in a physics laboratory. Of course, because the owner insists on using the most natural and pure ingredients for a long time, and never uses any additives, the ice cream here is very delicious and definitely not to be missed. And it is worth mentioning that this store is open 365 days a year, even Christmas. If everyone suddenly greets ice cream during Christmas, let's go on N2!


329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

18 Sutherland Street, Melbourne

Helados Jauja


If you love ice cream, would you like to try Argentinean ice cream? Then come and try Helados Jauja on Italian Street! The owner of this shop is from Argentina, and since the establishment of the shop, he has been determined to bring authentic South American ice cream to Melbourne local foodies. Most of the ice cream products in the store use South American milk sauce or caramel milk that the store purchases exclusively from EI Bolson in Argentina, which is very authentic. The guests here order an Argentine ice cream, which is paired with the dark chocolate biscuits carefully prepared by the store. The taste is very special. In addition, the fruit smoothies in the store are also delicious, usually made with orange, fresh peach or lemon, not to be missed.

Address: 254 Lygon Street, Carlton

Gelateria Primavera


This ice cream shop is located in the Spring Street Grocer mall, and the adjacent cheese shop and burrito shop are collectively called the three treasures of the mall. The ice cream in the store uses original Italian spices, and because the ice cream is made by hand, it follows the traditional Italian technology and makes the store extremely popular with locals. All ice creams are made using fresh fruits, plus high-quality ingredients, such as fresh cream from Saint David. And another important feature of this store is that the owner will change the variety of ice cream in the store according to the season and local climate, so that customers can not only maintain the freshness, but also eat healthy while eating happily. In addition, the store’s creativity is also worthy of praise, because here you can eat many "weird flavors" that you can't find in other ice cream shops, such as caramel chili flavor, goat milk flavor, watermelon mint flavor and peanut honey flavor. It sounds a little weird, but it tastes really good. If you don't believe it, you can try it! !

Address: 157 Spring Street, Melbourne

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar


This is an Israeli brand chocolate shop, and the bald logo is the founder of this shop. The taste is sweet but not greasy, so it is more popular with Asian customers. However, the ice cream sundae in this store is also delicious. For example, the most classic chocolate brownie sundae is my favorite. The store chose the best homemade ice cream, walnuts and Matisse balls in the store, and finally topped it with chocolate sauce. The taste is simply beyond words! There is also a banana waffle ice cream, which is also worth trying.

Address: 210 Lonsdale St, 25 – 27 Qv Sq, Melbourne



Gelobar has a history of more than 20 years in Melbourne and is famous for its pure homemade ice cream. Because it takes the "home cooking style" route, it is naturally different from other countries in terms of taste. Most of the ice cream in the store has a mellow and rich flavor, and friends who prefer heavy flavors will love it. One of the most popular flavors is the chocolate flavor. Not only is the flavor strong enough to make chocolate lovers fall in love with it with just one bite, but the color is dark and translucent, which makes people look appetizing. In addition, this restaurant has a large dining space, and many customers who come to buy ice cream tend to sit in the restaurant and enjoy the delicious food. You can also take advantage of the midsummer to come here to eat and chat with your best friends.

Address: 74 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Trampoline Gelato


Trampoline may be the largest ice cream store chain in Australia, because it has branches all over the country, making it the leader in the ice cream industry. Think they win by quantity? Wrong, because the ice cream in the store is really delicious, absolutely high-quality! This Melbourne’s most influential ice cream shop was once listed as one of Melbourne’s top XNUMX quality restaurants by The Herald Sun, which is enough to show how charming Trampoline is. The store offers a variety of different styles of Gelato, and because different ice creams are placed together in colorful and dazzling colors, they can also attract the attention of passers-by, especially children. The shop also provides customized Gelato cake service, the workmanship is very exquisite and super creative. You might as well order one at this store next time for your birthday.


3 Southgate Avenue, Melbourne

381 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

50 Flemington Road, Parkville

191 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

1/793 Burke Road, Camberwell

Rice Workshop


If you miss the years of shopping when you were a child with a cone in your hand, don't worry now. Because this trend reappears in Melbourne! You can buy matcha cones at the Rice Workshop in the City. The matcha ice cream has a faint fragrance, and the melt in the mouth makes people feel like holding a cloud.

Address: 321 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

7 Apples Gelato


7 Apples Gelato sits in an excellent location like the time and place. Since the store is located in the St Kilda Beach area, it has become a must-see for many local foodies when they visit the beach in summer. The store also specializes in traditional gelato, which is very authentic. The Salted Caramel flavor in the shop has won the Gold Award of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, and so are Banana Dul ce De Leche (Banana Milk Toffee), Cassata (Italian Candied Fruit) and Arabian Knights (Chocolate Sesame) The classic taste not to be missed has been selected as Top Experience by "Herald Sun". Friends who go to St Kilda Beach this summer must remember to visit here.

Address: 75 Acland St, St Kilda



Lisa Valmorbida, the founder of Pidapipo, is a very avid Gelato fan. How fanatical will it be? The editor might as well tell you about her personal experience here. In order to better learn about Gelato's craftsmanship, Lisa went to Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy (this university is also widely known as the University of Ice Cream), where he has been studying for many years, specializing in the study of Gelato. After learning the traditional production methods, he founded this new star in the local ice cream industry after returning home. In Pidapipo, the ingredients used are fresh and pure, and the production method basically follows the traditional Italian craftsmanship. There are as many as dozens of flavors for customers to choose from. My favorite is coffee and mocha fudge. The mellow aroma of this kind of coffee and the refreshing taste of the ice cream are combined to form a feeling that is enough to be described by the word wonderful.

Address: 299 Lygon Street, Carlton

Shyun Japanese Restaurant


For many friends who like to eat matcha delicacies, matcha ice cream is absolutely irresistible. Speaking of the Shyun brand, everyone is already familiar with its Japanese ramen and sushi, but few people may notice the matcha ice cream in the Shyun store. The matcha cones here are fragrant and delicious, not only with a strong milky fragrance, but also with the light fragrance of matcha. It is very refreshing without losing the sweetness of ice cream. It is worth a try.

Address: 126 Koornang Road, Carnegie

Jock's Ice Cream


In terms of ice cream innovation, no one can compare to Jock's, which specializes in various new ice creams. The flavors they provide to customers, whether it's gingerbread or beetroot, plus Ice Cream sandwiches, have all kinds of flavors and formats, as many flavors as they want. Of course, the most popular ice cream in this store is the vanilla-flavored Hokey Pokey with two scoops of honey, which is extremely delicious and extremely popular. In addition, you can even taste the unprecedented taste of Tim Tam in this store, isn't it amazing?

Address: 83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Chocolateria San Churro


Sundae is also a fashionable ice cream. If you like to eat it, you should pay attention to this Spanish-style chocolate dessert shop. Here, there are a variety of chocolate-flavored desserts and cold drinks to choose from. The ingredients used in the store are unambiguous, and all the ingredients are fresh and homemade in the store. There are also many options for sundaes. Among them, chocolate sundaes are the most popular. Customers can also choose to add toppings such as biscuits or the famous Spanish dessert churro according to their own interests. The combination and enjoyment feels great, no matter in terms of taste or texture. Speaking, they are all improved.

Address: QV Centre, 255 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Cool Delights On Bay


This dessert shop in Sandringham is not far from Sandringham Railway Station, a few minutes’ walk away. If you want to play near Sandringham Beach this summer, this place is not to be missed. There are as many as 36 flavors of ice cream plus other forms of desserts for customers to choose from, and the intimate store has specially set up several gluten free and nut free ice creams, which can be described as very intimate.

Address: 25 Bay Rd, Sandringham

Billy Van Creamy


Billy Van Creamy is the most famous and delicious ice cream food truck in Melbourne. One of the fundamental reasons why it is so popular in the Melbourne area is that the boss has always adhered to the concept of "purely natural without any additives". The ingredients used are the freshest and the best. In addition, every ice cream sold is also Hand-made by the staff. This kind of hard work attitude makes their ice cream refreshing and refreshing, but at the same time it can warm people's hearts.

地址:High St & Bayview St, Northcote

Miss Marple's Tea Room


This exquisite and full of English country style restaurant is filled with various life photos of the founder of the restaurant, Miss Marple, which makes people feel cordial, as if they have come to grandma's house. In addition, the restaurant also serves delicious ice cream sundaes, and the portion is huge. Those who love ice cream and sweets come and challenge the limit. As shown in the picture, the ice cream sundae is studded with almond flakes, biscuits and various fresh berries. The store also topped with crystal clear chocolate and strawberry jam, making this ice cream very tempting, and it has a rhythm that you can’t stop with just one bite!

Address: 382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop


Ben & Jerry’s是源于美国的百年冰淇淋品牌,现如今大家在澳洲当地的超市裡也能买到这个奶味十足口味绵滑的冰淇淋。不过现在小编要提到的是这个品牌在Chapel Street开的门店,售有多种不同的口味,来到这里的顾客可以根据自己的口味进行挑选,配上布朗尼或饼干,华夫饼或者香蕉,最后淋上巧克力酱,DIY一款属于自己的冰淇淋。

Address: 151 Chapel St, Windsor



Authentic Swiss ice cream is available in Movenpick in Melbourne. This well-known ice cream brand under Nestlé is well-known overseas for its slogan of pursuing pure natural high-quality. Ueli Prager, the founder of the brand, once said that the concept of the brand is to use some special methods to do simple things well. In Melbourne, there are also many branches of Movenpick, where foodies can find a variety of classic flavors that have been popular around the world for many years, such as French caramel pudding, Italian espresso and fantasy vanilla.


2/210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

300 Latrobe Street, Melbourne

53a/1 Main Street, Box Hill

Miinot Gelato


This Gelato shop was founded by a local couple in Melbourne. The proprietress Emma Nicholas-Jennings grew up in an ice cream shop run by her mother in her teenage years. She has a keen interest in ice cream, especially Gelato. Later, she moved to London, England to live for 15 years, where she met her lover and also ran a Spanish-style ice cream shop. Now Emma and her husband have returned to their hometown and founded Miinot Gelato in Pascoe Vale South. Although this store’s ice cream list cannot be compared with other stores that sell dozens of different flavors in terms of variety, Miinot Gelato has been streamlined to the fullest. Although the variety is small, the taste is better. Be sure to come to this store to try the watermelon-flavored Gelato, it is so delicious.

Address: 71 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South

Davey Mac's


This small shop is located in Black Rock, Melbourne's southern waterfront area, near the beach. Owner David McCowan likes all kinds of innovations, which can be seen from the ice cream list in the store. Chili Chocolate and Liquorice are both his own flavours. Although they seem strange, the facts have proved that these two flavours are extremely popular. When you are free, you can consider driving here, buying some delicious ice cream and heading to the beach, facing the sea to enjoy the food, how pleasant it is! Life like a fairy is actually very simple to do.

Address: 602 Balcombe Road, Black Rock


supernormal ice cream

Supernormal is a well-known Asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne, and the restaurant's chef Andrew McConnell is a talented chef who has won the Chef of the Year award. This restaurant serves a variety of new Asian dishes, both the appetizer and the main course are superb, but the desserts in the restaurant cannot be ignored. The Miso and Pink Lady in the picture is the best example. It is a soft ice ice cream with a pagoda-like shape placed in a cup, so it is called Pink Lady. Because of its low milk fat content, it has a particularly delicate and smooth taste.

Address: 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Casa Del Gelato

The old ice cream brand Casa Del Gelato, which has been established for more than 30 years, follows the style of the 80s and is very old school fasion. The editor recommends that everyone try the chili choc in the store. The chocolate used is imported from Belgium. The taste is superb, not to be missed!

Address: 163 Lygon St, Melbourne

Lindt Chocolate Café


The store has a wide variety of chocolate products and desserts to choose from. The raw materials are imported from Switzerland. The world-class quality will definitely be loved by many chocolate lovers. One of the most classic desserts in the store is vanilla white chocolate flavored ice cream, with brownie pieces, chocolate sauce, cream and black and white chocolate chips. It can't be eaten by one person.

Address: 271 Collins St, Melbourne

Sofia Restaurant


The Sofia Italian restaurant, known for its large quantities, not only has a satisfying variety of pizza, pasta and seafood, but also the colorful gelato after the meal is unambiguous, and it is simply a model of economical benefits. I once piled up 7 flavors to make rainbow colors by myself, but I can't eat it by myself, remember to call a friend for help.

Address: 857 Burke Road, Camberwell



Perhaps the most unique thing about this small shop in Docklands is not the ice cream in the store (although it is delicious), but the unique appearance of the store. The ice cream in the store is all housemade, and many organic ingredients are added, which is very healthy. It not only allows customers to live a mouth addiction, but also does not have to worry about health for eating too much sweets.

Address: 35 NewQuay Promenade, Docklands

ChillBro Paletas Ice Cream


In Melbourne, you can also eat popsicles with wonderful flavors and unique shapes. This ice cream shop near Melbourne Central train station specializes in traditional Mexican flavors, called Paleta, which means popsicle in Mexican. In order to make the ice cream in the store more representative of the Mexican style, many special ingredients are purchased specially from North America by the owner. Every once in a while, the shop will hold various promotional activities, such as buy one get one free, which is very affordable.

Address: 319-360 Elizabeth street, Central, Menzies Ln, Melbourne

Parfait – Oko Oko


The desserts in this Japanese restaurant are so delicious that you must like it! The matcha ice cream in the picture is the most popular among customers. They are all homemade in-store and the portions are huge for two to share. Sweet and delicious, it can bring you a bit of coolness in the hot summer, it is really a heat relief artifact. The sweetness and elegance of green tea make people impressed with this Parfait. The enthusiastic shop also paired with corn flakes, fruit puree, biscuit sticks and whipped cream to make this Parfait bright and delicious, and it will make you feel refreshed after eating a whole cup.

Address: 644a Swanston Street, Carlton


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