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Summer assault construction of Victorian road renovation project

During the Christmas and New Year period, some major road renovation projects in Melbourne will carry out surprise construction to ensure the progress of the project.

The government urges drivers, especially those travelling to and from Melbourne Airport, to plan ahead to deal with traffic delays that may be caused by a large number of works on the Victorian road network. The project will include the construction of parts of the West Gate Expressway and Tullamarine Expressway. As part of the CityLink Tulla expansion project, the English Street Bridge will install a new deck. The Tullamarine Expressway will be closed in both directions between the Calder Expressway and the M1 Ring Road from 5 pm on Thursday, January 10 to 1 am on Sunday, January 8. Maintenance work on the Shepherd Bridge and West Gate Bridge in the Footscray District will also begin.

VicRoads will monitor the progress of the project, change the road line and the traffic conditions of the surrounding roads, adjust traffic signals according to the situation, improve traffic flow in the construction area and reduce congestion. Drivers can check the latest travel advice on the VicTraffic app, visit @victraffic on Twitter or visit the VicRoads website. Drivers on the road can listen to radio traffic reports and pay attention to road signs to learn real-time travel times and alternative routes. For related information and journey planning, please visit:https://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/.

Melbourne White Night Festival will be held in February next year

The Melbourne White Night Festival, which turns Melbourne's night into a "white night", will continue to be held at 2pm on February 18 next year.

Next year, this installation art exhibition that lasts all night will present top local and international works of art. The festival from dusk to dawn attracts a large number of residents, spectacular lighting, theaters, world-class dining experience and street performances make the event deeply rooted.

During the festival next year, the epic light projection will return to Flinders Street again, and people will see fairy tales inspired by Shrek movies and. There will be a non-stop marathon ball on Collins Street, showcasing every style of dance.

The Melbourne White Night Festival is Australia’s complement to Nuit Blanche, a global event. Victoria is also the only region in Australia that offers overnight activities. Twenty-three cities around the world, including Paris and Sao Paulo, joined the event. This event has also produced a huge boost to the Victorian economy. The cultural display has attracted tourists from Australia and all over the world, keeping businesses busy and providing employment for Victorian residents. Public transportation will operate overnight during the holiday season to allow more families to join the celebration.

Record Victorian students complete VCE education

The results announced recently indicate that a record number of Victorian students have obtained the Victorian Education Certificate this year.

A total of 40 students in the state received their VCE certificates, which is XNUMX% of the total number of students. Among these students, XNUMX will receive a VCE (degree), and another XNUMX students will receive the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). And XNUMX students achieved a score of XNUMX or higher in a subject.

In addition to entering universities, many students will promote their career development through vocational education, apprenticeship, training or employment. Students who are disappointed with test results can contact the school or ATAR service to learn how to change their higher education options. Students can also make enquiries through 1800 653 080.

Congressman AndrewThe Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Phone number: 03 8392 5763

Mailing address: 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne 3002

e-mail:[email protected]

Sina Weibo: Andrew, Governor of Victoria, Australia



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