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On December 12, a lady from Australia flew from Sydney to Brisbane in Qantas business class.

When she opened the flight meal she received to prepare a full meal, she looked intently and was completely stunned.

Yes, for a meal of Chinese dumplings, maybe the focus is...


Yeah! In addition to dumplings, it was also accompanied by a black thing! what is this!

(I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I haven’t seen it!)

She found a young lady to ask, and was also surprised and embarrassed to tell him that this should be the root of some kind of vegetable...

At this time, her neighbors laughed and laughed connotatively.


She later chose to eat the dumplings, leaving behind the spectacular vegetable roots.

After that, she Po posted the photo on Facebook, which caused heated discussion and a lot of reposts.

someone said:

"The business class is great, and the in-flight meal also comes with in-flight entertainment!"

"Haha, this kind of special offer must come from Qantas. It is extraordinary. It is impossible to change to Virgin Airlines!"

"It's a pity, did you ask them again for a glass of spirits to pair with?"

Qantas Airlines’ business-class aircraft meal recipes were made for them by star chef Neil Perry of Australia’s famous Rockpool Catering Group. They have been cooperating for almost 20 years.

To be honest, the level of Rockpool, their barbecue restaurant is not bad at all, but why is it so funny here? ? Is there no one to review the appearance of the dishes when they are boxed?


Qantas certainly responded:

This is steamed vegetarian dumplings with Japanese eggplant... The seasoning is chili, black vinegar and soy sauce. They are relatively common Asian ingredients. We guarantee it is vegetarian!


In fact, having said that, do you think that the female passenger po this picture is a condemnation, a claim, a complaint? totally not.

Her attitude is"I think it's a surprise, I like it."! She said: Will continue to support and choose to take Qantas flights...... andVery much looking forward toNext journey! 😂

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