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unconsciouslyMocunUshered in the midsummer carnival! For those who love to eat,Summer is seafoodIn the season, seafood pays attention to freshness, what is better thanCatch yourselfFresher? Looking at the beach, it is full of seafood!

Here, the editor presents for foodiesA complete guide to catch abalone pipi and crabs, Also comes withSurrounding place to play! Let your mouth no longer be lonely while living on the beach for a day.

Grasp PiPi Raiders

Commonly known as PIPIclams, Lives in shallow sea beaches. Clams are not only delicious, but also nutritious. They are actually a cheap seafood. Their meat is so delicious that they are called "the best fresh in the world." Every year when the season of catching pipi comes, the seafood control will be unable to dig and dig on the beach!

The season for catching pipi isMid-to-late November to February, Victoria’s most popular location is Venus Bay, in the southeast of Mocun, almost from the cityTwo to two and a half hours’ drive. (The road to Venus Bay is almost 100km/h, not like the Great Ocean Road. There have been ridicules on the Internet that once you enter the range of Venus Bay, GPS will start going on strike and play hide-and-seek with you, so everyone Remember, yourGPS must be updated in time!

What should I prepare for departure?

1.GPS: It is said on the Internet that GPS started to get lost after entering Venus Bay, so it must be updated once before departure

2.High tide and low tide time: Only in this time period can it be easier to catch pipi (usually 2Around o'clock or 7,8 or XNUMX o'clock in the evening, This depends on the date of departure), attach the link to view the tide (http://tides.willyweather.com.au/vic/gippsland/venus-bay.html

3.bucket: After digging into PIPI, put them in a bucket filled with sea water and let themTusha, It tastes more delicious the next day.

4.Sun protection equipment, drinking water and gloves (there is mud after all!): You should understand how poisonous the Australian sun is!

5.Fishing license:If you don’t buy it, you will be fined. It can be sold in major supermarkets and online, and the link is attached (http://checkout.payments.com.au/dpi_fishing/

will get 3 days, 28 days, 1 year, 3 yearsChoice, but generally 3 days is enough, and you can directly order online. After paying,The electronic version of the PDF will be sent directly to the mailbox(Only the PDF version is available for 28 days and 3 days), just print it out or save the PDF at that time!

Which pit to dig?

There are 5 Bays in Venus Bay. According to the Internet, Venus BayThe most PiPi is BAY 1, Can attract almost 50% of pipi,Bay 5 Attract about 15%.

Summarize (after all, whether there is wc is very important!)

  • Beach 1 (hot): There are picnic places, wc, and patrols.
  • Beach 2 (Rapid sea water):Wc should go to Beach 1 next to it, and swim safely! No patrol
  • Beach 3 (suitable for swimming and surfing): WC wants to find it at Beach 1 next to it, there is no patrol.
  • Beach 4 (suitable for swimming and surfing): WC wants to find it at Beach 1 next to it, there is no patrol.
  • Beach 5 (suitable for swimming and surfing):I have been to NO.5 Beach Road. There are public toilets and fresh water to wash your body. However, there are not many parking spaces. Dogs are allowed on No. 5 Beach~ The owners of the dog do not bring their dogs for fun. turn.


1. Everyone can only dig every day2 literspipi left, shelled0.5 liters, So if it is too young, put it back!

2. atLow tideWhen digging, if you see someone dug out a lot in one place, choose the other side of the parallel digging.

3.PiPi is generally under the sand5-10 cmabout.


What else is there to play?

As mentioned earlier, if you choose to stay for one night, how can you just dig a pipi, or go to the one not far in front?Cape Liptrap Coastal Park(Lip Trapp Marine Park).


500 feet of coastline fromPoint Smytheextend toWaratah Bay, You can also Camping here! The scenery is really great!

cape-liptrap-coastal cape-liptrap-coastal-2

Can goWalkerville South lime kilns See this reef (Historical Lime Kilns) and the lighthouse!

Can goBear Gully Campground camping.


After catching PiPi, let's take a look at the little crabs!

Crab Raiders


Lake EntranceIt is a well-known holiday resort in Victoria, with charming scenery. Many people come here to catch crabs all year round.It takes 4 hours to drive from city(In order to ensure sufficient preparation time, I suggest you1-2 in advanceArrived in the crab catching area within hours ) So, if you don’t want to be too rushed, you can arrange a two-day and one-night trip to find a local hotel for a break.


ButBecause motel can't cookSo if you want to steam it directly, you can choose some cottages, or bring your own induction cooker and various seasoning packages!

You can check on Booking:http://www.booking.com/city/au/lakes-entrance.zh-tw.html

What to prepare before departure?

1.Weather query:The weather in Mocun is very changeable. It is best to check the weather conditions before you travel. Clear skies are the key.

Attach URL:www.weatherzone.com.au/vic/east-gippsland/lakes-entrance

2.Fishing license: If you don't buy it, you will be fined. It is available in major supermarkets and online. This is similar to pipi! and soIt can be commonOh! Attach a link (http://checkout.payments.com.au/dpi_fishing/

3.Various crab catching tools:

GrabCrab NetCRAB NET/POT—Can be bought at the local fishing tackle shop or Kmart, ranging from 15-40 dollars;


One canExtended nylon thread-You can buy it at a local fishing tackle shop or Kmart, and tie the nylon thread to the net. Because the net distance is longer, there is an extension cord to catch crabs more conveniently;

Thick gloves-So as not to hurt your hands when pulling the rope;

bucket-Sheng Shanghai water crab;

cooler box-Finally install the crab;

Bait-It is recommended that the chicken skeleton be tied to the Internet.


4.Various sun protection equipment

5.Time of high tide: Only in this time period can it be easier to catch crabs, attach the link to view the tide (http://tides.willyweather.com.au/vic/east-gippsland/lakes-entrance-beach.html


Start catching!


The most popular place to catch crabs isSandblasting Pier on Bullock Island, Due to the unique impact of ocean currents, many crabs haunt here. Victorian regulations,Per personOnly use for crabsTwo nets.Every netCan only install30 or 1LitreCrabs. For the protection of nature, everyone catches the crabs and releases them consciously.


Crab skills Get!

1. Remember to find oneNo rocksArrested in the place where it is not possible to hang the net. Catch the net every 5-10 minutes, and the netting speed must be fast.

2.Chicken SkeletonEvery once in a whilechange, Crab is very picky for taste.

3. ReturnBuy some ice cubes, Put the ice cubes and crabs into the incubator together.

4. Can be consideredCharter a boat out to seaIf you catch crabs, you still have a chance to catch shrimps.


But Lake Entrance is far more fun than catching crabs! You can also take a short 4.6km hike! It's at Entrance LakeMyer Streeton. It takes about two hours to walk, and you can park your car in the footbridge car park.


Can also be inNinety Mile Beach Look at the beach along the way! Can choose to liveMetung, A small stop,


As night falls, the afterglow of the setting sun is so pleasant.

The highlight is coming!GrababaloneRaiders!

There are three main types of Abalone in Australia:

1. Black edge abalone; 2. Green edge abalone; 3. A hybrid of the above two varieties.


– Tools must be legal; diving suits, fins, diving glasses, abalone knives, abalone rulers, gloves and other items. (All can be bought at the local fishing tackle shop)

– Fishing license: If you don’t buy it, you will be fined. It can be sold in major supermarkets and online, the same as beforeIt can be commonOh! Attach a link (http://checkout.payments.com.au/dpi_fishing/

Limits per capture in Victoria:

• Near the waters of Port Phillip Bay: 5 abalones (0Abalone

• Near other waters in Victoria: 5 abalones (up to 2Abalone

• The number of shelled abalones carried anywhere in Victoria: no more than 10

The size limit of abalone is different for each area:

Basically, the blue abalone can only be caught until 13 cm, and it cannot be caught in the wide waters from Aire River to Arch Rock.

But it is open for dozens of days every year so that everyone in Melbourne can go into the water and touch abalone without being far from home!

Opening hours of Central Victorian Waters this year:Before April 2017, 4Each ofSaturday, SundayAnd Victorian statutoryPublic vacation,as well as2016年12月25日至2016年1月10日period.


Precautions for catching abalone

  • In the process of catching abalone, you must buy a ruler for measuring abalone;
  • The tool for prying abalone must be a blunt tool. Sharp tools such as knives and screwdrivers must not be used to pry the abalone to avoid cutting the abalone;
  • Must be taken home before peeling abalone. Victoria stipulates that fishermen shall not peel abalone in the water area
  • Only catch abalone during the day and prohibit fishermen from catching abalone at night;
  • Abalones can only be caught underwater at a depth of 2 meters.

Where to catch abalone:

Nearby: In fact, there are abalones near Port Melbourne! It’s just that there are too many people and it’s not easy to find abalone (this is why there is a ban on abalone in the waters in this area). You can touch abalone in Williamstown, blackrock, and Mordialloc, but you have to pay attention to the location.

A little further away. One is the famous morningington. In fact, it’s not very far, especially the friends who live in the southeast area. Now I opened the peninsula link, and it took tens of minutes to arrive. There are several places where you can catch abalone in mornington.

Far away. A more suitable choice is port fairy. What a beautiful name, Fairy Port. It's actually at the end of the Great Ocean Road.

In addition, everyone’s crab mecca Lake Entrance actually has a lot of abalone! A little further away is Port mcdonnell, not far from mt gambier, a tourist area in South Australia. There are not only abalones, but also lobsters.

Final Thoughts

In fact, there are so many abalones in Australia that you only need to find the right place and you can easily catch them after diving.

Just be aware that it can only be caught in water below 2 meters, and there is a size limit, so although you can see a lot of small abalones on the shore, you can't move them.


The little abalone looks like this 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 RememberDon't move, or the fine will be so high that you will regret it...


Buy diving tools, bring an abalone knife, and you can go into the water. The abalone is sucked on the reef and the camouflage is also very good. Please be careful not to hurt the abalone when you pry it.

pic_1480917843_32343 pic_1480917844_63299

In addition, there are small sharks and manta rays in the offshore waters of Australia. They are not so scary, but they are also dangerous. If there are warning signs, please pay attention!

Touching abalone is for fun, not to hurt yourself and others.



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