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The taste of dessert is unstoppable for everyone. Melbourne is even more praised by the gourmet capital. Even the cakes of the popular Internet can also find a figure here. Come and see it with the editor~

The Crux & Co  来自欧洲的极简味蕾

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Here is the highest quality Pure Over (drip coffee). Because milk and sugar are not added, it exudes the aroma and sourness of high-quality coffee beans.

Because they are exclusive and original, the desserts here are unique. You will never imagine what you will have in the next bite. The most popular is Cragel, which is created by familiar pastry chefs. It is an innovative cuisine that combines the soft and fragrant texture of Crossiant and the cute and cute shape of Bagel. It is highly sought after by diners.

Address: 35 Albert Road, South Melbourne

Brunetti 最风情的意大利老字号

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This time-honored Italian dessert shop has three branches in Melbourne, namely City Square, Myer and Lygon Street. The one on Lygon Street is newly opened, so it is relatively large.

They specialize in cakes and coffee, and they are rated as “one of the best coffee in Melbourne” by the diners. Remember to have a classic Espresso, which is sweet and mellow between the lips and teeth, and the tip of the tongue is silky smooth, as if you close your eyes. Place in the noisy small streets of Italy.


The hottest and most classic of their family should be this "Velvet Strawberry Cake". It has a delicate and cute shape. A spoonful of it is dug into a mousse with a faint strawberry fragrance. It melts in the mouth and wraps around the teeth. , Sweet and sour, it is endless aftertaste.

Address: 380 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC

Royal Custard Puff   风靡香港&悉尼的帝皇饼

The emperor pie originated from the street food culture of Hong Kong. Since coming to Melbourne, it has been loved by everyone. It is a small round-shaped object with a golden color on the surface and a light wheat aroma.


The outside is the classic whole egg cake, the middle is the rich egg yolk milk, one bite down, the egg is full of aroma, sticking to the tip of the tongue, while the whole egg cake gradually softens in the slightly hot juice and dissipates on the tip of the tongue. on.

Address: Shop 12B, 200 Bourke St, VIC 3000

Grand Trailer Park 美国也有甜点?


The most popular waffle by the local local is actually in this American restaurant. Only know that their burgers and milkshakes are very popular. As a result, I once ordered their waffle stack to understand why!

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Two slices of waffles that were fried to golden brown, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, a little bit of icing was also very moderate in taste. As a result, the chef with perfect creativity made a hamburger with a layered texture, first with a layer of strawberry 🍓 The ice cream is the base, with a tower of cream on top, and fresh-cut strawberries 🍓 next to it.

Know how to eat it! Of course, you have to use the hamburger way to eat it, just bite it down, it's a fun and dripping!

Address: 87 Bourke St, MelbourneVIC 3000

Alice Nivens 爱丽丝梦遊仙境

As the name suggests, this is actually a cake shop with the theme of "Alice in Wonderland". All the desserts in it are unique to the store, and each one has a little story.

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The storefront is hidden in the alley, the milky white door with fresh green plants, it is more like a fairy tale world hidden in the reinforced concrete, they use Mork chocolate, the milk is thick, and you can add a cotton candy In it~

Address: Shop 13 Port Phillip Arcade, 228 Flinders St, Melbourne

5 Lire    有一种美味叫‘爆浆’

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Based on Pancake, paired with the fragrant Nutella chocolate sauce, a tuft of explosive marshmallows and ice-cold and delicious chocolate ice cream, it becomes this famous'hotcake'!


When you enjoy it, you must remember that the three layers are dug into your mouth together, there is the milky fragrance of omelet, the mellow chocolate and the cold and refreshing taste of ice cream, and they roll on the tip of the tongue together, as if you squint your eyes and have the world!

Address: 116 Errol St, North Melbourne

Fresh Princeof Baklava 来自西亚的‘浪漫小姐’


When you set foot on the land of the Mediterranean, Baklava appears in every corner of the city. From Turkey to Greece, and even as far away as North Africa or West Asia, this sweet snack can be seen everywhere. Although a unique set of Baklava recipes will be developed everywhere, to make the most authentic Baklava, one must follow the oldest and most traditional production methods.

Layers of thin cicada-wing meringues are wrapped with nut fillings such as walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, cut into delicate squares or diamonds, put in the oven, and topped with syrup or honey for flavor before serving. After a few processes, the Baklava in front of you shone with golden color and exudes a strong milky fragrance; one bite, crispy and crispy, melts in your mouth, that kind of magical experience, probably not "scented cheeks". A word can be drawn out. A small snack makes people lose the power to fight it instantly. No wonder the Turks have been steadfast in their love for it for hundreds of years; it is no wonder that Turkey and Greece have quarreled for a long time for the title of "Birthplace of Baklava". . The story of Baklava, like love, is noisy, but sweet and sweet. This is probably what people call "romance".


Most people who have tasted "Baclava" for the first time are surprised by its sweetness. Men from Turkey and Egypt are drinking black tea while eating snacks. The bitterness of black tea and the sweetness of "Baclava" may be the best combination.

Address: Kensington Market, Kensington, Victoria

Chill Bro Paletas  来自墨西哥的‘棒冰专卖店’

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All colorful popsicles are made with fresh fruits, without any coloring agents, and there are more than 30 flavors. Diners can also add mixed delicacies, such as chocolate, berries, etc., as you like~


Address: 319 – 360 Elizabeth Street, MelbourneCentral


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