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Australia’s New Year’s Eve experience is absolutely unique. Take off your thick jacket and put on shorts and T-shirts. You will embrace the first ray of sunshine in 2017 on the warm summer night in Australia. So where should Australia go to High on New Year's Eve? Today, the editor will give you a complete guide, and it will be collected soon!

The most beautiful fireworks in the southern hemisphere--Sydney, New South Wales

Starting at 12pm on December 31st, the Sydney Harbour Bridge will gradually become lively! Don't worry at this time, you can find a nearby restaurant for a New Year's Eve dinner. Starting at 6:8, the celebration of the New Year will officially begin. The singing and dancing will rise, and then at 30:9 there will be a light show, and then people will start to dance until 15 o'clock, and brilliant fireworks bloom over Sydney!


Free fireworks viewing locations:

1. Circular Quay

Located in the strip corridor between Circular Quay Metro Station and the Sydney Opera House, it has always occupied an excellent place for viewing the scenery of Darling Harbour. Here, you can see the whole view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour.

2. Darling Harbour

New Year's Eve activities are exciting, especially a series of free entertainment activities, so that the whole family of tourists can enjoy them. At the same time, Kokol Bay is also one of the most exciting New Year's Eve locations.

3. Mrs. McCullin’s Corner (Royal Botanic Garden)

If you want a family-friendly sightseeing, surrounded by greenery, and the opportunity to have a panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the city skyline, then come here!

Buy tickets to see the fireworks location

1. Bangluo Reserve

Adult ticket starting price: 29.50 Australian dollars / person

Here, you can enjoy the view of the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as the panoramic view of the barge on the harbour from Balmain to Goat Island and Balls Head Point.

Lights and fireworks to welcome the new year-Melbourne, Victoria

On the evening of December 12st, Melbourne will have Early Eve's New Year's Countdown to warm up the party, which will help the next New Year's Eve. Usually held in two places, Yarra Park and Footscray Park. DJ, private dancefloor, bar...The high is so high that I can’t stop~ Then just wait for the fireworks to bloom in the Melbourne sky at 31:9!
1. Yarra ParkActivity time: 6pm-10pm Fireworks show time: 9.30pm

2. Footscray Park

Activity time: 6.30pm-10.30pm

Fireworks show time: 9.30pm

Best place to watch fireworks

At midnight, in order to make it easier for everyone to watch the fireworks, the Melbourne City Government set up four fireworks display spots for everyone to get the best viewing experience. In addition, there are free music performances brought by local DJs, dazzling sound effects and multimedia New Year’s countdown, as well as food and wine, which lasts from 9pm to 1am.

Time: 9pm-1am

1. Treasury Garden (TREASURY GARDENS)

Address: Flinders Street and Parliament stations


Address: Flagstaff Station (inbound services) and Flinders Street Station (outbound services)

3. Seaport area (DOCKLANDS)

Address: Southern Cross Station


Address: Flinders Street Station

More information:http://nye.melbourne.vic.gov.au/midnight

New Year's Eve Grape Wine-Hobart, Tasmania

The annual Tasmanian Food Festival (The Taste of Tasmania) will satisfy the taste buds of foodies. This year's Food Festival will be held from December 2016, 12 to January 28, 2017. Visitors can enjoy Tasmanian seafood, cheese, wine, fine beer, cider and other food and wine at the event. In addition, you can also watch wonderful entertainment performances brought by street performers, local artists, and pop musicians. The food festival coincides with the New Year. Visitors can watch two fireworks displays. Family fireworks start at 1:3, and at midnight, when the New Year approaches, a second fireworks display will be opened. The editor recommends the best place to watch fireworks at Princes Wharf. Watch a rowing race on New Year’s Eve, then drink sparkling wine with the muscular athletes and wait for Sullivans Cove. The fireworks bloom!
Tasmanian Food FestivalAddress: Taste of Tasmania, Princes Wharf #1, Castray Esplanade, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Phone: (03) 6238 2410

More information:http://www.thetasteoftasmania.com.au/

Christmas and New Year together--Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane’s grand event starts at Christmas! The annual lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree in King George Square, the town hall light show, the Christmas market and the parade... these classic activities have not changed. In addition, the editor recommends you to go to Story Bridge, which will be a An radiant world. There will also be two fireworks shows, one to warm up the children first, and the other at midnight is a feast for midnight revellers. More than 30000 fireworks bloomed in the sky of Brisbane, just thinking about it.
Story BridgeAddress: Main Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A ticket is hard to find--Perth, Western Australia

Have you ever thought about taking a ferry on New Year’s Eve, looking at the beauty of the two sides of the strait, and eating Australian food? The "New Year's Eve Swan River Dinner Cruise" (New Year's Eve Swan River Dinner Cruise) will depart from Barrack Street Pier at 12pm on December 31, singing songs and drinking wine, and then swim into 2017. At this time, the Australian Traveller strongly recommends to leave a picture on the deck. This beautiful moment is worth cherishing! If you don’t like to take a boat, Perth Street can be lively after 6pm. Street performers, outdoor movies, and masquerades are all worth checking out.
Address: Captain Cook Cruises, Pier 3, Barrack Street Jetty Perth WA 6000 More information:http://www.visitperthcity.com/events/new-years-eve-swan-river-dinner-cruise

Perth Street Carnival

More information:http://www.visitperthcity.com/

The first light of the red earth--Uluru, Northern Territory

Set foot on this magical land on the occasion of New Year's Eve, huge rocks, sunrise, sunset, starry sky...it will definitely make you a worthwhile trip. There is nothing cooler than greeting the first light of the new year in Uluru , You saw the sun shining on Uluru at the first sunrise in 2017, changing colors! I think this is the warmest New Year's Eve!
Address: Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

Listen to the New Year's Concert in the capital--Canberra, Capital Territory

Every year, Canberra City Square (Civic Square) is a good place for New Year's Eve. Local bands dance with the people around them, and then wait until 9pm and 12pm for the New Year’s must-have fireworks show twice, and a variety of large and small dance parties. The leisurely and lively park picnic is probably a feature of Canberra New Year's Eve! Of course, if you are a party maniac, you can also go to Garema Place at 9 o'clock in the evening, which is full of party animals with feet off the ground!

Address: Canberra 2601, Australia

More information:http://www.events.act.gov.au/nye

Two fireworks carnival--Adelaide, South Australia

The newly built bridge on the Adelaide River will usher in the 2017 New Year fireworks display. The $4 million bridge was completed just two years ago. This year there will be two grand fireworks displays at Elder Park on the banks of the River Torrens in downtown Adelaide. The first one will start at 9pm and the second will be 12 at 2017 midnight. New Year's carnival fireworks display. If you don't like the hustle and bustle of the city, take a New Year's Eve dinner and drive 25 minutes to the seaside town of Glenelg. There are also two fireworks displays, at 9:12 in the evening and XNUMX at midnight.
The best place to watch fireworks1. Fireworks show in the city

Time: 9pm, 12am

Best viewing location: Elder Park

Address: Elder Park, King William Rd

2. Glenelg fireworks show

Time: 9:30pm, 12am

Address: 9 kilometers from Adelaide

Information source from "Tourism Australia"


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