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Blood-stained walls, animal corpses, rotten rooms, murder scenes... In addition to the police, there is a special group of people who deal with these every day...

They are crime scene cleaners! ! !


How did the crime scene cleaners establish their "quack status"?

1. In 2014, the first place in the “Top Ten High-paying Jobs in the World”

2. The first place in the "World's Most Thrilling Job" in 2016


What exactly is this mysterious profession?


The guy in the photo is called Josh Marsden, yesAustraliaOf a professional crime scene cleaner. After holding this job for more than ten years, he established his own crime scene cleaning company.

However, when Marsden first started working, what made him the most unbearable was neither the chaotic drug dens nor the terrible crime scenes, but—

"Horrible smell!"


(A fully armed crime scene cleaner)

The following pictures may cause discomfort, please watch with caution:


Hoarders’ homes sometimes take four days to be completely cleaned up.


To do this, you must have a strong stomach to ensure that you can vomit it out when you are not working...


Sometimes you have to lift up the entire floor to clean up the garbage inside.


Marsden expressed tiredly that the gas leaking from the rotten things could even corrode the floor...


Sometimes it takes four full days for the cleaners to dissipate the smell and clean the house.

Marsden said that sometimes the body has been decayed for five months. At this time, the hardest job is to remove the smell.

"What we want to clean is not just that small area, but usually the whole house. When cleaning, we often find dead cats and mice! This feeling is unimaginable for you..."

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Now, with the improvement of the economic level and the change of concepts, more and more people choose to hire professional crime scene cleaners when accidents occur at home.

Because what they do is not surface cleaning, butClean up thoroughly.

Any body fluids remaining on the floor, carpet, wall panel or wall can breedMolds, bacteria and fungi, They can still causedisease.

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In this way, hiring professional cleaners is indeed a wise choice~

However, thisWork is not something everyone can do!

Many people may have escaped when they saw these shocking crime scenes.

Crime scene cleaners must not only have a strong stomach and stable emotions, but also have considerable knowledge of medicine, psychology, and criminology.

It is precisely because of the particularity of this job that his wages are also rising.

In the United States, its hourly salary is as high as $600even more! ! !

How, would you like to become a crime scene cleaner?

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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