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Recently, a man from Australia was happily taking a car and boat to go fishing. At that time, the sea was calm, and only groups of seagulls flocked and preyed on the sea.


Just as the Australian man was preparing to watch the news while waiting for the fish to catch the bait, suddenly the sea surface was full of waves, and a great white shark jumped out of the water, opened its mouth wide, and pounced on the seagulls that were preying on the sea.


That's right!It was a great white shark jumping out of the water, and it was three meters above the sea in one breath!It is the great white shark who left a shadow on the editor after watching the movie when I was young...


This is not over yet,This great white shark accidentally ate the bait prepared by the Australian man, causing the Australian man’s boat to be forced to follow the great white shark to glide a distance on the sea.In the end, because of the amazing bite force of the great white shark, the fishing line hung in the mouth of the great white shark was torn off, and the Australian man escaped.


Originally I went fishing, but I caught a great white shark weighing a ton and was taken by the great white shark to swim around the sea. I beg the Australian uncle’s mentalityshadow.

This moment happened to be captured by two boys on the same boat from different angles, and then they posted it on an Instagram called Shark Diving Tour, and it sparked a heated discussion on Instagram.


Leon: I never thought that fishing can be so exciting!


Donnie Driftwood: You need to search for a bigger ship to try out...

I hope this Australian man is not scared by this great white shark this time, and will continue to keep his hobby of sea fishing. After all, sharks are not caught every day. 😂

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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