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Recently, beach environmental expert Brad Farmer and Federal Territory Affairs Minister Fiona Nash jointly released Australia's 2017 top ten beach rankings.


According to the Australian newspaper, Cossie Beach in Western Australia is the number one beach in this list. In the list, Western Australia beaches are on the list the most, with a total of 3 on the list. Queensland and New South Wales each have 2 beaches on the list, and South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria each have 1 beach on the list.


Cossie Beach, located in the Cocos Islands of Western Australia, combines the advantages of Tahiti Island, Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef. It was originally in memory of Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor of Australia.


In addition, Christmas Island in Western Australia is also on the list. People have the inherent impression that Christmas Island usually stays in a "tragic refugee camp". But Farmer said that he is confident in Christmas Island and believes that the future of tourism here is unlimited.


The list of Australia's top ten beaches in 2017 is as follows:

1. Cossies Beach, Western Australia

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2. Nudey Beach, Queensland


3. Moonee Beach, NSW


4. Turquoise Bay, Western Australia

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5.Burleigh Heads, Queensland


6.Maslin Beach, South Australia


7. Dolly Beach, Western Australia


8.Shelly Beach, NSW


9. Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

Boat Harbour

10.Apollo Bay, Victoria


News compiled from "The Australian"


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