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Living in Melbourne, if you want to release your youth passionately, you might as well go to a nightclub. As long as you don’t go to a chaotic nightclub, there is no problem with safety and you can also enjoy a passionate night!

Or walk into a tavern on the side of the street, away from the city's neon and busy traffic, quietly listening to music and drinking beer, slowly killing yourself and your friends' leisure time on Christmas night.


Today, the editor will give you an inventoryThose popular nightclubs and bars in Melbourne!Whether it's gathering with friends, looking for a Xmas Function location, or singles seeking marriage and affair, you must watch it!

Bar articles




A popular bar located in melbourne central, the decoration theme of the whole store is based on the German post-modern art style. The music and style of the whole store give people a kind of nightfall and a lazy feeling of slow life. There are often jazz DJs in the store. It is especially suitable for meeting three or five friends after get off work, ordering special cocktails several times, enjoying soothing music, and chatting about the little things in life.


Address: 16 Corrs Lane Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: (03) 9663 2673



As the first bar in Melbourne where you can buy everything! The feeling of the 1920s, retro decoration, and old bookshelves fill the room. Sitting on a chair, it is convenient for a mink to watch over his head. There are live music from DJ scene and piano sound one after another. (Open Thursday-Sunday)


Address: 1/402 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141



A quiet bar located in the city center, serving drinks and delicious pizzas made by the store all day long, with different themes every day! Pizza from Tuesday to Friday is only $5! The decoration style of the whole shop retains the original taste of the Niagara Hotel, which was built in 1850. The specialty of their home is the eight-meter long bar and the supply of more than 10 kinds of local pure keg beer. It is definitely suitable for ordering a few beers with a few old friends and looking for a touch of coolness and coolness on the hot summer in Melbourne. carefree.


Address: 383 Lonsdale StreetMelbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: 0396706575



As a bar also located in Melbourne CBD, it has been opened since 2007, with its romantic decoration style and super stylish music quality. Has always been loved by young Australians. The most distinctive feature of his house is the theme music party every Friday and Saturday, and every Friday there will be a funk music performance with very old school style. The theme of Saturday night is the ultimate nostalgic music theme. From disco music in the 70s to the 90s, it is especially suitable for friends who like nostalgic music. At the same time, the store also provides chartered services, private customized dinners, private cinemas and wedding shootings. It is highly recommended for couples to feel the romantic atmosphere of their home (closed on Sundays and Mondays)


Address: Level 1, 401 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: 9639 3722



It is also a shop located in the Melbourne CBD. As a bar and nightclub, the main style of THE DECCA is based on electronic DJ, the trendiest HIP HOP music, especially suitable for electronic music and pop music. , Young friends who want to release their stress on the weekend and enjoy a drink and dance. Especially for friends who like DJ culture, the DECCA will often invite well-known Australian DJs to help out, so friends who want to get dry must not miss it. (Only open on Friday and Saturday)


Address: 95 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: 0423 390 269



The shop is located in the south yarra district. It is a cheerful, simple and lively BAR. The main feature of their home is that it has a large outdoor activity area, which is very suitable for house parties. And every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be corresponding live music themes. Summer is coming, some friends want to organize a class party, birthday party can consider their home. And his special cocktails are also very stylish.

Address: 3 Wilson Street South Yarra 3141 VIC

Phone: (03) 9827 5533

Van Gogh Bar 

van-gogh-bar-melbourne-pubs-bars-3a33-938x704 image-2

VODKA BAR is located in the famous bowling alley in Melbourne CBD center. The luxurious and atmospheric decoration style, spacious and romantic store decoration, is definitely your first choice for leisure and entertainment. The whole venue can accommodate up to 750 people. Meet three or five friends, play a few rounds of bowling, and then sip a few cocktails specially prepared by ROCKSTAR. It is definitely the least expensive leisure quality life in Melbourne. At the same time, ROCKSTAR also provides karaoke rooms. Blessed are you who like to sing. Not only are there good drinks, but the venue can also sing and sing all over the audience.

Address: 211 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: 96941208




club-retro-melbourne-cbd-melbourne_original 5587b2eaa7599712045827

CLUB RETRO BAR is a nightclub focused on disco themes. The music theme of the nightclub spans from the 70s to the present disco hits. Friends who love to dance and like the oldschool style can enjoy the whole night party time at their home. At the same time, CLUB RETRO also provides a private dance floor, which can accommodate up to 40 people, which is very suitable for organizing a carnival party. The newly opened rooftop beer house, you can not only enjoy the view of Melbourne city, but also can drink local pure beer with friends. It has always been the most popular nightclub in Melbourne. If you want to experience Melbourne's nightlife, you must not miss it. There will be a theme party on New Year’s Eve!


Address: 383 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: (03) 9670 6575



WAH WAH LOUNGE, as a rising star in Melbourne nightclubs, is loved by young Australians who like the old school style. Many DJs of Melbourne's name are famous here. There are parties with different themes and styles. Those who want to get dry in this hot summer Friends must try the WAH WAH LOUNGE, excellent DJ, high-burst atmosphere, will never let you down (only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday).


And now there is a Boxing Day Party, which will let you go from 26pm on the 10th to the early morning on the 27th. Tickets are limited, $15/person. To book, please log in: https://goo.gl/FI9A49

Address: 185 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: (03) 9654 5793

Level 3 Nightclubs at Crown


CO NIGHTCLUB is located on the third floor of CRWON. It has always been regarded as the most international performing arts square in Melbourne and is loved by Melbourne high-end people. The decoration of the store is also very elegant and luxurious. There are three large bar counters and dance floor, as well as VIP private exclusive. Activity Room. Especially suitable for business, high-end people's leisure and entertainment. (Business hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday), now Christmas (ticket $25) and New Year's Eve Party (ticket $50) are now available!

640-575 640-576

Christmas ticket purchase link:https://www.rollerdigital.com/level3atcrown#/productsbyday/3321/2016-12-24

New Year's Eve ticket purchase link:http://www.level3atcrown.com.au/specialevents/nye?

Address: 8 Whiteman Street Melbourne 3006 VIC

Phone: (03) 9292 5750


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