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We know that there are many reasons why passports and visas are rejected. If you don’t tell the truth, you will be rejected. If you don’t prepare enough materials, you will be rejected.However, what I never expected was thatSmall eyes will be rejected!


This is really an embarrassing story...

The protagonist of our story today is named Richard Lee. Student Lee is 22 years old and is a Chinese. Richard was born in Taiwan and grew up in New Zealand. He is currently studying Engineering and Business Management in Melbourne and is still a famous DJ in the circle! Richard looks very Asian, dressed very stylishly, and is a positive young man.


However, when he was about to update his passport photo recently, he encountered an embarrassment. The passport was submitted to the Immigration Bureau for a long time, but was not approved for a long time. This made Richard very puzzled.

After much research, I finally learned the reason for the refusal: it turned out to be because Richard’s eyes were too small...

Is there any mistake, small eyes are fashionable! Among so many Asian kings, few have big eyes!

Since he is currently in New Zealand and wants to update his passport to ensure that he can return to Melbourne after Christmas, he went to the passport office in New Zealand to take pictures!

The photo taken is like this:


Then, something embarrassing happened...No matter how Richard uploads his own photos,The online passport system all determined that Richard's photo was closed!


This resulted in his passport not coming down for a long time!

So Richard contacted the staff, and the response was “caused by uneven eyes and light”.

If this is the case, try again... Helpless Richard chose a few different photos, and used other angles and light. The passport system still didn't accept it, and he still judged Richard with his eyes closed!


So he posted his experience on his social networking site, and everyone supported Richard.

Everyone replied that "this system is obviously racially discriminatory" and this system should be caught...😂


"His eyes are clearly opened. Is this funny?"

According to Australian media reports, a similar situation has occurred in the facial recognition system of the passport before!

Richard seemed very calm about this. He said that he was not affected by the refusal, and he was willing to believe that it was an accident, not a race issue.

He also took a selfie with Snapchat and added the text "I hope the system can accept this"! 😂


Richard said, "A lot of people are easily offended, and they feel that the slightest thing is racial discrimination, but when unpleasant things really happen, I find that many people are supporting me, whether in Australia or New Zealand, rather than watching. My joke, this makes people feel very heartwarming, and I will not pursue any further, but I really hope that the person in charge of the passport system can reply and pass my photo!"

But for now, Richard is not very positive in waiting for the response from the passport system. The system is still very stubborn. He still gave Richard a reminder of "please upload the photo again and make sure that your eyes are open".


So what exactly is "opening your eyes"? Let's take a look at the sample photos of the passport system. There are no Asian faces in the sample photos of the passport system. This has caused a new round of comments from netizens...


Although netizens are filled with outrage, Richard is still optimistic, and his attitude is indeed commendable!

And now, we have found a new reason for refusal: eyes are too small! I don’t know how many friends are like Xiaobian who were shot while lying down...

It seems that Richard can learn makeup from girls, maybe the system will accept it after makeup 👇🏻😂


News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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