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With the deepening of economic globalization, the trend of transnational mobility of talents has become irreversible, and the performance of "immigrant dividends" in the fields of science, technology and economy has become more and more prominent. All countries are paying more attention to immigration talents, and reforming the immigration system has become an international talent competition. Important way.

As the world's fourth-ranked immigrant exporter, China currently has more than 520 million immigrants. Chinese international immigrants are distributed all over the world. The United States, Canada, Australia, developed European countries, and Japan have become important destinations for my country's overseas immigrants in recent years.

High net worth people

According to the latest data from the Hurun Rich List, there are currently 100 rich people in the country with assets of more than 149 billion (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and 1 people with assets of more than 6.7 million.


HNWI industry


Jinling: Including the senior management of large enterprise groups and multinational companies. They have high annual salaries and company dividends to ensure a stable high income. Jinling accounts for 20% of the multi-millionaires, approximately 21.8. 20% of Jinling's assets are cash and stocks, and 50% are self-owned properties.

Real estate speculators: 15% of the millionaires, their assets are mainly used to invest in real estate. They spent 550 million in real estate investment, 350 million in home ownership, and 50 in cars.


Investment immigration assets

The main source of assets is their own accumulation. Salary income, investment returns, and company operations are their main sources of wealth. The accumulation of wealth from the previous generation is a minority. Among them, wages accounted for 31%; investment returns accounted for 27%; company operations accounted for 23%. Commercial returns dominate the source of immigrant assets.


According to statistics, people who choose investment immigrants have more than 1,000 million yuan in liquidity, and they are more likely to succeed. The academic qualifications of these groups are generally high. More than half have a bachelor's degree, XNUMX% have a master's degree, and only a few have a high school degree or below.

Reasons for investment immigration

Education is the primary factor in considering immigration. Due to financial reasons, the difference between tuition fees in many countries for international students and domestic students has been equal to the cost of immigration over the years. The second is the lower age of international students. Parents have gradually realized that leaving their parents too young is not conducive to growth, so they hope that the whole family or at least the mother will be with them.

87% of the interviewed people expressed dissatisfaction with the smog phenomenon in China. "Poisoned milk powder", "waste oil", "pork essence", "zombie meat", "genetically modified food" and other incidents have caused a crisis of trust in food safety, which poses a great threat to the growth and health of children and has become people considering immigration The third factor.


For those with investment immigration intentions, there are not many considerations for “asset security”, accounting for only 8%. Birth restrictions refer to the domestic family planning system, and fertility considerations refer to the local benefits that children can enjoy in the country of destination. But neither of these are the main factors to consider immigration.

Investment immigration barriers

Too long waiting time in the immigration application process is generally regarded as the biggest obstacle, and more than a quarter of immigrants feel the same.

Language barriers and difficulty in integrating into mainstream society are also the main difficulties that immigrants face.


The decision to immigrate may be due to factors such as education, environment, and food, but a large part of the decision to immigrate to a certain country is due to the ease of obtaining a green card and simple procedures.


It can be seen that the majority of people who want to immigrate are males, most of whom are 20-29 years old, and the ratio of 30-39 is also very high. From the perspective of age, the number of affiliated applicants and international students of 20-29 years old accounts for more. 30-39 is basically the main applicant. The provinces distributed are mainly Beijing and Shanghai, followed by Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong.



The overall number of high-net-worth individuals in China is increasing, and wealth protection is the primary concern of high-net-worth individuals.

The popularity of overseas investment continues to rise. It is expected that overseas investment will maintain its growth momentum in the next two years, and there will be more demand in the overseas investment market in the future. More and more ultra-net-worth individuals are shifting the purpose of overseas investment from "risk diversification" to "actively seeking overseas capital gains", so the overseas investment market has a huge market space in the future.

Chinese immigration status


China is the second largest source country of immigrants for permanent residence in the United States. The United States is the preferred destination country for Chinese overseas immigrants. From 2000 to 2013, the population of mainland China who obtained permanent residency in the United States was approximately 90.3.


China is Australia's largest source country for all immigration categories except skilled immigrants. Over the past 10 years, the number of Chinese immigrants to Australia has been steadily increasing. China is Australia's largest source of investment immigrants, international students, business exchanges, international tourists, and the second largest source of skilled immigrants.


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