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Ariel and Quinn are a sweet couple. Ariel is now a college student in education, and Quinn works as a clerk in a car service company.

They have known each other very early and have always been good friends with each other all the time. It wasn't until two years ago that a spark of love made the two people turn from good friends to loving couples: they are in love!


The transition from good friends to couples makes them feel comfortable and natural. They live hand in hand, travel, and meet with friends, coping with the trivial things of life. Although the life is tight, they are very satisfied! Gradually, the two became more and more aware of the other self in each other's lives.

Finally, after two years of love, decided to stay together for a lifetime.


Since Ariel has no income, they both need Quinn to cover their usual expenses. His salary is only enough to support living and tuition expenses, there is no extra money to run a decent wedding! Quinn was very guilty of this.

But Ariel doesn’t care about these at all.In her heart, it is enough to marry the best friend who she knows and loves best!


Ariel's kindness and consideration, Quinn can see, he cherishes and appreciates his bride very much. So, he quietly frugal and save money to prepare for the wedding. The wedding was arranged in a pancake restaurant, and planned to invite some important relatives and friends. The scale is small, but simple and warm.

However, he still lacks a proposal ring...

Although Ariel didn't mention it at all, he decided to buy it. After all, this is a meaningful love token. then,He pooled some more money and planned to use it to buy a ring.

When Quinn brought Ariel to the mall to pick a ring, Ariel was full of sweetness and surprises! But she knew that her husband was in financial difficulties, she held her husband’s hand very sensibly,Avoiding the jewellery shops selling diamond rings, I came to Pandora, which mainly sells silver jewelry!


She thought that the price here would not be too high and would not cost Quinn. As a result, the young couple began to pick rings happily.Ariel likes a pair of silver rings very much, which sell for about $130.I like to try it on my finger.

Quinn was also very happy to see Ariel like it so much, and he rummaged through his wallet and finally made up $130, ready to pay.


At this time, a female clerk wanted to recommend some other jewelry to the girls by the way, but Ariel refused decisively:No need, we just want to buy a wedding ring!

Unexpectedly, when the female clerk heard that it was a wedding ring, her expression immediately changed. She turned her head and said to her colleague with a very contemptuous expression:

"Have you ever seen a man propose to marry me with such a cheap ring?so poor! "

Then he threw down the embarrassed couple with disdain, and greeted other customers to go...

The words of the female clerk were all heard clearly, and the atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing. Ariel looked at her husband's face flushed and strong and calm, very distressed. Pulled him and left the store quickly.

On the way back, Ariel said to her husband:Thank you dear! I like this pair of rings, but I love you more. To me, being with you is more important than anything else!

Later, Ariel shared his experience on Facebook,There is no excessive condemnation of Pandora's clerk, but full of love and distress for her husband.

"My husband does not have a lot of money, neither of us has money. Even though we can barely pay the bills and food and clothing, after two years of love, we still feel that we can't wait any longer and we are going to get married.I never thought about asking for a ring, I just wanted to marry my best friend, But he didn't think so. He bought me a pair of rings from Pandora with the only money. This is the pair I am wearing now, I really like it! However, when we were buying the ring, a female clerk said, "Do you believe this man proposes with this ring? How pitiful." When she spoke, I saw that my husband's face was already bad. Because he can't afford expensive rings. He feels like a loser. He asked me over and over again: "Are you sure you are satisfied?" He was sad that he didn't make me happy enough or he didn't want to marry him because of this cheap ring without diamonds..."

But in fact, Ariel loves this pair of rings very much, because it represents the love of her husband for herself, and has nothing to do with the price and diamonds.

What she didn't expect was that her Facebook page caused an uproar on the Internet, and was reposted and liked by 8 netizens overnight!


At the beginning, netizens condemned Pandora's stupidity and profanity of love...


"Boycott Pandora!"


"I think it's too late to apologize, don't buy Pandora!"

But soon things reversed, and these accusations were completely overwhelmed by another force! What is unexpected is that more netizens did not pay attention to the nonchalant female clerk, butTell Ariel with warm and true stories: her idea is not wrong, love can be so beautiful, surpassing all jewels!

So, a special love show began!

Many girls left messages telling Ariel that they are just like her,I love my "special" ring, because it is more meaningful than price!

Aprill: ... "The size of the diamond is not important, it is my husband's heart!" I have been married for 17 years now,I always wear this little diamond ring, but what I have is this man’s greatest love❤️!
Sara: I have the same ring as you. I won't sell it for any price!Because my husband is everything to me!I said I don't want any jewelry, but he insisted on buying it. We picked this 3 days before the wedding. I am super satisfied and love it. But I love him more! I wish you a happy wedding! Continue to love each other deeply ❤️!
Beth: My silver wedding ring may not be expensive, but for me,This is my most precious thing. I feel very happy watching it every day❤️Can't love them anymore, they are the most expensive jewelry in the world!
Jasmine: My first ring was expensive, but it was later stolen. My husband said to buy another one, but after thinking about it, I couldn't believe that I had let him spend so much money on a ring! So, I ordered a $25 ring.
Lauren: My fiance's engagement ring is less than $100, but it is the perfect ring for me.This has nothing to do with shiny jewelry or expensive prices. Only related to the love between two people!

An old lady’s message was even more liked by more than 3000 people. She told Ariel very firmly,A wedding without a diamond ring can still start a 53-year long stay together!Time will tell you what is the most precious!

Elaine: I am very happy for you. My husband and I got married in court 6 weeks after we met. I didn't buy a ring until 5 years later when the economy became ample.Today, we have been happily in love for 53 years and 9 months, unswervingly!

There is also this old grandfather, who recalled his poor days 43 years ago and is still full of happiness! Infected millions of netizens.

Mike: I like this story very much. It reminds me that 43 years ago, although I had no money, the most touching girlfriend in the world decided to follow me. I was a lucky man. We married after two years of love and lived in her mother’s house for a year before moving out.We can only buy an affordable ring. But that does not represent the value of our love. Today, she still loves me deeply.
Greg: When my wife and I got engaged, she picked a $350 ring, which was the most expensive ring I could afford at the time. Now that I am financially rich, I have asked many times if I want to change to a better one, but she insists on not!She regards this ring as a treasure, no ring can replace its special meaning. She passed away 15 years after we were married, and I still keep this ring. This is the witness of our love.Congratulations on understanding that material things are not important. What really matters is the person who shares your life with you!

Some people don’t even have a wedding ring,But they have something more precious than any ring!

For example, a belief...

Vimana: My husband used the Bible to propose marriage. He let me read Proverbs 31❤️! When I finished reading, he knelt on one knee and asked me to call his proverb 31. He couldn't afford a ring, but I didn't mind. Because this scene is the most beautiful story in my life! Bible Proverbs 31:Who can get a virtuous woman? His value is far better than jewelry!

For example, an affectionate kiss

The netizen's fiance left him before he even had time to buy her a ring, but a loving and affectionate kiss is more precious than any jewelry!

Wanda: My fiance failed to buy me an engagement ring because he died of brain cancer before then. But he told me that in ancient times people believed that the third finger of the left hand went straight to my heart.He kissed the place of my finger deeply, so that his love would flow directly into my heart.He said that one day in the future, I will definitely have a ring of my own... But to me, his feelings and kisses are the most precious, and I can't buy it at any price, unless I can exchange my love's life. BTW, your ring is beautiful!

For a time,Facebook is immersed in romantic and warm love stories, and netizens are immersed in this sharing of "the value of love".


Ariel was also deeply moved by netizens' responses: how many people are like them, but still happy! The couple believed more firmly,The ridicule of others and the temporary difficulties of life can't defeat love. They should make the life better together!

Like wedding vows

Life and death must be together!



In the heated discussion among netizens, Ariel also received Pandora’s apology. She told reporters: Pandora had recognized her mistake in time, and they contacted her and sincerely apologized.And expressed willingness to present bracelets and rings as compensation and blessings!


The guilty Quinn was also infected by the positive energy of netizens and smiled again. He decided to love his wife more and work harder to make her live a good life.

A happy ending!

Unexpectedly, an ordinary ring would trigger thousands of people to relive their beautiful love memories... A chilling scandal was finally transformed into a warm "love show" by netizens!


News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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