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Christmas is here! Nowadays, major shopping malls have been launching limited-time purchases from time to time. In addition to extending business hours, they will also launch crazy discounts comparable to Boxing Day! Think about it, this summer season, how can you miss such a holy place to enjoy the coolness!

The following editor will introduce someMain shopping centerAndBusiness hours during Christmas! By the way, where is the strength to fight without eating, let me tell you by the way that all major shopping malls have itWhich delicious foodwait for you!

Chadstone Shopping Centre
The reconstructed Chadstone Shopping Centre, known as the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere, not only has the unique design of Australia's first curved transparent glass ceiling, but also added at least 60 new brands.
Opening Hour :

It’s the Christmas discount season, and the business hours are changing fromExtend from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!

Even moreExtend to midnight after December 12,

And stillChristmas Eve, December 12-23roll out34 hours of unsightly stay-up shopping mode! (Until 12pm on December 24).


Closed on Christmas Day,Boxing day (December 12) business hours 26am-7pm

Gourmet search :

The newly renovated Chadstone Food District has introduced many well-known food and beverage brands! 7 restaurants are located, including Burger Project, Fonda Mexican, Woodstock Pizza, Marae Izakaya, and Oriental Teahouse, which is preferred by friends who like yum cha. More than 20 restaurants in the food court come and like spicy food. Friends can’t miss the Tianfu noodle shop Chadstone, Sauced Pasta Bar, Royal stacks, etc., and the first show of Laduree from France, the originator of macarons. This is the first in Melbourne and the third in Australia. Branch.

Many people living in the CBD or the southeast may not be particularly familiar with the Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong. It has more than XNUMX merchants and brands, XNUMX smart parking spaces, and international trend brands such as Topshop and Zara.
Opening Hour :

Highpoint also opened this year32 hours sleepless shopping day!从12月23日9am一直到12月24日5pm,Boxing Day is from 7am-10pm!

Gourmet search :

Eating can be said to be everywhere, from Level 1 to Level 3, whether it is the Hong Kong-style morning tea call of Cai Dixuan, the flavor of Tianfu Sichuan, or the donuts of Donut Time waiting! And the strong Malay flavor of Laksa Hut, etc...

30 kilometers from Melbourne CBD, Eastland Shopping Centre located in Yarra Valley has 4700 free parking spaces and 230 independent brands. Fashion, household and electronic products are all available. The presence of the second H&M in Melbourne reflects its fashion status. Costco is also nearby.
Opening Hour :

Time has been changed since todayExtended to 7pmAndDecember 12 and 22 were extended to 23am, Christmas Eve December 12 to 24 pm, Xmas is closed,Boxing day is from 8am-7pm.

Gourmet search :

There are really too many cuisines in Eastland, Thai, Mexican, Malay, Middle Eastern.... In addition to 400 Gradi pizza, Brioche By Philip baked dim sum, Huxta Burger burger here we focus on Town Square, here is It was completed on October 2015, 10. The purpose of the creation is purely hope that shopping and eating can be combined. Starting today, the restaurants here will be extended to 12 pm, and you can have a big meal here after shopping !

The latest and largest shopping mall in Melbourne’s city centre, officially opened in 2014, has more than 200 brand shops, a collection of local and international designer clothing brands; it has a total of 5 floors, through the pedestrian bridge and Melbourne Central, Myer and David Jones connected.
Opening Hour :

From today until December 12, business hours are from10am extended to 9pm! December 12, Christmas Eve to 24 pm, closed on Christmas Day,Boxing Day from 8am-10pm.

Gourmet search :

Emporium's delicious food is so diverse! Pho, Sushi Train (Makoto, Sushi Hon), Asian flavors of Tianfu noodles, greetings from Chokolait, Zumbo, Indian flavors of Bombay Duck, European flavors of Jimmy Grants, Mexican flavors of Guzmany.

David Jones
David Jones provides online delivery service throughout Australia, just to allow you to receive gifts on Christmas Day. The latest offer is a small surprise event for Xmas 12 days.
Opening Hour :

untilOn December 12, the business hours will be extended to 20pm, December 12-21 from8am extended to 12pm, December 12Christmas Eve from 7am-6pm,Closed for Christmas.

Myer also launched online Order and physical store pick Up services this year! Use this trick if you don't want to be crowded! Now there is a choice of Personalised Gifts!
Opening Hour :

Christmas time has taken time from morning9 o'clock extended to 9 o'clock in the evening.On December 12th and 15th, it was 16 o'clock in the morning!

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
This year's Centre is really a big deal! In addition to the opening of Sephora, Kit Kat Chocolatory's permanent store was established. It upholds the historical heritage while incorporating modern elements. There are a total of 292 shops!
Opening Hour :

All business hours10am extended to 9pm! December 12 to 24 pm, closed on the 6th,Boxing Day from 8am-10pm!

Gourmet search :

Since you are all in the CBD, are you still worried about not having food? But shopping is a race against time, so we still have to solve it quickly! In addition to the package of choices in Food Court, Noodle House, Harajuku, NeNeChicken, Schnitz, Simply Thai seem to be good!

How can I not mention H&M when I mention it! The Melbourne General Post Office shopping mall, which was rebuilt by the Melbourne General Post Office, is the most famous architectural landmark in Melbourne. The interior is magnificent and Milanese style and arcade design. It is one of the longest arcade streets in the world One.gpo-melbourne

Opening Hour :

From December 12All extended to 9 o'clock.Boxing Day is from 8am-10pm.

Gourmet search :

There is a Mediterranean style from CA DE VIN’s Pizza, waiting at the Federal Coffee Palace promenade, Gekkazan’s high-quality Japanese simple meals, and MAMA’S BƯỞI, the most heartwarming Vietnamese food from my mother! The taste of home is just around this corner.

Westfield Shopping Centre has played four games in a row!
KnoxWestfield Knox Shopping Center, built in 1970, is a very popular shopping place in Knox City and the neighboring Wantirna South area. At the same time, there is also the well-known Knox O-Zone Street, which gathers bars, restaurants, clubs and cinemas.

Opening Hour :

From December 12th, business hours will be from9am extended to 10pm, 22nd to 23rdIt's midnight! 24th from morning8am-5pm, Closed on Christmas Day on the 25th.

Gourmet search :

There are more than 20 food bases in the Knox dining area, from Ajisen Ramen ramen to San Churro chocolate fritters, as well as Indian-style Khazana and Yo-Get-It’s Frozen Yogurt...

Three other branches:SouthlandIt is a shopping place 16 kilometers away from Melbourne city center, with a business area of ​​13 square meters. It is located above Nepean Road, the main road in Melbourne, and is rated as one of the 26 major activity centers by the Melbourne Planning Authority

Address: 1239 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham 3192

DoncasterA huge shopping mall, located in the east of an old brand, only 15 minutes away from the city center, very convenient.

Address:619 Doncaster Rd (Cnr Williamsons Rd), Doncaster VIC 3108

Fountain gateThe largest shopping center in the southeast, with a business area of ​​12 square meters.

Address: 352 Princes Hwy, Fountain Gate VIC 3805

DFO Three Brothers
DFO has always been a paradise for buying various discounted goods. Up to 70% off is your ideal place to purchase shoes, bags, clothing, sunglasses and other goods. DFO has three stores in Melbourne,One is in South Wharf next to Crown Casino, one is in Essendon, near the airport, and the other is in Moorabbin in the southeast
Opening Hour :

During the Christmas season, starting on the 21stExtended to 9pmBefore, except Friday to 9pm, it usually closes at 6pm!

Spencer outlet centre
Located next to Southern Cross Station.Similar to DFO's south wharf, It’s just that the discounts are different. The main sales discounts and factory products are high quality and low price. The only drawback is that they are not new.
Opening Hour :

Extend business to 7pm before Christmas! Xmas is closed,Boxing Day from 10am-6pm in the morning



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