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2016 has passed. Looking back on the past year, did you spend it busy? I didn’t finish eating what I wanted, didn’t drink enough if I wanted to drink, and didn’t play well if I wanted to play. On the first day of 2017, please seize the opportunity to plan how to fulfill these crazy wishes in the new year!

I dare not play

If the first day of 2017 starts by skydiving. Then the new year must be a year from happy to heaven. Swim in the warm summer breeze, looking down on Melbourne's green grass, and touching the endless blue sky, is it a little exciting to think about it?

St Kilda Sky Dive

高度: 14,000英尺年龄限制:12岁以下人群不能参加

Address: St.Kilda Marina, Marine Parade

Play guide:

-The price of skydiving on weekends will be higher than on weekdays

-Pregnant women are not suitable for this activity

-There is no maximum age limit, but reasonable health conditions are required

-Don’t wear clothing with a collar, especially shirts, which will hit the neck

Of course, if you think that the little hearts of skydiving babies can't stand it. You can choose a romantic and soothing hot air balloon.

Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon

Address: Balgownie Estate Borchini Winery Tour Guide:

-Hot air balloon burners will drip water droplets mixed with charcoal. It is recommended not to wear white or light-colored clothes

-Please do not wear high heels to participate in the flight

-The balloon hot air balloon company will not be responsible for compensation for dirty or damaged clothing during the expedition

-We will gather before the sun rises. It depends on the time of the year and the weather. It will be cold at this time

-The burner will heat up, so it is best to wear a hat

-Ski-style clothing is recommended, including sturdy shoes, warm socks and hats, and sunglasses if you like

Underwater diving

The limestone coast of South Australia, more than 140 kilometers away from Adelaide, has 100 sea caves for diving. The nearly XNUMX-meter-deep holes here are as complicated as a maze. If you don't have an underwater guide, you might never get out. The beauty here is like a fairyland, like a magical planet, and the unknown mystery makes countless diving enthusiasts burst into blood! Definitely a truly ultimate experience! ! !

Dare not eat

As a foodie in Melbourne, everything from sweet to toothless candy to durian with a charming smell is everyone's favorite. Do you want to challenge the following "Turkish and Australian dark cuisine" in the new year?


在澳洲,则有家喻户晓的vegemite。含有丰富维生素B的vegemite, 在澳洲,几乎每家一瓶。澳洲人通常拿它来擦在toast面包上面,常年居家必备的食品。然而,除了澳洲人,大部分外国人都觉得它很难吃,大家通常评价它有股‘臭咸鱼味’。

Emu Emu

Emu, also known as Australian ostrich. In the eyes of Australians, in addition to being a low-cholesterol, low-fat food, it is also a meat that contains more iron than beef. It can often be found in pizza accessories or smoked meat.

Star anise

Everyone must have eaten star anise when eating stew. This candy has this taste. It is a must in the candy industry. After eating it for a lifetime, durian candy is so weak!

Dare not go

Dandenong Ranges National Park

在墨尔本东部的丹德农山国家公园,有一条千级台阶(1000 Steps)的山路,沿着山路攀爬,被称为“科科达小径纪念行”,沿途摆放了不少有关“科科达战役”的介绍石碑。

1942年7月至11月间,在如今的巴布亚新几内亚(当时的澳辖地),澳大利亚皇家军队跟日本人进行了几个月的拉锯战,为的是阻止日本军进攻澳大利亚本土。澳大利亚的大本营是位于新几内亚岛南部的莫尔兹比港,日本则在岛北建立了桥头堡。两军之间的几次战役都是在丛林密布、道路崎岖的中央高地上进行的。那里有一条长约一百公里的科科达小径(Kokoda Track),是新几内亚岛南北交通的枢纽。在那次战役中,澳大利亚共牺牲了600多名将士,另有1700人受伤。科科达战役是这个年轻的国家为时不长的战争史上极其重要的篇章,正因为如此,“科科达小径”早已成为澳大利亚人心目中的“朝圣地”,每年都有不少人去那条山路上徒步或骑行。


Climbing the Sydney Bridge

The Sydney Bridge is the only bridge in the world that allows visitors to climb to the top of the arch bridge. Looking at the Sydney Opera House from a height of 147 meters above the water, this angle is absolutely unique. Those who are interested can try it. Address: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW

Way of arrival:

It is about 15 minutes walk from Circular Quay. The bridge climbing is led by a local professional guide, starting from the rocky area and climbing to the top of the bridge along the designated route

开放 时间:

Depending on the season, from before dawn to night, the group will be led by a Chinese-speaking guide at 15:00 every day

Tickets: There are five different prices: full or fast, day or night, and dawn or dusk. Adult fees range from AU$148-338. Please check the official website for details.

Phone: 0061-2-8274-7777


Play strategy: stop climbing in strong wind and heavy rain, special guide, no camera

Don't dare to see

Late at night in 2017, when you return home after the waves, it would be more exciting to have another horror movie you will never forget.

"Terror Cruise" (Triangle)

导演: 克里斯托弗·史密斯
编剧: 克里斯托弗·史密斯
主演: 梅利莎·乔治 / 利亚姆·海姆斯沃斯 / 迈克尔·多曼 / 瑞秋·卡帕尼 / 艾玛·朗……剧情简介 :

Single mother Jesse (Melissa George) goes out to sea with a group of friends, but she always has the feeling that something bad is happening. Soon, they encountered a strong storm at sea. The yacht capsized and everyone fell into the sea. After struggling, they finally climbed onto the wreckage of the yacht. Just when they had nothing to do, a huge cruise ship slowly approached everyone. Everyone was overjoyed and boarded the cruise ship named "Aeolos" without thinking. It turned out that it was a mysterious ship that disappeared in 1930, and the ship was empty.

The ubiquitous blood, mysterious instructions, and sudden murders have brought these men and women into a horrible reincarnation...

"The Shining"

In the classic American movie "The Shining", the protagonist Jack Torrance was originally a teacher (in the movie), and later wanted to become a writer. In order to find inspiration, he took his wife and children to accept a job as a winter housekeeper in a hotel. During his stay in the hotel, Jack had a nightmare of killing his wife and children and began to see various illusions. Over time, the nightmare gradually became a reality...

Dare not say

Chat with strangers. For the enthusiastic Australians, a warm hello can be seen everywhere on the tram and on the road. So, on the first day of 2017, take action, break through the magic barrier in your heart, and start talking happily with strangers~
Chat skills: 1. Keep up with the times and keep up with current events: you can talk about current news, (popular) sports, communities, or politics (political topics should avoid choosing very controversial content, which may cause too intense debate).

2. Compliment the other party's clothes or small decorations moderately: you can ask the other party where they bought them, why they bought them, and how much they cost (just kidding, you don't need to ask about this). You must be good at observing when you are chatting with people you are not familiar with.

3. Good at listening: When chatting, always show concern and interest in the other party's topic.

4. Relax: Enjoy the chat, everyone is a very interesting individual! If you combine the above tips and chat with others with interest, then you are not far from success.

5. Go with the flow: If your conversation feels like pushing the piano to the top of a mountain so hard, then maybe it's time for a new topic, or just stop for a while.

I dare not see

In 2016, how many friends gradually faded out of your circle of friends because of being busy? How many misunderstandings have you forgotten to understand because of being busy? The first day of 2017 is a good time to solve these problems. Please don’t leave misunderstandings and neglect until the new year~ Open your address book quickly, dial the phone number that you most want to call but dare not dial, and tell the other party Happy New Year~


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