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For many people living in Melbourne, one of the most famous features of Christmas is Myer's exquisite Christmas window on Bourke St! This has long become a must-complete project for Melbourneers during Christmas.

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Myer’s Christmas window originated in 1956.


Since then, the windows of Myer Department Store have become unique Christmas gifts for Melbourne citizens every Christmas.


Every year in December, the staff will decorate Myer's window to welcome Christmas. These decorations will revolve around a different theme and tell a different story every year, attracting more than 12 million adults and children every year to stop and watch.


It is said that the staff will also judge the popularity of the window display that year based on how often the window glass needs to be cleaned (because children will look at it on the window).

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In short, for Melbourneans, viewing Myer’s Christmas window is an indispensable tradition for Christmas every year, and it is also one of the characteristics that best represents Melbourne’s Christmas that is different from other places.


Next, everyone will follow the editor to review those nostalgic Myer Christmas windows in previous years!

1956:The Summer Olympics that year happened to be held in Melbourne, so the Christmas window display also closely focused on this theme.


1966:Based on the classic Arabic literary work "Arabian Nights" (Arabian Nights), some of the stories in it, such as "Aladdin's Lamp", "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves", "The Story of Sinbad" should Accompany many people's childhood.


1991:With the classic fairy tale "Cinderella" as the theme, it tells the romantic love story of Cinderella and the prince.


1994:The Christmas decorations of the year were based on the theme of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph is a fictitious male reindeer, often called "Santa's Ninth Reindeer". It has a glowing red nose and is the lead reindeer who pulls a sleigh for Santa on Christmas Eve. The light from its nose can illuminate the road the team walks in the wind and snow.


1999:With the theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of the most popular children's books in the 21st century, it tells about the adventures of the protagonist Charlie Beech in the chocolate factory owned by the weird candy maker Willie Wonka story.

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2000:Taking one of Charles Dickens's famous Christmas series "A Christmas carol" as the theme, it tells how a miserly miser, Scrooge, was redeemed by an endless stream of spiritual experiences overnight. This book was written in an era when the Christmas tradition is gradually declining. However, due to the popularity of this book, Christmas and its spiritual sentiment have once again received people's attention.


2001:Based on the classic children's literature "The Wind in the Willows" by British novelist Kenneth Gram, "The Wind in the Willows" is a fairy tale with animals as the main character. A classic animal image. Hefpaff's symbolic badger in "Harry Potter" is based on the honest and honest Mr. Badger in the book. This year's Hollywood movie "ZooCrazy" was also affected by the book.

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2004:Based on the theme of the American children's book "The Polar Express" published in 1985, it tells the story of a little boy riding a magical train bound for the North Pole to meet Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and receiving gifts from Santa Claus .

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2006:The 50th anniversary of Myer’s Christmas window was based on the classic children’s book "Wombat Divine" (Wombat Divine) created by the native Australian writer Mem Fox, telling the story of a furry-nosed wombat who likes to participate in activities and loves stage performances. , But it tried every role, and the result was messed up, it was very frustrated, and finally the director finally found a suitable role for it.

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2009:Based on the theme of the children's literature "Olivia helps with Christmas" by American writer Ian Woodwark Falconer, it tells the story of a little pig named Olivia who is busy preparing for Christmas when Christmas is approaching.

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2012:With the theme of the classic children's book "Russell's Christmas Magic" (Russell's Christmas Magic), it tells the story of Santa Claus and the snowmobile being trapped in the forest on Christmas Eve. The lamb Russell showed his wisdom and created miracles to save Christmas. . The beautiful snow scene also makes up for the little regrets of the Melbourneans who can only spend Christmas in summer.

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2013:Based on Jan Brett's classic children's literature "Gingerbread Friends", it tells the adventure story of a little gingerbread man.

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2014:With the theme of "Santa Claus and the Three Bears" (Santa Claus and the Three Bears), it tells the story of a family of three bears who went for a walk on Christmas Eve and found Santa Claus to give them gifts after returning.

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2015:Last Christmas coincided with the 60th anniversary of the birth of Myer’s Christmas window. To pay tribute to Melbourne, the Christmas window design of that year was based on a Melbourne’s famous children’s book "Little Dog and the Christmas Wish". The story tells about Little Dog and Jonathan. They are good friends, but on Christmas Eve, Little Dog got lost in a busy city.


The whole book tells the story of how it found its way home and whether its Christmas wishes came true. The window display truly reproduces the familiar scenes in the book, and incorporates many landmark buildings in Melbourne, such as Flinders Street Station, the Block Arcade, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, and the Skipping Girl.

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2016:This year’s Christmas window display is also based on a children’s book "One Christmas Eve". The story tells the story of a little girl named Bella who went to her grandparents’ home in St Kilda for Christmas on Christmas Eve in 1968. Later, her grandfather took her to Luna Park, where she met a magical white horse, which took her across Melbourne, during which she also met Santa Claus. Later, on Christmas Day, she received an identical white horse made by her grandfather.

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This year’s Christmas window also incorporates some well-known places in Melbourne, such as Luna Park, The Palais Theatre, the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and so on.

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Since 1994, Myer’s Christmas windows have been designed and produced by designer John Kerr and his design team Stage 1.

Every prop, every scene, and every character in it was made by the designer. More than 40 sculptors, painters, lighting and technicians took more than 800 hours to complete. If you work for 8 hours a day, it means that you have to prepare 100 days for this window every year!

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In order to be able to accurately reproduce the style of the 50s, the designers consulted a large amount of historical data, and strive to make each character have their own characteristics while restoring the history.


Even every spoke of the bicycle is so realistic!


Don't look at it as an insignificant umbrella, it can really be opened!


The little dog can move because of this electronic device.


The designer is making the final depiction of the little dog, how about it, is it the same as it really is?


The ingenuity behind the scenes!

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