Australia's 8 biggest surfing paradise, how many have you been to?

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Live like a year in winter in the northern hemisphere? What are you waiting for? Fly to Australia and have fun on the beaches! Today, the editor introduces to everyone is a must-play sport-surfing! Australia has always been a paradise for surfers. Do you know where these surfing destinations are?

photo by @ Paul Amestoy Photography via Facebook

New South Wales-Byron Bay

Byron Bay (Byron Bay) is the easternmost bay on the Australian mainland and a popular seaside resort. Byron Bay is famous for its numerous surf beaches and beautiful tropical rainforest. The editor I would like to recommend is The Pass at the end of Clarkes Beach. From the surfer viewing platform here, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire bay.

photo by @ Paul Amestoy Sean O'Shea Art via Facebook

New South Wales-North Beach

If you don't want to be too busy on the journey, then Northern Beaches near Sydney is a great choice! As a surfing destination very close to the city, the beautiful coastline stretches from Manly to Palm Beach. The supporting facilities here are quite rich, restaurants, cafes, bars... Find a comfortable place after surfing A place to sit down, a happy life is here!

photo by @Rod Owenvia Facebook

Victoria-Bells Beach

Surfing in Victoria, I have to mention the iconic Bells Beach, which is about 100 kilometers away from Melbourne. The majestic waves hit the red clay cliffs on the seashore. The landscape is very exciting. Since 1962, the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival has been held here every year. Surfing and music work together, how can it not be high!


Queensland-Gold Coast

Gold Coast, as a world-renowned surfing destination, is not just casual. There are countless top surfing beaches here. I just break your fingers: Snapper Rocks, Kirra, Rainbow Bay in the south. The beaches (Rainbow Bay Beach) and Duranbah (Duranbah)... these are super coasts. In addition, if you like to chase stars, stay here for a few days and you will definitely meet one or two world-class surfers!


Queensland-Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads, together with the surrounding Sunshine Beach (Sunshine Beach), Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay (Tea Tree Bay) and Granite Bay (Granite Bay), form a group of beaches that are popular with surfers across Australia. The ideal surfing waves, the beautiful surrounding national park and the peaceful rural atmosphere attract many tourists to come here every year. In addition, Noosa is also a paradise for food, where you can enjoy seaside food, aromatic coffee and delicious ice cream.

photo [email protected] photobohemian via Instagram

Western Australia-Margaret River

Margaret River (Margaret River) is a well-known wine-producing region in Australia, and every April because of the annual Margaret River Professional Surfing Competition (Drug Aware Margaret River Pro), there are also many surfing hobbies here. By. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, the Margaret River can be surfed all year round. Surfing during the day, drinking at night, surfing life with wine and meat, where can I find it?


Tasmania-South Pointe Bay

Want to surf in South Cape Bay? Then you will have to travel a long distance. Unlike other well-known beaches in Australia, Australia’s southernmost surfing beach, South Cape Bay, has no road to traffic. It is necessary to walk across a 7.7km walk (South Cape Bay Walk), but this walk is also unusual , This is a walking area on the World Heritage List! Surfing + hiking, just ask if you can walk?

photo [email protected] Sean Scott Photography via facebook

South Australia-Cactus Beach

It is the pure and unspoiled natural scenery that attracts many water lovers to Cactus Beach in South Australia. Maybe everyone is not familiar with it, but many veterans of surfing manually like it, indicating that it is definitely worthwhile to come here. It is not suitable for beginners, especially in winter when the waves are more unstable.

photo by @ Paul Michael Photography Facebook


Students who can’t swim can also experience surfing. Surfing schools can be found near the beaches. Under the guidance of professional coaches, even beginners can quickly pick up surfboards and go to the sea.

Looking at the editor's introduction to so many surfing destinations in Australia, have you been overwhelmed? Hurry up and make an appointment with friends, in the bright sunshine, let's have fun!


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