Australians' 2016 hot search list is released! "Why is it green? Why is the Internet so slow?..." All on the list! Sure enough, it is very native to Australia!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

2016 is almost over,This year, what are the most concerned about Tuao people?

Speaking of it, you may not believe it, but what everyone cares about most is "pooWhy is green","Why the sky is blue"...

I really didn't lie to you!

These two days,Google has published a "2016 Top Australian Searches",

This ranking lists for everyoneGoogleThe most searched terms in the browser,Haha, let's take a look...The thinking of Australians is always something you can never think of!

To say that the Australian people are really full of rational philosophical thinking about life~~~ For example,"why"Top results at the beginningIs such that……

['Why is...?'/Why] Hot search ranking

1. Why is there a leap day Why is thereLeap day?2. Why is the sky blue Why is the sky blue?

3. Why is my internet so slow Why is my internet speed so slow?

4. Why is my poop green Why is my poop green?

5. Why is my computer so slow Why is my computer so slow?

6. Why is Australia in Eurovision Why is Australia participating in the Eurovision Song Contest?

7. Why is the ocean salty Why is the sea salty?

8. Why is biodiversity important Why is biodiversity important?

9. Why is my period late Why is my big aunt here so late?

10. Why is my eye twitching My eyes are jumping for Mao? matter if your computer is slow or the internet speed is slow,It's really useless to ask Google~You should call Telstra, TPG, Optus...


In addition,The search list starting with "What is..." looks like this:

['What is...?'/"...What is..."] Top search rankings

1. What is my IP address What is my IP address?2. What is a plebiscite ReferendumWhat is it?

3. What is Pokemon Go PokémonWhat is it?

4. What is the weather today how is the weather today?

5. What is the time what time is it now?

6. What is all purpose flour What is household flour?

7. What is love What is love?

8. What is Brexit What is Brexit?

9. What is gluten What is cereal protein?

10. What is the meaning of life what is the meaning of life?

Except for the seventh and tenth, which are still full of philosophical meaning,Australians should not be able to fix their ideas...

What I mean by the editor is-I want to know the weather,Just Google "weather" directly!Why did you hit a long list of "What is the weather today"! !

What is the other time? ! ! ! Isn’t the time displayed above or below the electronic products you use for Google? ? ? ? But the most amazing thing is Google. When you ask it What is the time, it answers you honestly...


finish watchingWhyWhat, The following shouldHowAppeared!

['How to...?'How to...] Hot search ranking

1 How to tie a tie How to tie a tie?2. How to screenshot on mac How to take a screenshot on a Mac system?

3. How to make pancakes How to make pancakes?

4. How to play Pokemon Go How to play Pokémon?

5. How to draw How to draw?

6. How to write a cover letter How to write a resume cover?

7. How to get rid of pimples How to solve acne problem?

8. How to download from YouTube How to download YouTube videos?

9. How to lose weight fast How to lose weight fast?

10. How to write a resume How to write a resume?

Next, let's take a look at which foods Australians are searching for!

[Recipes] Hot search list

1. Pancakes Pancakes2. Carbonara Spaghetti with Bacon and Egg Sauce

3. Banana bread banana cake

4. Scones Sikang Cake

5. Hummus Hummus

6. Cheesecake cheesecake

7. Quiche French Salty Pie

8. Chocolate mousse Chocolate mousse

9. Crepe Burrito

10. Brownie Brownie

Looking around,Except 2 and 5, they are all desserts...It shows how much Australians love to eat sweets!

Below is the list of other keywords in the Australian Google search list. Feel free to feel it~

Australians' most concerned sports events

1. Olympics Olympic Games2. Euro 2016 Euro 2016

3. Australian Open 2016 Australian Open

4. Melbourne Cup 2016 2016 Melbourne Cup

5. UFC 205 Ultimate Fighting Championship 205

6. Wimbledon 2016 Wimbledon Open

7. Tour de France 2016 Tour de France

8. Paralympics Paralympic Games

9. AFL Grand Final 2016 AFL Australian Football Finals

10. Super Rugby Super Rugby League

The news that Australians care most about

1. US election results U.S. election results2. Census Census

3. Pokemon Go Pokémon

4. Total solar eclipse Total solar eclipse

5. Oscars 2016 Oscar 2016

6. Dreamworld accident Dreamworld amusement park accident

7. Brussels Brussels

8. Zika Virus Zika virus

9. Harambe Haranby

10. Hurricane Matthew Hurricane Matthew


Search volume list

1. US election U.S. election2. Olympics Olympic

3. Census Census

4. Euro 2016 European Cup

5. Australian Open 2016 Australian Open

6. Pokemon Go Pokémon

7 Donald Trump Donald Trump

8. iPhone 7 iPhone 7 

9. David Bowie David Bowie

10 Prince (Prince) Prince

After reading the hot searches of the people of Tu and Australia, everyone must be deeply moved. In the entries listed above, have you made any contributions?


News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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