Chinese citizen died in Australia 58 per year, ambassador to Australia calls for greater safety awareness

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According to a document provided by the embassy, ​​the causes of accidental deaths of Chinese citizens living in Australia are varied. Some have fallen on the balcony railings, some have been beaten to death, some have been swept away by a big wave while taking pictures at the beach, and some have ignored the left when driving. Traffic regulations lead to deaths in major car accidents...

It is known that the 2016 version of the "Handbook for Chinese Citizens Living in Australia" incorporates typical consular protection cases involving Chinese citizens handled by the embassies and consulates in Australia in the past year, and provides special tips on accidents and crowds, and adds entry and Outbound self-service customs clearance and other content.

Cheng Jingye said at the press conference that the Chinese Embassy in Australia and the consulates-generals have been committed to promoting personnel exchanges between the two countries. We attach great importance to the safety of Chinese citizens in Australia, actively and properly handle consular protection cases, and strive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. With the support and assistance of the consulates general, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and overseas Chinese living in Australia, since 2013, the embassy has compiled and published a version of the "Handbook for Chinese Citizens Living in Australia" every year, which has become a preventive consular protection work. A brand.

Cheng Jingye also stated that the Chinese government encourages Chinese citizens going abroad to abide by local laws and regulations, respect local customs and habits, encourage Chinese-funded enterprises or institutions abroad to operate in compliance with the law, actively perform social responsibilities, and have friendly contacts with local people. It is hoped that Chinese citizens living in Australia can read this handbook carefully, take the initiative to understand the Australian society and public security situation, abide by laws and regulations, enhance mutual understanding with all ethnic groups in Australia, and actively promote the continuous development of China-Australia bilateral relations.

Christine Daisy, Director of the Visa and Citizenship Management Department of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, also stated at the press conference that the release of the new version of the manual has positive significance for both China and Australia. The Australian government issued 2015 visitor visas to Chinese citizens in the 2016-80 fiscal year and looks forward to welcoming more Chinese tourists in the new year. At the same time, the Australian government is also experimenting with the option of online Chinese visa application in China, providing fast 48-hour review for those in need. The new version of the manual is comprehensive and covers a lot of real-time information. The manual is very convenient to obtain. I believe that Chinese citizens going to Australia will benefit from it.

More than 130 people from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Deputy Director of the Consular Department Sarah Storey, as well as representatives of the Australian Ministry of Education, Canberra Education Bureau, Chinese-funded institutions in Australia, students from universities, schools, and overseas Chinese associations participated in the event.

Article reproduced from "Happy Express Global Express"


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