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Two comedians from Australia were whimsical. They came to public places such as train stations, cinemas, high-end restaurants and even five-star hotels. They wanted to experiment to see if they could go anywhere with a ladder in their hands. Unobstructed😂

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At the beginning, it was just a whim of theirs, as long as they carried a ladder to go out, they could go anywhere unimpeded! Then they started this experiment with super action! (If you want to watch the full movie, please go to the bottom of the article!)

Let me show you the wonderful moments of their clearance!

First stop: train station


First of all, their first experimental destination was the train station!They carried the ladder and walked to the place where the card was swiped, and then they just asked "Can I go in?" naturally and without a trace.


The grandfather security guard didn't even raise his eyelids, he waved his hand naturally, letting him in with a look of course!Did not ask him to swipe the bus card at all!

train station! successfully passed!

Second stop: fine dining restaurant


Then they came to the fine dining restaurant and walked in very naturally,and many more! He took the ladder and walked straight into the kitchen! Yes, he went deep into the kitchen...


The one in the red circlePure dedicated chef…He didn’t even realize that he was just an uninvited guest,He also gave him a concession position, so that he could pass the ladder more easily...

The kitchen of the fine dining restaurant! successfully passed!

Third stop: five-star hotel

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The clerk at the door didn't even lift his head. He againsuccessfully passed!

Fourth stop: cinema


Then they headed towards the cinema, and when he walked in with a ladder,The guy at the front desk looked upright and even spontaneously said "Are you here to fix things?".......The younger brother at the back also began to explain with great enthusiasm!Then he swaggered into the cinema.

It seems...the person holding the ladder=maintenance worker's thinking concept is really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people! Boy at the front desk, do you know whether your cinema needs maintenance or not? Hey...

cinema! Passed particularly smoothly!

Fifth stop: carriage

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Sixth stop: cruise


Finally, they even started to challenge the cruise ship,First of all, I started to line up very naturally, watching the Tuoao people in the line check the tickets one by one.I don't know if I am laughing inside!


thenA gorgeous sideways, raising the ladder to prepare for the cruise, there is no pause in the middle, it really looks justified and exaggerated, Even the editor can't help but believe it!

Yes, so the ticket inspector next to him should have believed it too.He kept the same posture and the same poker face and watched him get on the cruise ship, Send him away thousands of miles away~

Cruise ship! Passed successfully!

With this magical ladder, it is really unimpeded to go to all kinds of places!I feel like it can save XNUMX million...Not to mention, I bought a ladder and went...

Full movie👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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