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Since the last time Melbourne's District 1 and District 2 were merged, the transportation fare for commuters who needed to shuttle between District 1 & 2 was greatly reduced. Myki fares have not changed significantly.

However, starting in 2017, Myki will really increase its price!


The overall price increase is 5.1%, which is $100 more expensive for a year!


For commuters who often need to take public transportation, this is not good news😢

After some interviews with local media, it was found that most commuters’ reaction to the increase in fares was a complaint:

"Fares can go up, but the service has to keep up!"

This can be regarded as the voice of most commuters. Melbourne’s existing trams, trains and buses are often delayed or even cancelled. Now that prices are going up again, it's just worse.


However, for those under the age of 4 and those with a concession card, the new price changes also include:

  • Relax the age limit for free rides to 4 years old
  • The weekend fare for commuters with a concession card will be reduced from $3.90 to $3

To put it simply, for international students and office workers, they are basically untouched, anyway, the fare is going to rise 😢

Therefore, next year tuition fees will rise, transportation fees will rise, electricity and gas bills will rise, and prices will all go up and up! Is your wallet ready?

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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