Overlooking Australia from a high altitude, it is so beautiful!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Come to Australia just to take photos at various attractions? Of course not! How can I become the brightest star in the social platform? Today, follow the editor to climb high and look far and fly together!

"God" view of the whole city

Melbourne | Eureka 88 Observation Deck

The Eureka 88 Observatory has 88 floors and is 285 meters high. It has the fastest elevator in the southern hemisphere, and you only need to reach the top floor in 38 seconds. When the weather is good, you can have a panoramic view of Melbourne within 75 kilometers! In the "cliff box", all the glass surfaces are white, and gradually, the glass of the box changes from white to transparent, and it appears in the clouds with a swish.

Address:7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria, 3006, Australia

Official website:www.eurekaskydeck.com.au/chinese-home

E-mail:[email protected]

You can swipe all the landmarks in one go

Sydney | Sydney Harbour Bridge


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's tallest steel arch bridge, with both up and down railways. Starting in 1998, the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened the bridge climbing project, and it has been so popular for 20 years! There is an episode in "Modern Family" where the whole family climbs the Harbour Bridge together~

The guide will tell you about the strange things about the bridge, and will also take care of you, super professional! Don't worry if your English is not good, there will be a Chinese guide to care for you every day. In other festivals, various themed bridge climbing activities are waiting for you to play! For example, on the top of the bridge you can wear a special luminous vest and experience high-altitude karaoke!

Address:Sydney Harbour Bridge, 5 Cumberland Street, The Rocks NSWOfficial website:www.bridgeclimb.com

Flying over the wall at the century-old cricket ground

Melbourne | Eureka 88 Observation Deck

The "World's Most Beautiful Cricket Ground" Adelaide Cricket Ground can be used for rooftop climbing! You can have a 360° panoramic view of Adelaide city and surrounding scenery. This 145-year-old cricket ground, after 6 years of repairs, is now too beautiful~

Under the leadership of the professional team leader, start along the arched roof of the Adelaide Cricket Ground, from the west side of the stand to the riverside stand to enjoy the sunset. On the way, you will pass the sky bridge connecting the two stands. Don't be so exciting! I can show my face during the game, haha~

Address:Brunton Ave, Richmond VIC 3002Official website:roofclimb.com.au

Conquer the highest point outdoors,Real experience of climbing high and looking far away

Gold Coast | SkyPoint viewing platform


When you come to the Gold Coast, you must never miss the opportunity to visit the top of Australia's tallest residential building. Take the high-speed elevator directly to the viewing platform on the top of the building. Not only can you view the beautiful and long coastline of the Gold Coast through 360° full-frame windows, you can also use the free wifi download app, which has Chinese explanations, and download the beautiful photos you took from it. Want to conquer Australia's tallest building in all directions? You can also participate in outdoor climbing and climb the 298 steps to the top of the entire tall building!

Address:3/3003 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Level 77, Q1, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 4217

Official website:www.skypoint.com.au

Experience the majesty of nature step by step

Red Earth Center | Valley of the Kings


The Valley of the Kings is located in Wattaka National Park in the Northern Territory. The red sandstone here has undergone hundreds of millions of years of weathering and geological changes, forming a landform wonder. It is also a place where you must check in. A guide will take you on foot, and you will cross it on the ridge line. Here is a huge rocky cliff like the "lost city", and from the mountain stream line, you can enjoy the peculiar landscapes such as desert pools. Because of the harsh climate, everyone try to find a local group or a local pick-up company to leave the group. Pay attention to safety!

The famous ridge trekking route is about 6 kilometers long and takes 3 to 4 hours of walking time

Address:Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon, Northern Territory 0872

Toll the bells to view the scenery, a sense of history rushing to your face

Perth | Perth Clock Tower


The Perth Clock Tower is on the Riverfront Avenue. The historic clock and unique architectural style inside are a must-see attraction in Western Australia. There is an observation deck on the 6th floor of the clock tower, where you can enjoy the scenery of the Swan River, Kings Garden, Perth City and the Darling Range. There are 26 Belle clocks on the viewing platform, and you can play the music as long as you put a coin. You can also come to be a musician and play once~

Address:Barrack Square Riverside Drive, Perth

Official website:www.thebelltower.com.au

Fly over the Capitol in a hot air balloon

Canberra | Fly! hot air balloon!


As one of the four top hot air balloon events in the world, at the Canberra Hot Air Balloon Carnival, you can not only take a hot air balloon to overlook the natural beauty of mountains and lakes, but also fly through the city center! Excuse me, what is the king’s experience looking down on the Capitol? Haha~ The Hot Air Balloon Carnival in 2017 will be held from March 3th to 11th. Every morning at 19:6, the hot air balloon players will be on the lawn outside the Old Capitol. Inflate the balloons and let them fly from around 15:6~

Official website:balloonspectacular.com.au

Beauty at the end of the world

Hobart | Mount Wellington


Mount Wellington is located in the west of Hobart, with the top of the mountain at 1271 meters above sea level. It is a 20-minute drive from Hobart city centre. There are different scenery in the four seasons. You can climb to the top in about two hours by walking along the specially built hiking trail. On the way, you can also encounter wild and cute things in the mountains, waterfalls and ding-dong creeks. . If you climb to the top of the subalpine peak at 1300 meters, you will be able to see the entire Hobart~ You can also visit the museum-level Casscot Brewery by the way. Those who love eating are definitely worth it!

Address:Pinnacle Rd, Wellington Park, Hobart

Don't you think that Australia is unique from a height, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and jot down these cool ascent locations, make appointments with friends, and quickly use exclusive pictures to top your social platforms~


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