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When we first arrived in Australia, we often saw single elderly people.

A lonely old man with no children to accompany him. Many people think that the old man is a bit too pitiful and too lonely.


This is because the domestic logic is that four generations live together. The old man took his grandson, and everyone had fun together. Or call friends to dance. Or rub Mahjong at home. In short, such a lively place is good.

Looking at the back of the Australian old man alone, is it a little lonely?

Quite the opposite! Australia's elderly happiness index is the highest in the entire society!

2016年年底,健康保险机构Australian Unity 和迪肯大学从七个方面调查了个人的幸福状况。该调查对1000名18岁及18岁以上的澳大利亚人进行调查,结果显示,76岁及76岁以上的澳洲人的整体幸福水平最高。

So, let's take a look at the life of a happy Australian elderly after retirement.

Perfect social welfare

In fact, the fundamental prerequisite of all retirement life is social welfare, which I have to envy the elderly in Australia.

First, adequate pensions.


The retirement age in Australia is 65. Before the age of 65, no matter what work you do, you will have an extra 9.5% of your pension deposited into your pension account (it is said that it will soon rise to 12%). Usually you can only deposit but not withdraw, and you can spend it at your retirement age.

The Australian Pension Association (ASAF) estimates thatAbout 7 Australians have saved up to 250 million Australian dollars in pensions.

Even if they have not saved enough pensions, the government still has pension subsidies for such elderly people. Although I can't get enough food and clothing, I still have enough to feed myself.

And the elderly Australians have no burden.

The philosophy of Australians is different from ours. They all advocate leaving the family and living independently after adulthood. Therefore, elderly Australians do not need to bear the living expenses of their children, or even grandchildren, and are not obliged to buy houses for their children. Some children have to pay rent when they live at home.


In addition, Australia's universal medical insurance is the world's first! As long as you have a medicare card, you only need to swipe the card to see a doctor without paying any money. If you buy medicines for more than A$200 a year, you basically don’t need to pay any more, and the government has subsidies.

Many people questioned that such universal health insurance would make people more lazy, but I think that this would make people’s lives more worry-free.


In addition, Australia has various preferential policies for the elderly:


➤Park: All national park retirees who charge fees are free. If you drive into the park, the person in the car will be free of charge regardless of whether they are retired or not.

➤Fake: Enjoy 4 free train trips in the province every year, and you can freely choose time, place, and train times. Inter-provincial travel is free within the province.

➤When the deadline comes, there is no need to worry about funeral expenses. Insurance companies have already been waiting to pay the elderly.


It is this sound social welfare that enables Australian elderly people to truly "retire". After busying most of my life, I can live a free and fulfilling life.

Keep working and play light and heat

 Although the pensions for the elderly in Australia are sufficient and there is no major expenditure after retirement, many elderly people still choose to postpone retirement or return to work.


Some are to save themselves for a pension. The reason why more than 60% of the Australian working population postpone retirement is to seek financial protection so as not to have no money to spend after retirement.


However, the working environment in Australia makes everyone willing to continue working.The survey shows that job satisfaction is the main reason why 50% of the Australian working population are willing to continue working after retirement.


More elderly people are willing to return to work, mainly because work makes them feel more fulfilled. This will make their lives more colorful and will not be out of touch with society.

And Australian companies are also willing to hire suitable elderly people. The elderly have rich experience, serious work attitude, and high loyalty to the company. Moreover, hiring the elderly is also a social responsibility of the company. Therefore, in the past ten years, major companies and enterprises in Australia listed the annual recruitment number of senior employees as an independent project of the Human Resources Department. 50% of retirees feel that there is no obstacle to working again.


"I'm old, but I want to continue working, and I can find a suitable job."

The whole society provides job opportunities for these dissatisfied old people. You can see many gray-haired, old and healthy staff in charity organizations, major retail positions, and scientific research units. What can be more caring than this? ?

Remember the 102-year-old ecological scientist David Goodall on the news not long ago who still insists on coming to work at the University of Western Australia. His professionalism has been supported by the whole society.


Live and learn

Some continue to work, and some continue to learn. A 90-year-old lady in Australia is going to university.


Earlier, Australian media reported that the 94-year-old lady David was admitted to the University of Tasmania and applied for her first university degree in her life, studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History. Moreover, he realized his wish to go to university with his granddaughter.

I believe that such a pair of grandparents and grandchildren will definitely be the most unique scenery of Tasmanian University~

This year, Victoria also has the oldest VCE candidate, 70-year-old Joan Oliver. This year ATAR scored 51.45. She now plans to study for a degree in criminal law and justice. The University of Victoria gave her a scholarship.


Life is endless, exercise is endless

 Australians are famous for their love of sports. Old Australians love sports more than young people!


Research surveys show that 60% of Australians over the age of 50 take physical exercise at least twice a week. If you rate your health with a perfect score of 8, nearly half of the elderly in Australia rate themselves 9-XNUMX.


In addition to the usual running and swimming, the two outdoor sports that Australian elderly people love, one is Bowls. They also wear uniform clothes every time, which makes them very engaged.


There is also golf, golf here is definitely a civilian sport.


In addition, some young people are passionate about sports, such as yoga.

There is such an old man in Melbourne, Betty Kalman, who is over 80 but can still perform various difficult yoga movements.


There is also such a hundred-year-old Australian man who has amazed the world with dance.

Her name is Eileen Kramer. If a young girl jumps out of passion and sexiness, then she has an enduring charm.


Grandma Eileen uses this amazing dance to interpret her insistence on dancing.


Life does not stop, and exercise does not stop.

No wonder the elderly in Australia are so energetic. In fact, every community in Australia has daily clubs-yoga classes, singing, dancing, chatting, painting, handicrafts, etc., with low fees.


As for a brain-building exercise that the Chinese are passionate about-the quintessence of mahjong, in fact, the elderly here will also go to the community’s Pokie to play slot machines. There are many elderly people who enjoy constant air conditioning, free coffee and snacks, and the joy of losing government money. .


The meaning of travel is to experience the original beauty

The editor once saw such a report, an Australian woman in her seventies, and her husband drove 30000 kilometers around Australia. They live in tents, fish, chop wood, knock coconuts...


When being interviewed, she said calmly:"This is normal in Australia. Vacationing, traveling, and living a simple and primitive life is normal..."


For more retired Australians, retirement is not the end of life, but the beginning! They have money and leisure, and the world is so big, they are willing to visit! After many elderly people retired, the couple sold their original large houses, replaced them with small houses or moved directly to nursing homes, and then easily traveled around Australia in an RV, envious of the young people.



Don't miss the corners you haven't visited when you were young, and the beautiful scenery you haven't appreciated before! I don’t want to stay in a hotel or travel with a group. I like to drive a car by myself with a small bicycle on my back, so that we can go to those beautiful mountains.


Age is not a cage, no one can trap a young heart.

Retire overseas

Today, the most fashionable thing in Australia is to retire overseas!

We traveled around and met our favorite island, so why not just live here!


What about pensions? Take it right!

As long as you are a permanent resident of Australia (and you have paid taxes in Australia for more than 10 years, no matter what country you actually live in, you can receive an Australian pension).


Now, Malaysia has become a good place for Australian seniors after retirement. It is also very wise to take an Australian pension and enjoy the standard of living in Malaysia!

When Grandma Kalman, who loves yoga, was asked when to stop practicing yoga, she said: "I won't give up because of my age."

Grandma Eileen, who loves dancing, said: "What's wrong at 100, you can still do a lot of things."

For the elderly in Australia, if retirement is to shoulder the lives of children, it cannot be called retirement.

What they yearn for is true independence and freedom.

Perhaps in the end, they still can't resist the years, and there will be a day when they can't walk, play, or run.

But at the very least, they are still living actively when they are healthy.


What I admire most is that they have the right to choose the rest of their lives.

When they want to take their grandchildren, they can also enjoy family happiness for one or two days a week, but the children are grateful, and the elderly are truly enjoyment rather than a burden or a responsibility.

They can choose to stay at home, grow vegetables, fish, or take a trip where they want to go.

They truly have the right to choose in their lives.

What are old Australians doing after retirement?

I just have money, do whatever I want!


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