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Someday, I packed my luggage, prepared a ticket, and wore what I thought was the best-looking clothes,Take a flight to Australia.On the plane, I kept fantasizing,What is Australia like?I didn't expect that from the moment I landed in Australia, my concept was completely refreshed!

Before, I always thought that the weather in Australia was like this.


After I came to Australia, I knewIt turned out to be only one day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds,

You can experience the life of others for a year!


Spring, summer, autumn and winter, natural automatic deployment,5 minutes in winter and 2 hours in summer.



before,Take the subway, take the bus,I have always been this virtue.


After I came to Australia, I learned that I used to take a bus,More than just being distracted? ! You just have to concentrate and concentrate on it!

Otherwise, if you don't pay attention, you will sit in the wilderness...


Because I want to get off, I have to watch the scenery by myself, and there is no electronic screen prompt.

Because the train door has to be opened by yourself.


Such an original ecology is really Australian.

(I complained about the driver at that time, why didn't he open the door)


Before, my nightlife was like this.

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After coming to Australia,Unexpectedly, my nightlife is so exciting.


Asia at night is still colorful.


Australia is closed in the evening.

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Before, I thought I was in Australia for a few months,English can reach the level of TED talks.


After coming to Australia, I found out,Chinese speakers are everywhere,


If I didn't practice English well, Mandarin became the standard again.



It's good to be a gentleman in Australia and order some western food.


As a result, I opened my mouth and closed my mouth for Chinese food...


Go to the station and wait for a bus, and wish you a good rooster year.



I used to go to the supermarket to buy things like this.


After I came to Australia, I knewIt turns out that the cashier is a machine.



In the past, I thought that those who could afford a villa were all local tyrants.


After I came to Australia, I learned that if you live in a villa, he also lives in a villa. Your whole family lives in a villa? !


Even I live in a villa...


Are we all local tyrants?


In the past, I thought the rich were like this.

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After I came to Australia, I learned that the uncle who wore a torn vest next to him and drove a bicycle was wealthy.



Before, I heard that Australia is rich in species. The picture in my mind is like this.

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After coming to Australia, I learned that people and animals can be harmonious to this degree.

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In the past, I thought that being an official should be like this.

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After coming to Australia,I just learned that the prime minister of a country has to crowd the bus with people when going to work.


The people next to him still ignored him.

Occasionally, I was scolded for the first time.

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"Stand well for me! I haven't been addicted yet!I even voted for you at that time. I was really blinded! "


To say hello warmly, but also to be poured cold water.


"Go away, bastard!"


I used to go to the bank early in the morning to pick up my account number, and finally it was my turn in the afternoon. What a relief and joy.


After I came to Australia, I knewIt turns out that the bank here is unacceptable. Oh, the space is empty!


Once in the bank,Several windows shout at you together: How are you~Can I help you~?

One sneeze time you have done your work and went home.


Before weGo to the hospitalIt's all like this.


After I came to Australia, I knewThere is no need to register to see the doctor, just make an appointment.


It turns out that the hospital really only helps you see a doctor.The myrrh is taken, there is no drug factory hook.


In the past, I encountered difficulties outside and didn't know who to call.


After I came to Australia, I knewIt turns out there is only warmth here.


No matter how remote you are, someone will come to rescue you as soon as possible.


In the past, I always thought that homeless people were like this.


After I came to Australia, I knewThe vagabond fashion can be compared to New York and London Fashion Week.


You can also keep pets.

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The blind date show I have watched before is like this.


After I came to Australia, I learned that the original Australian blind date shows can still be like this.


In the past, when I did a street dance, I felt that I had an unrestrained personality.


After coming to Australia, I realized what is true unrestrainedness...


Since I came to Australia, I know that there is a country in this world. As long as I stay here for a day, I will love it more deeply.

This is really Australia!


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