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I heard that Melbourne is hot! Also accompanied by unusual thunderstorm weather! In such funny days, the editor wantsTake you to swim on the island by the sea,Show you the stars and the moon, from the philosophy of life to the poetry and poetry~


🎣钓鱼圣地| Tiwi Islands

白沙浮潜 & 与世隔绝

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Domineering Australian islands, almost 90% of the residents on the islands have aboriginal ancestry, and the folk customs are strong. Before going to the Tiwi Islands, an appointment must be made in advance, accompanied by an aboriginal guide, and a permit is required. It's really a great opportunity to gain insight into a completely different side of the world. Because ofStable fishing environment that stays the same throughout the year, And a wide variety of deep-sea fish, so deep-sea fishing here is very popular. Conservatives can book a local fishing hut, and bold ones can join a fishing expedition and go fishing at sea.

OwnUnique flora and fauna in the worldAmong them are the largest breeding grounds for crested terns in the world, as well as a large number of endangered Pacific turtles. Enjoying these treasures of nature together after adventure is not only a kind of relaxation, but also romantic. But be careful about the seas and estuaries near the archipelago, because that is the habitat of saltwater crocodiles!

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Take a light airliner from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands in no time. There are three ferries a week between Darwin and Bathurst Island.

望月海岛 | Dampier Archipelago

星辰大海 & 生物丰富

Nature has given Dampier two special treasures-the Dampier Archipelago with the richest marine ecosystem in Western Australia and the stunning Staircase to the Moon. The Danbil Islands on the horizon have 42 islands rich in marine life, and there are surprisingly rich creatures comparable to the Great Barrier Reef.

每年的5月到10月之间的满月之日,可以前往賀森斯洞穴(Hearson’s Cove)欣赏登月阶梯的壮观奇景。澳洲的西北区是全世界唯一可以欣赏此自然现象的地方,即满月在低潮时从大片淤泥滩升起,形成梯子形状向上延伸到月亮的幻影。

新贵私邸 | Buccaneer Archipelago

悬崖瀑布 & 飞机遊船

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Located in the waters off the coast of Western Australia, it consists of about 800 islands. The rocks on the islands are about 20 billion years old. These islands are almost in their most primitive state, because it is usually difficult for humans to approach them. There are many steep cliffs on the Pirate Islands, and dense tropical rain forests grow on some islands.
从德比码头观看太阳沉入国王海口(King Sound),在高达12米的潮汐中捕鱼; 在鸽子遗产小径(Pigeon Heritage Trail)上,了解原住民领袖和草莽英雄坚达木拉(Jandamurra),探索Mowanjum原住民小区的艺术。 切勿错过已有1500年寿命、周长超过14米的波布监狱树(Boab Prison Tree)。乘坐观光飞机,观赏汹涌的潮汐运动如何迫使海水像”瀑布”一般穿过悬崖峭壁中的狭窄缝隙。

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Horizontal Waterfalls is located in the depths of Talbot Bay in the Pirate Islands. This waterfall is known as “one of the greatest natural wonders in the world” because the sea is forced to pass through the McLarty Range. The waterfall is 5 meters high and formed by the narrow cliffs. Only by taking a sightseeing plane or chartering a cruise can you enjoy the best view of the turbulent sea water rushing through the rugged red hills; and this is also the location of the South China Sea pearl farm.

From Derby, you can travel to the various islands of the Pirate Islands by boat or by plane

桃花源记 | Rottnest Island

微笑袋鼠 & 瑰丽珊瑚

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There are 63 beautiful white sandy beaches, and any of them are beautiful like clouds. They are known as "Australia Peach Blossom Island". Rottnest Island is 18 kilometers from the coast of Fremantle and is surrounded by pristine, unparalleled beaches. The tranquility of the island is not disturbed by cars, so it is very popular with locals and tourists. Upon arrival, you can rent a bicycle to walk around, or take the free bus that can be boarded at any time, while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. If you like diving, you can go kayaking to secluded bays, snorkel or dive and roam around coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks; if you like surfing, you can go to see Strickland Bay and Salmon Bay (Salmon Bay) and Stark Bay (Stark Bay) waves; like animals, you can meet together to see the smiling short-tailed kangaroos (quokkas) on the island. In addition, there are many activities such as swimming, fishing, sailing, golf and climbing, visiting the aboriginal prison, the ancient lighthouse of the Rottnest Museum and so on.

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It can be reached by a short ferry from Fremantle or Perth.

Fairy Tale Land | Kangaroo Island

野生萌物 & 神奇岩石

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Kangaroo Island is considered Australia's "Galapagos Islands" due to its rich wildlife and magnificent natural beauty. There are 21 national primeval forest parks and animal and plant nature reserves on the island, making it a preferred destination for nature lovers.
The magical rocks and flagship arches in Flinders Chase National Park are must-visit attractions in the park, taking you to experience the wonders of nature. Of course, the most attractive thing is the variety of wild animals here. Kangaroos, koalas, seals, sea lions, echidnas and all kinds of birds will make you dizzy, as if you are in a "natural wildlife park."
Take the ferry from Cape Jervis, South Australia, and arrive in 45mins

人间天堂 | Fraser Island

72色砂 & 雨水悬湖

However, the most eye-catching thing on this paradise island is not the sea water, but the more than 70 freshwater lakes formed by the 40 years of geological changes on the sand island. There are no aquatic organisms in this freshwater lake, only pure rainwater and sand with only silica. This kind of lake is called "hanging lake". One of the most famous is Lake McKenzie in the picture below. A swim in such a lake is simply paradise.
If you think the hanging lake is not magical enough, Fraser Island also has a magical 72-color sand. As the name suggests, there are 72 different colors of sand in the desert on the island. You will see colorful sand cliffs-The Cathedrals, where tropical rainforest plants grow magically on the sandstone.
I won’t repeat the natural beauty. Those who like small animals are also blessed. When walking in the rainforest, you will not only have the opportunity to see Australia’s traditional cute kangaroos, wallabies, and opossums, but you can also be cute. Don't want the dingo (Dingo) to take a walk after dinner. You can also go to Hervey Bay or Indian Head to have a beautiful encounter with dugongs, turtles, dolphins, sharks and whales.

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Take a ferry from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island, about 1 hour

纯净时光 | Hamilton Island

白沙天堂 & 悠閒浪漫

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As the ultimate destination of the Great Barrier Reef vacation, Hamilton Island is a great place to explore the unique tropical environment of the Whitsunday Islands. Hamilton Island is located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, in the 74 Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. This island offers you an unprecedented holiday experience: good climate, blue waters, beautiful beaches, desirable coral reefs, and charming The flora and fauna, exquisite cuisine and wines and activities are almost endless.
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The white silica sand is very delicate, and there is no graininess when walking on it. It is like stepping on cotton. You can lie on it and enjoy the sun. It is very white. If the sky has no clouds, the beach will be white. You can feel the softness and warmth of the sand barefoot under the golden sun; or lie on the beach and enjoy the sun; you can also play beach volleyball or swim in the sea. You can know how comfortable and happy it is to stay away from the chaotic crowd. The white paradise beach stretches for six kilometers, lying on the blue waves, sunshine, and beach, how cozy and romantic it will be! There are the largest and most colorful coral reefs in the world in the clear water bottom, and corals in various shapes and forms.
It can be reached directly by plane or cruise
Long sea breeze and soft white sand

The joy of sunrise

There is also the love of birds whispering


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